Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Monday, October 31, 2016

A personal gesture to some old friends

To all the following people and organizations:

The World Council of the Cedars Revolution

Walid Phares

Bouthaina Shaaban

George H. W. Bush

George W. Bush

James Baker

Robert Fisk

Adnan Addoum 

John Kerry

Edward Djeredjian

Walid Mouallem

Richard Murphy

Alex Rowell

John Hajjar

Elias Bejjani

Michael Young

Joseph Gebeili

Tom Harb

Pierre Maroun

Issam Fares

Bashar Al-Assad 

Darrell Issa

Nijad Fares

(Feu) Rafik Hariri

and many others who erred, and continue to err, in their hatred of Lebanon for many many years,

and to all the "Arab-Americans" (they really are all self-hating degenerate progeny of early Lebanese immigrants) who grew up to think that by hating Lebanon they love Arabs... 

please accept my heartfelt condolences at the election of a President today in Lebanon, and a very personal



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Sunday, October 30, 2016

Issam Fares: Of Wealth and Treason

As reported by Lebanon Files (Sunday October 30, 2016), after a 12-year absence, Issam Fares, the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon, is preparing to return to Lebanon to congratulate Michel Aoun who is slated to become President of Lebanon tomorrow Monday.

There was a time in the mid-1990s and early 2000s in Boston, Massachusetts, when Issam Fares gave millions to Tufts University to open a Research Center on "Lebanese and Eastern Mediterranean Studies". Just like Hariri gave money to Boston University so they name buildings after him, instead of putting this money into improving the decrepit national Lebanese University. Fares is one of those Hariri dinosaurs who make their billions, like Donald Dumb, in low-IQ businesses like building buildings and selling Tabbouli. For they typically are illiterate men who then use their money to shore up their reputation in compensation for their ignorance, and buy access to the very things they were themselves unable to achieve, namely smarts, intellect, education, etc. For example, they build churches and mosques in the old country, as if Lebanon needs more religious backwardness and bigotry. And of course, they like each other, as members of the same club. Fares was deputy Prime Minister, not because of any merit, but for two reasons: he is of the Greek Orthodox persuasion (the deputy prime ministership being assigned to mongrels from this religion according to the Lebanese constitution); and he was a fellow buddy billionaire of the Prime Minister himself, Rafik Hariri,

There was a time when Issam Fares had no problem whatsoever when his Lebanese and Eastern Mediterranean Studies Center at Tufts University became infested with Israeli researchers (after all, Israelis belong to the Eastern Mediterranean too, and in the US you cannot discriminate against them). But Mr. Fares, at the time and most likely to this date, believed that any Lebanese who speaks to a Jewish person or to an Israeli should be put in jail for the crime of "dealing with the enemy". In the Lebanon of Mr. Fares, discrimination was rampant. Which is why, for example, some time in the mid-1990s, Miss Lebanon was arrested and questioned by Mr. Fares's "liberation" government on her return from a Miss World pageant because, God forbid, alphabetical order placed her right next to Miss Israel in front of the cameras. That was, according to Messrs. Fares and Hariri, a crime.

There was a time in Boston, Massachusetts, when Issam Fares, floating like plastic junk on the ocean of salon politics because of his money and nothing else, invited at his own expense illustrious speakers to deliver lectures at Tufts University. I had the utter displeasure of being invited and attending some of these lectures by traitors to Lebanon and avowed Aoun enemies like former US Secretary of State James Baker who engineered the Syrian takeover of Lebanon in 1988-1990 and the eviction of Aoun from Baabda, and others. At one of those lectures, given by former French President Giscard D'Estaing in the mid-1990s, and prodded by his host, the Syrian occupation collaborator Deputy Prime Minister Fares, to not say a word about the bad things the Syrian occupation was doing to Lebanon, Giscard launched into an epic lecture from which ignorant Americans could only conclude that Lebanon was paradise, that Hariri had rebuilt the country, that there was no reason for suicidal entrepreneurs not to invest in the shiny Syrian-occupied cesspool called Beirut, and that basically all was spiffy under the boot of the Assad regime, even as people were being kidnapped and assassinated, the Syrians had infiltrated the body politic, the administrations, the army and every corner of Lebanon, running rampant corrupt businesses with people like Fares and his buddies. Just like Gary Johnson, the ignorant US presidential candidate, even academic Americans cannot tell Lebanon from their assholes if you ask them. So, they lapped up Giscard's drivel, delivered in his sexy French accent. But then the Q & A came up, and I was the first to ask Mr. D'Estaing: "How come you did not mention the Syrian occupation and Hezbollah and all the harm they were doing to Lebanon, Mr. President?" Like a bat out of hell, Giscard (a Frenchman, who unlike dumb Americans, was quite aware of the Syrian occupation of Lebanon) swiveled towards Fares, seated next to him on the stage, and hastily replied: "Well, I did mention this to Mr. Fares, but....." I do not remember the exact wording of the rest of his answer, but it was clear that Issam Fares had instructed Mr. Giscard that any mention of Syria and Hezbollah would void the fat check Mr. Giscard would be receiving at the end of his talk.

When Tufts University faculty, students, organizations and departments were informed later of Mr. Fares's double agent posturing between Lebanon and the US and his close association with the Syrian occupation, I was never invited again to the Fares Center lectures, thankfully.

It is moot to even mention that Mr. Fares, just like feu Rafik Hariri, spent millions and decades praising and defending Hezbollah's "liberation" activities in the Lebanese south and in the Lebanese government as the Assad regime's police within the Lebanese State, and a horde of terror attacks around the world.

Of course, Mr. Fares never tired either of criticizing Aoun for his outspoken resistance to the Syrian takeover of Lebanon. But now that Aoun is supposedly becoming President of this tormented country, Fares is rushing in his own private jet to Beirut to congratulate Aoun. You know the reason, I am sure. Ass-kissing goes hand in hand with treason, especially when there is money to buy access and ministerial seats for Mr. Fares himself or his sons, who naturally have inherited their father's proclivities to base politics. If I were a Tufts University PhD student with a grain of decency, I'd run my dissertation on the likes of Mr. Fares and show the American academy the filth that people like Fares bring to Lebanese politics.

Welcome back, Mr. Fares. I hope it is Dr. Jekyll Aoun who greets you, not Mr. Hyde Aoun.


Saturday, October 29, 2016

Aoun as President: Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde?

If he becomes President on Monday, what persona will Aoun put on display in Baabda? His history shows two different men: The brute, military, stubborn loser whose impulsiveness and reliance on violence has precipitated his many defeats; and the more sedate, pragmatic politician with a more rational and cold, even unprincipled, calculating mind.

Dr. Jekyll Aoun is the man who led the uncompromising posture of refusing the Syrian occupation, of demanding a fully sovereign Lebanese decision-making, the supremacy of the State over the militias, the use of diplomacy for securing his country's interests despite the fact that his theoretical allies often turned against him and made deals with his (and their) enemies for short tactical objectives. Dr. Jekyll Aoun is also the secularist, the reformist, the defender of human rights, the anti-corruption, the anti-feudal establishment, the anti-clerical intervention in the affairs of the State, the reliance on constitutional texts, etc...

Mr. Hyde Aoun, on the other hand, is the cheap back-stabbing deal maker, who strikes unprincipled alliances with his own worst enemies just to get out of a bad place, the turncoat who overnight fell in love with the same Syrian dictator who had bombed Lebanon and its cities for years and killed and kidnapped and massacred ad libitum, the creator of yet another political family farm after he long promised reform in the Lebanese political system, the promoter of cronyism, the dictator-like decision-maker, the defender of Christian rights (rather than broad human rights) . Hyde Aoun is the man who changed his dictionary overnight: "Terrorism became Resistance. Occupation became Friendly Relations. Neutrality vis-a-vis Israel to Israel as the enemy. Neutrality of Lebanon in Arab and Israeli conflicts to supporting Hezbollah's export of war and terror all over the globe, etc.

Will Aoun be his earlier self - Dr. Jekyll - when he sits in the chair in Baabda, i.e. the national hero, the principled man, the statesman? Or will he continue to be the Mr. Hyde of late - the traitor, the flip-flopper, the cheap politician?

Before we find the answer to this question, he just has to be elected on Monday. And not even that is a sure thing. Lebanese politics is like corporate Mafia politics: You never know who your friends are, and you always know that you have none.

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Friday, October 21, 2016

Stiff in the Canadian Wilderness

There is an outfit up in Canada that goes by the acronym LCCC for Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council. For a one-man "council", a lot of energy emanates from it. Energy that derives its sources from fossilized saints, biblical figures from the Bronze Age, and dead political heroes like Bashir Gemayel, not unlike the Shiite numskulls who still cry and whine about Hassan and Hussein, now dead for 1,300 years.
I think, if the LCCC were allowed to canonize saints, Bashir would be put on the path of express beatification and sainthood.

Be that as it is, what I find stunning is the political journey of the "Council". With the permanent worship of Bashir Gemayel in the watermark, many a political hero has come and gone, suddenly elevated to the status of God and Saint, only to be abruptly downgraded to Satan and Lucifer by the so-called "Council", depending on the directions taken by the capricious and finicky winds of change in Lebanon and the Middle East. Just as the "Council" divorced itself from the Maronite Church because of obscure disputes, the "Council" also, as we stand today in the aftermath of Hariri's endorsement of Michel Aoun for the Lebanese presidency, has basically divorced itself from everyone on the Lebanese political stage.

It should be stated for the record that the "Council", which was born in Lebanon, has never been back to the old country in about 45 years if my memory serves me well. Which means that the "Council" is likely to suffer an attack of psychosis and delirium tremens if it were to ever come back for a visit because the country tht the "Council" so vehemently defends has changed by magnitudes in comparison to the Lebanon that has calcified in the brain of the "Council".

So, as of today, Friday October 21, 2016, with a majority of the major political parties in Lebanon having accepted, some albeit reluctantly, Aoun for President, the volume of the "Council"'s allies is shrinking fast. The "Council" had for many years worshiped Aoun. Then, when Aoun went to bed with Hassan and kissed his beard in 2006, the "Council" rejected Aoun all of a sudden and has ever since been cooking venomous potions and chanting voodoo prayers for Aoun's death and demise, while praising Aoun's enemies, namely Samir Geagea and Saad Hariri.

Then one day earlier this year, Geagea fell in love with Aoun, and the "Council" got really mad because another one of its heroes (Geagea) changed camps. With hope resting now squarely with Hariri, the remaining giant in the anti-Aoun camp, the "Council" began singing the ultimate praises of Hariri.

And now, in this sad Fall of 2016, when leaf colors have changed in Canada, Hariri too changed his colors and endorsed Aoun, leaving only Nabih Berri, the long-standing enemy and top pro-Syrian collaborator in the anti-Aoun camp.

Thus, the "Council" is now the ally of Nabih Berri in hating Aoun. Strange bedfellows: The LCCC and the Amal Movement. One wonders why certain entities endowed with human cerebrums behave like fossilized dinosaurs. I knew that the Maronite Church is like a cave somewhere in the Lebanese highland wilderness inhabited by dinosaurs; but for the "Council", who has been rubbing elbows with civilized and modern Canadians, to remain stuck in the Bronze Age of religion AND of 21st century politics is a mystery.

I look forward to many readings of opinions on the LCCC web site: They will all be negative of course because everyone in Lebanon is now against the "Council"'s political philosophy, except, one hopes, a positive opinion on the new and blossoming love affair between the LCCC and the Amal militia of Nabih Berri because they are the only ones against Aoun now. Like Asterix and Obelix resisting the Roman occupation, the two forlorn heroes, one in the Canadian wilderness and the other in Nabatiye in South Lebanon, will hold hands and resist forever, caring nothing for a return of the country to normality. This is by definition what cerebral calcification and fossilization are: neuronal inflexibility, rigidity, immobility... Perhaps the "Council" could add to the mix a dash of Arctic Freezing from the Canadian north.

Long Live the one-man "Council".
H. A.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Why Nabih Berri has the Heebie-jeebies

Nabih Berri is terrified at the prospect of a Aoun presidency. Think about it. Aoun was Berri's enemy since the mid-1980s when Aoun was Army Chief and Berri's Amal militia fought the Lebanese army alongside the Palestinians. Berri was Syria's top collaborator for decades and to this day still receives his marching orders from Damascus and Tehran.

But wait a minute. Isn't Aoun in that same camp today? Isn't Aoun in thepro-Syrian, pro-Iranian March 8 coalition? He is; so why is Berri and Hezbollah suddenly against Aoun, while Aoun's former enemies (Geagea and Hariri) have become his allies?

Two reasons:

1- A superficial reason: Berri and all the pro-Syrian lackeys really worry more about Hariri becoming Prime Minister under a Aoun presidency than about Aoun becoming president. Aoun is reportedly offering Hariri the Prime Ministership in exchange for Hariri's support for a Aoun presidency.

2- A deeper reason: Prior to 2004, Aoun was Berri's number 1 enemy. Ever since the mid-1980s, when Aoun became Army Chief, then Interim Prime Minister, Aoun represented a political line that stood against Syrian hegemony and for divorcing Lebanon from the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Berri and his acolytes (Hezbollah, Jumblatt, Yasser Arafat, Hariri, and every jackass Muslim-Arab leftwinger) operated under the Syrian regime's command and occupation, and were the primary destroyers of a State of Lebanon free from Syrian diktat. Right around 2005, after Sept. 11, 2001, after he spearheaded in 2003 the Syria Accountability Act in the US Congress with the support of all the American Zionists, the Hariri assassination in 2005 and the withdrawal of Syrian forces from Lebanese territory, Aoun effected a reversal of his standing policies with the view of returning to Lebanon: Hezbollah became a resistance when it was a terror orrganization; Syria became a friendly country when it was an occupier and a supporter of terrorism; Palestinians became good and Israelis bad when in the past the reverse was true, etc...

Despite this reversal, Aoun was always believed to have retained his earlier convictions, albeit hidden, and that his 10-year long pro-Syrian reversal was merely a tactic to re-enter Lebanese politics and seek his ultimate revenge for having been ousted like a dog from the presidential palace in 1990. Aoun used Hezbollah to stand up to Hariri who dominated Lebanon between 1990 and 2005. Now that the Syrian regime is in its waning days, and with his biological race against death, Aoun is now exposing his earlier self, rejecting his present allies to return to his former political platform.

As he has rallied Geagea and Hariri to his side, he is inevitably alienating the allies he used for the past 10 years, namely the Shiites of Berri and Hezbollah, and they are terrified of the prospect of Aoun in the presidency. Aoun is no "consensus-minded" idiot. He may be senile, volatile, unpredictable, but he is not a puppet to be manipulated, and that is why Berri is like a cat on hot bricks, shitting in his pants of having to deal with a strong Christian president, when for the past two decades he ruled, from his House Speaker's seat, like an emperor, dictating everything to the emasculated Christian presidents and weak Sunni prime ministers. With Aoun in Baabda, Berri's own career may be coming to an end.

If Aoun becomes president, there will be a split within the Shiite community between the traditional State loyalists and the militant mercenary anti-State Amal (Berri) and Hezbollah (Nasrallah). There will be a war between those Shiites who want to reintegrate the Lebanese body politic and play the role assigned to them by the existing constitution and political customs, and those Shiites who may want to continue using their weapons and bullying tactics to remain in power and try to change the constitution from its current 50:50 between the Christian and Muslim constituents to a 33:33:33 division (a third to Christians, a third to Sunnis, and a third to Shiites). If the Shiites push for the latter, they will essentially drive the Christians to secede, either in the form of a return to the Smaller Lebanon of pre-1921 or to a confederation format in which the Christians will rule themselves while loosely associated with a federal Lebanon.

The Shiites have been reluctant to engage the country down these existential decisions because they had been waiting to see if their grand master in Damascus, the Assad regime, will survive. But Aoun is pushing forward, not wanting to wait any longer, and in so doing, he is pushing the Shiites to make an early decision, regardless of the fate of the Assad regime. The fall of the latter would mean a cutoff of the Shiites of Lebanon from Iran as well, because Assad insured a bridge with Iran and a deeper hinterland for the Shiites. With Aoun driving the locomotive away from the station in which Lebanon has been frozen for nearly 30 years, he is tolling the death knell of Hezbollah's and Berri's mercenary militantism.

Monday, October 17, 2016

Emperor Aoun has no clothes. Another reversal in the works

After bullshitting credulous Lebanese Christians about how great Lebanon's Shiites are, about Hezbollah being a trusted ally, about how much more dangerous the Sunnis are, about how much better the Shiite fundamentalists are than Sunni fundamentalists, etc.... This long list of idiotic arguments with which Michel Aoun dragged his Christian followers into an alliance with Hassan Nasrallah 10 years ago - notwithstanding his complete reversal on every one of these points (See my post entitled: Aoun between 2002 and 2016: A master of perfidy), here we are today and the Emperor has no clothes.

The only serious obstacle remaining that prevents Aoun from becoming President of the Lemon Republic is his own ally, Hezbollah, which had for years said that Aoun is its only candidate for the presidency, and that Geagea and Hariri are preventing the election of this "strong" (although senile and old) candidate.

Today Geagea has declared his support for Aoun's candidacy, and Hariri is just about to follow suit. Hezbollah and its Berri appendage are back-pedaling and putting sticks in all the wheels to prevent Aoun from becoming President. Why? They say that they don't want the deal of Aoun as President + Hariri as Prime Minister. In other words, they want a "strong" Christian President, but not a "strong" Sunni Prime Minister. Go figure. Whatever arguments they are advancing, it is clear that the Shiites of Lebanon don't want a functioning State with strong people in the Executive. Why? Because a dysfunctional State, such as it is today, is a fertile ground for all their illegal and unlawful enterprises, namely maintaining an illegal militia, fighting Israel against the wishes of the Lebanese people, sending troops to fight in Syria alongside the barbaric regime of Assad, and every illegal smuggling, manufacturing, terrorizing, corrupting.... activity with which the Shiites have made their place in Lebanon's political chess game. On the other hand, a functioning normal State without corruption and filth would mean that Hassan Nasrallah would have to hang his turban for good.

A Sunni-Christian rapprochement is in the works. For Geagea and Hariri to endorse their former enemy Aoun for the Presidency, they must get something in return. Perhaps they are doing this not out of love for Aoun, but to pull the rug from under Hezbollah's feet. In any case, the price Aoun must pay is his turning his coat one more time, i.e. to turn back on his first reversal of 2005 and return to his former self and his erstwhile political platform: Divorce Lebanon from the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, and deny Syria and its Shiite appendages their platform of keeping Lebanon as a war front against Israel on behalf of Iran.

In fact, he has already begun: Aoun's supposedly "secular" ideology is long gone; he is today defending Christian rights. Aoun's anti-American posturing has receded significantly. He talks sweet, like a statesman, not like a puny politician; he leaves the dirty work for his "mini-me" Gibran Bassil. Pretty soon, as I have predicted long ago, Aoun - especially if he makes it as President  - will become hostile to Hezbollah and its hijacking of the country.

In other words, the realignments that took place after September 11 are being redrawn, yet again. Whatever the outcome, however, it is not looking pretty for Lebanon. Hezbollah is a cancer that has been metastasizing for decades. Its fighters are hardened by years of fighting in Syria. The Lebanese Shiite community's gains were all made under occupation and by unlawful violent means. Regardless of how things turn out in Syria, Lebanon's Shiites will never surrender their arms or power, nor are they interested in returning to the status quo ante. What price will they demand to reintegrate Lebanon as a political community and not as a violent armed militia remains to be seen, but whatever it is, it is bound to be violent.

For Aoun, his chameleonic tactics may work, but he is an old man, and one wonders if Geagea and Hariri didn't wait that long before endorsing him with the express hope that his tangential meeting with death old age might preempt their endorsement of him. But he is stubbornly hanging in there.

I always suspected that the paramount driver of Aoun's politicking was his desire to avenge his 1990 ouster from Baabda. These things are always personal. People often wonder why George W Bush went into Iraq, when Iraq had nothing to do with Sept. 11; it could very well be that he went into Iraq to give his father the gift of ousting Saddam Hussein from power because Bush senior could not do it back in 1991 after the first Gulf War. It is always personal. Aoun, for all I know, might enter Baabda, sit on the presidential chair, give the middle finger to Hariri, Geagea, Hassan Nasrallah, Walid Jumblatt, and just die. He may not give a damn about anything else.

Friday, October 14, 2016

The Hariri dumpster: Judas's decaying glory

The Hariri debacle is a textbook example of vacuous Lebanese leadership built not on merit, not on vision, not on principles, not on political savvy....but on money around which the vultures hover as long as there is money to be had. So when the money inevitably evaporates, so goes with it the political empire. Politics in Lebanon is an empty shell. If it ever has a substance, it is money and corruption, tribalism and religiosity and bigotry.

When the Hariri clan had Saudi money, its members became prime ministers and members of parliament, they bought everyone's allegiance, including Syrian dictators, Iranian terrorists, and US university brownnosers like Harvard University. Just give them money and they'll name a building after you in Cambridge, Massachusetts, even if you are a fat illiterate building contractor. Issam Fares, another billionaire illiterate clone of Hariri, albeit of the Greek-Orthodox cult, did the exact same thing with Tufts University in Medford, Massachusetts. Fares even founded a research institute at Tufts that started out with the partial name of "Lebanese Studies", only to devolve quickly into an Israeli think-tank that deleted "Lebanese" from the name of the august research cesspool. Tufts didn't care if lemurs worked there; they got the money and they named the building, laughing all the way to the bank.

Men like Hariri and Fares make money the old fashioned way: Ass-kissing, cheating, backstabbing, dealing under the table, betraying everything that stands in the way of making money. They are clones of Donald Trump, who is in effect an American version of Rafik Hariri: Illiterate, building contractor, with ideas - if any were to occur in their brains - from the Bronze Age, and who make their way through life and on to power by all means possible, including vile and base practices.

Rafik Hariri, the now defunct fat bastard who rode the Saudi-Syrian-American treason against Lebanon in the 1980s and 1990s to become Mr. Lebanon, was himself an illiterate building contractor who happened to build palaces to the Saudi royals instead of building ugly buildings that deform the Lebanese countryside. He is gone now of course, but he left behind him a number of children who divvied up his money and whom he chained, like himself, to the Saudi leash.

Hariri loved Assad of Syria. He loved Hezbollah and Hassan Nasrallah. They brought him to power and he was forever grateful. He even allowed Hezbollah to grow its arsenal inside Lebanon - all flown from Tehran to Damascus, then ferried by land across Lebanon's de-virginized borders to the south where Hezbollah is supposedly liberating Palestine. This was, of course, in violation of the Taif Agreement which brought Hariri to power in 1991. In every international venue, Hariri defended Hezbollah as a legitimate "resistance", even as Hezbollah violated every notion of sovereignty and conducted every possible illegal activity such as drug smuggling in Latin America, diamond trading in Africa, terrorist bombings in Lebanon and across the globe. Like an idiot Judas, Hariri thought that 30 silvers were the paramount criterion: He could buy and sell anyone and anything, and he thought he could rebuild Lebanon under the Syrian and Iranian occupation boots.

But like all Judases, their time always comes up to reckon. And, when the fat idiot realized he could not really rebuild Lebanon with the Syrians breathing down his spineless neck, he began twitching. When puppets start twitching, their puppeteers notice. So when Hariri twitched, the Syrian Assad regime took note and quickly instructed its Iranian appendage, Hezbollah, to blow Hariri's brain up. And so they did. They blew up the fat bastard in downtown Beirut as he was conniving with the Americans to screw the Syrians. The Americans began distancing themselves from Syria and Saudi Arabia in the wake of September 11.

Hariri is now gone. The Saudis are becoming poorer by the day and the Kingdom is on the verge of internal strife. Their oil is worthless, and the pipeline has dried up. Hariri's Saudi Oger, now run by his son Saad, is laying off people. His fortune - once close to $40 billion, essentially Lebanon's national debt since he pilfered downtown Beirut from its rightful owners - is now close to $600 million. His brother Bahaa' wants his share of Dad's piggy bank. His sister Bahia, the Hijab-wrapped up Member of Parliament, is laying off her bodyguards. Hariri's Solidere employees have not been paid in months. The Hariri empire is in bankruptcy. When money dries up, lovers split up. Hariri's former lovers have dumped him. The Syrians and the Iranians killed him (Rafik) and have now become the Hariri clan's foremost enemies. The Saudis have kicked Saad out of their inner circle, and he is running like a headless chicken, begging his former enemies people to become his allies against his former allies. Funny how winners become losers when the building blocks of their empire are made of paper money, not principles.

I love the fact that Syria is crumbling on the heads of its Baathist Arabist people. I love the fact that Saudi Arabia that funded Yasser Arafat's destruction of Lebanon is now itself on the verge of a civil war and disintegration. Libya's Qaddafi, Lebanon's number 1 enemy is dead and his country is in ruin. All the Arab Islamic enemies of Lebanon are in disarray. I wish this continues for a few decades and that every Arab Islamic cesspool become infected and decays into oblivion. Their catastrophe is my uplifting. Their war is my peace. Their suffering is my redemption out of the decades of suffering they inflicted to my small country that had harbored them, defended them, and tried to coexist with them. But they - like all primitive people - see weakness in kindness, and vulnerability in tolerance and openness.

May the Hariri empire collapse on top of Hezbollah. May Saad die in the arms of Hassan, and may a giant tsunami, like the one of 555 AD, rush from the Mediterranean to carry them all and their filthy slums into eternal oblivion. I am going to pour myself a glass of arack and enjoy the view from my mountaintop.