Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Day in the Environmental Disaster Called Lebanon

The Abu-Ali River and its banks, in the heart of the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, is suddenly tainted with a phosphorescent green and/or red color.

Reports say that a huge load of bags containing an orange-colored phosphorescent material lay discarded by the roadside in the area of Abu-Samra. Rainfall causes seepage from the bags into the river and is carried by automobiles along several kilometers of the road.

You can also see from the pictures that the river, like all rivers in Lebanon, are reduced by the environmentally-concerned Lebanese authorities and developers into sewage conduit-like canals, into which the environmentally-educated Lebanese population dumps all kinds of trash, from household trash and plastic bags, tires, and garbage miscellany, all the way to industrial waste that environmentally-sensitive Lebanese construction and chemical-plastic companies (the two dominant industries in Lebanon) contribute routinely to our waterways. Barely a month ago, the Litani River in the south - which the ultra-patriotic Lebanese always claim to defend against Israeli greed for water - was itself the subject of an environmental disaster caused by industries protected by known politicians and members of parliament and illegally operating upstream and dumping their waste. Of course, it all has been hushed because we no longer hear anything about it.

The Abu-Ali/Tripoli disaster is just one example that jumped at us. Had the bags and their contents not been colored, no one would have noticed. But stupidity is in the local genes. Out of sight, out of mind. There is not one square inch of Lebanese territory that is not trashed by waste, trash and garbage, much of it of unknown nature and potentially very dangerous. It's just that the color in the Abu-Ali case makes the disaster zone that the Lebanese live in visible. But the problem is pervasive and is insidious. We don't know what we breathe, what we eat, what we drink, we have no idea what the ground we walk on contains. And the Lebanese wonder why everyone it seems has some form of cancer. It is part of the culture: You walk into a Lebanese home and it is impeccably nerdy and anally-retentive with cleanliness, all maintained by uniform-laced maids from exotic countries You can smell the chemicals everywhere that are used to clean the household. But as soon as you step outside or look out of a window, and your gaze is graced with rubbish, dirt, unfinished construction debris, plastic bags and bottles...right under the windows and noses of the ultra-hygienic Lebanese and their homes. The primitiveness of it all is symptomatic: An abject lack of awareness that the public space is also my space, and that I am responsible for it as much as I am responsible for my own private space. This sense of individual responsibility vis-a-vis the collective is non-existent. Schools do not teach it. Corrupt governments and oligarchic sectarian political parties do not encourage it. They are all more brainwashed to believe in the intercession of priests, nuns, sheikhs, saints, messiahs, prophets, soothsayers, charlatans, diviners and self-proclaimed representatives of God on earth belonging to 18 different cults. When real world problems are insurmountable, resorting to the supernatural is normal. All backward societies do it. Real world problems...ahh, who cares? God takes care of all of it for me, so why should I bother? The environment? It's all in God's hands.

You should see the Beirut River, once a playground of my childhood. It was full of animal life (tadpoles by the millions would make the water seem like boiling, and the music of the frogs filled the summer nights). Stretching itself over a vast river bed in a beautiful valley and meandering itself down the mountain and into the Mediterranean. Today it is a disgusting concrete sewage and garbage disposal canal bounded by two concrete walls to make space for stupid highways to accommodate more and more black-smoke spewing cars, and into which hallucinating quantities and kinds of garbage flow whenever the rain falls, all of which goes into the Mediterranean at the exact spot where a huge fish market exists. If you're ever in Lebanon, do NOT eat fish. DO NOT EAT FISH. God only knows what heavy metals and organic waste the fishes have accumulated in their flesh.

Some of you have read recently about the seagulls near Beirut Airport. Because the Costa Brava (go figure why the Lebanese can't use Arabic or Lebanese names) waste dumpsite is abutting the takeoff-landing strips of the airport, it attracts seagulls which pose a threat to the aircrafts. The solution of the Lebanese authorities? Hire two dozens thugs with their illegally-owned shotguns to a shooting spree to kill the seagulls. These idiots would normally be hunting and killing, as a hobby, sparrows, finches, bluejays, warblers, and any migratory birds (geese, hawks, larks...) that dare travel overland between Africa and Europe, such that you never hear a bird sing in the hills of Lebanon. But now, these pathetic monsters are praised as heroes by Lebanese government officials as defenders of lucrative tourism against annoying birds!

And they call it the Switzerland of the Middle East. What an insult to Switzerland.

Yes, anything that moves and that threatens the Lebanese in their money-making schemes is fair game. The Lebanese need the money to buy gigantic cars, sculpture their women with cosmetic surgery, go to western-looking but otherwise stupid and extravagantly cheap Mediterranean parties with the very fashionable valet parking system (As soon as you arrive, hordes of poorly paid Bengali, Syrian, and Egyptian valet parking operators hustle you, so you hand them your keys and step out of the car thinking to yourself, 'hey, I feel like I am in the Hollywood movie I saw yesterday; I have finally made it; I can afford the 2 bucks, so I am rich. Why park in a parking lot and walk to lose some of my fatty ass...?) Any superficial idiocy from the worst of Western culture they can imitate like baboons, the Lebanese must have even if they have to sell their mothers and their country to rich Gulf Arabs. That is what Lebanon is in many ways: A brothel and a bar for rich Gulf Arabs who can't have their whiskey and their Russian whores in their own country. And Lebanon is more than happy to oblige. President Aoun even went on his first official visit to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, specifically to ask these countries to lift restrictions on their nationals visiting Lebanon. The message is clear: We want your money. Please come back.They were upset because of Aoun's Hezbollah allies.... We'll see if they forgive him and send their Muslim but un-Islamic consumers back to the Arabic-speaking, Christian, pseudo-western Disneyland that Lebanon is.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Corruption Show Must Go on in Aoun's "Reform & Change" Lebanon

[Translated from LebanonFiles post - see below]

Oil Expert Warns President Aoun on Petroleum Decrees
Sunday 15 January 2017 - 06:01 am

Former president and founder of the Arab Petroleum Research Center, Dr. Nicolas Sarkis, issued an open letter to Lebanese President Michel Aoun in which he warns that the petroleum decrees promulgated by the Lebanese Council of Ministers have transferred ownership of the much promised oil wealth to private special interests. In his letter published in Al-Akhbaar Daily, Sarkis criticized what he called the "blatant distortion of the text and the spirit" of the Law on Petroleum number 132/2010, saying that the immediate outcome of this distortion of the law and its production sharing regime is the complete exclusion of the state from participating in, and the decision-making process of the oil activities. The vacuum created by the failure to establish a national petroleum company has opened wide the entry of fictitious companies that exist only on paper, which will in effect lead to reducing the state's profit share to about 46%, i.e. 14 percentage points below the minimum earned by other countries.
[The original open letter in Arabic can be read on]

خبير بترولي يحذّر الرئيس عون من المراسيم البترولية الصادرة
وجه مؤسس المركز العربي لأبحاث النفط، ورئيسه سابقا د.نقولا سركيس كتابا مفتوحا الى الرئيس ميشال عون، يحذر فيه من ان المراسيم البترولية الصادرة عن مجلس الوزراء تنقل ملكية الثروة النفطية الموعودة الى مصالح خاصة.
وانتقد سركيس في كتابه المنشور في صحيفة «الأخبار» ما وصفه بالتشويه الصارخ لنص وروح القانون البترولي رقم «132/2010» وقال ان النتيجة المباشرة لتشويه القانون، ولما جاء فيه حول نظام تقاسيم الانتاج، كان اقصاء الدولة كليا عن المشاركة وصنع القرار في الانشطة البترولية، وان هذا الفراغ الذي احدثه الامتناع عن انشاء شركة نفط وطنية، فتح الباب على المصراعين لدخول شركات وهمية لا وجود لها الا على الورق، وهذا سيؤدي عمليا الى تقليص حصة الدولة من الارباح الى نحو 46%، اي 14 نقطة مئوية دون الحد الادنى الذي تحصل عليه الدول الأخرى.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Borrowing from Epicurus:

If Hezbollah is willing, but not able, to defeat Israel, then Hezbollah is not as strong as it says.
If Hezbollah is able, but not willing, to defeat Israel, then Hezbollah is hypocritical and ill-intentioned.
If Hezbollah is both willing and able to defeat Israel, then what is it waiting for? Why is Israel still around?
If Hezbollah is neither able nor willing to defeat Israel, then it might as well close the shop and go home.

Unless, of course, if Hezbollah merely claims to want to defeat Israel, but deep down is using Israel as a pretext, as a lever to extract other political gains or engage in lucrative businesses around the world.

Hezbollah holds Lebanon, its people and its government hostage to some vague claims of futuristic victory. In the meantime, it maintains the lie that the Shiites of Lebanon are a dispossessed, disenfranchised, impoverished segment of Lebanese society. The Shiite community of Lebanon is sucking the blood of the Lebanese State in millions of ways: No utility bills, no tax payments, cover for a plethora of irregular and illegal activities, land stealing from other communities, illegal building of Shiite settlements on private or State-owned land, etc.... all supposedly to be tolerated by the other Lebanese constituents in compensation for the "impoverishment" of the Shiite community. If the Shiite community spent 10% of the billions it receives from the Iranian theocracy or spends defending the Syrian dictator, it could rehabilitate itself. In fact, just drive to Shiite areas and villages of the country: lavish villas, impeccable roads, 24-hour electricity, ostentatious displays of wealth and arrivism,.... The Shiites of Lebanon are Not محرومين dispossessed as they claim to be. They are rich from all the trade - legal and illegal - that their immigrant communities conduct in the US, Australia, Africa etc..

When Lebanese President Aoun, a Christian ally of Hezbollah, was asked yesterday by a reporter in the Emirates about whether he agrees to Hezbollah's fighting in Syria, Aoun hesitated a second but then said a vague qualified no. Yet, for the past 10 years, since he signed his memorandum of understanding with the Iranian militia, Aoun has continuously defended Hezbollah's armament, violation of Lebanese law, causing devastating conflicts with Israel, and its involvement in Syria. Time has come to reckon, Mr. Aoun.







Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama: Dumb America Undeserving of You

I just finished reading "Obama's Anger Management Problem" by Michael Grunwald on Politico Magazine (, in which Obama is chided for having been a gentleman president with many policy successes but several political failures.

And, according to Grunwald, Obama's political failures can all be summed up in his coolheadedness and his never crossing the line of calling his worst enemies bad names, just like the Russian-elect new US President Donald Dumb who hurled insult after insult at every single opponent or critic.

Grunwald then declares that the "Change" promised by polite mild-mannered Obama, who otherwise delivered great successes to the American people, was rejected by the American people who opted for a different type of "Change" President, namely the filthy disgusting crude churlish Donald Dumb who is vocabulary-challenged and can barely put three English words in a correct sentence. ( I just read a tweet from the twit Donald in which he uses the word "verified" instead of "vilified" in reference to the "great movement" he inspired during his campaign).

If Americans as a group indeed, as I suspect they do, prefer braggart cowboy gun-toting illiterate filthy-mouthed idiots like Donald Dumb to smart, educated, rational gentlemen like Obama, then the legacy of President Obama is one for the future when America becomes a civilization. For now, the American people remain the progeny of disgusting ignorant peasants from the boonies of Europe - y'all seen them on the boats disembarking at Ellis Island to be checked for lice by the US Customs Gestapo. And family traditions and ideas do subsist as they are transmitted through generations. Despite the veneer and appearances of civilization, Americans deep down are by and large ignorant numskulls who have been, and continue to be, brainwashed by a government disguised as giant corporations into submitting to the idea that enslavement to the system is a patriotic duty, and that they should live like cattle to be milked and slaughtered in exchange for crumbs and for a higher purpose called the "American Dream".

President Obama's many successes were all, no exception, achieved despite a deliberate policy by his white racist detractors in the US Congress - those coming out of the woodwork today - to not cooperate with him on anything, because they did not want the history books one day to say that the first African-American President of the United Scams of America was a successful president. Why? Because his success would have undermined, perhaps forever, the racist stupid ideology they grew up with, and would have in fact fundamentally changed the country from a bastion of antiquated backward conservatism into a modern civilization. Even as his legacy is staring them in the face, they are still lashing out at him with lies that only equally racist whites from backward inbred middle America would love to believe, notwithstanding the facts.

President Obama is much much better than middle average America, and America remains undeserving of him. Obama was one chance America had to mark a point in its history when it could have been, even if briefly, a civilization, because as has often been said about the country it is the only empire in history to have gone from barbarism straight to decadence without ever going through a civilization.

And now Donald Dumb, the spoiled racist cowboy brat from New York, will make sure that America remains a bastion of decadent barbarism.

Thank you, President Obama. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Yahweh Watches as Palestinian Truck Kills His Chosen People Soldiers

A Palestinian truck today rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers who illegally occupy East Jerusalem. As soldiers occupying Palestinian land, they are fair targets, so this is an act of resistance, not terrorism. Soldiers are trained to sustain violence; it's their job. And fighting foreign occupation of one's land is an innate right of human beings.

On the other hand, when Israeli soldiers bring bulldozers and tanks, evict an unarmed Palestinian family from their home before demolishing it, that is clearly an act of an occupying State-sponsored terrorism, aimed at the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population in order to steal Palestinian land.

I think neither a one-state solution, nor caveman John Bolton's 3-state solution, will end this tit for tat between Palestinians and Jews. Total separation is the answer, and the return of all stolen land to the Palestinians. John Kerry was right. One-state might work, but all these faithful believers in monotheistic cults will have to diminish their fervor on behalf of the Almighty Zombie in the Sky.

I applaud the Palestinians for their continued resistance against the racist Fascist apartheid state of Israel. And I am not Muslim, and I am not a radical fanatic by any means. I am not even Christian or Buddhist or Brahmin or any of the religious clubs today extant among human populations. The Zionists' canard of equating Palestinian national resistance to Islamic resistance has failed. You don’t need to be a fanatic to want to bring an end to the foreign occupation of your country and the daily torment of your children by foreign European and American fanatics.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, a member of Yahweh's Chosen People club, called on residents to be wary but carry on with their everyday life. "Unfortunately, there is no limit to the cruelty of terrorists who spare no means in killing Jews and disrupting their way of life," he said, oblivious to the ultimate cruelty that the occupation by the Chosen People's government of Palestinian land, house demolitions, killing on sight, evictions, denial of work permits, denial of return of Palestinians who travel outside, etc. constitute against an unarmed oppressed people, leaving the Palestinians only knives and trucks and meat cleavers with which to fight the occupation.

I wonder why Yahweh did not intercede in His ultimate power to prevent the death of his Chosen People's Army soldiers. He could have opened a huge sinkhole under that truck, just as he opened the Red Sea to them as they fled Egypt some 4,000 years ago. He could have pulverized that truck in a flash second, just as He brought down the walls of Jericho and allowed Joshua to murder and genocide the Canaanites and steal their land, again some 4,000 years ago. In his All-Knowing wisdom, He knew that the assailant was a Muslim soldier of Allah and a Palestinian terrorist, and he could have suddenly blinded him so as not to kill Yahweh's own soldiers. I don’t understand: Reading the filthy Torah and the disgusting Talmud, you'd think that Yahweh would intercede on notice, at any time, for any reason, right or wrong, and rescue His Chosen People from harm's way. I am beginning to doubt the veracity of all these accounts that religious texts relate to us. I mean, even Jesus, who is a native Jewish son of Palestine, a member of the Chosen People's club himself, and a terrorist-labeled resistor against the Roman occupation some 2,000 years ago, could have performed a quicky miracle on behalf of his Jewish brethren. Or maybe He is confused by the people’s old name of Hebrews and their name today as Jews. I wish I could go to that Wailing-Nagging Wall and implore Yahweh, God, El, Allah, Dieu, Gott, Dios, or whatever name He wants to be called, and do something about all the mayhem, genocide, killing and torment that his ambiguous prophesies and prophets have caused humanity for such a long time.

Maybe the Pope can do something: Talk to God since he is His Vicar on earth. It's easy these days. We don’t need more revelations. Whatsapp will do. Get all the bearded numskulls with strange hats together in a conclave at the sumptuous gold-laced Vatican, all paid by the Bank of the Vatican with all its smart schemes of making money out of nothing, and talk off the ears of the Big Zombie in the Sky to get all his prophets, saints, messiahs, mahdis, and such persons to do something. They are not suffering. We are. We, the ordinary people. We have believed, on pure faith, suspending our reason for them, and lapped up their stuff for millennia, can't they just give us a wink in return? Ok, a miracle here and there is fine for the tourists and for making money. But we need serious “Change and Reform”. Why have celestial interventions stopped after Mohammed. Ok, The Messenger, PBUH, said he will be the last. So maybe he is right. But that does not mean that they should all lay back and let the mayhem and plunder continue. Please no more revelations. No more prophecies. Just some common sense tangible hands-on leveraging of the faith that billions of cerebral cortex-challenged Homo sapiens placed in them, and bring us all peace and tranquility. 

In the meantime, Netanyahu needs to close the corruption charges against him, clean up the mess of his diplomats in London, clean up the mess that UNSC resolution 2334 did to his Chosen Behind, and somehow bring down the Messiah, the real one this time, to Yahweh’s – and 100 years ago, to Lord Balfour’s – Promised Land.

Saturday, January 7, 2017

добро пожаловать - The Russian-Elect US President

The new Russian-Elect US President, Donald Dumb, is trying different Russian hats in preparation for his inauguration in a couple of weeks. Here are two prototypes he is trying, depending on how he defines his love for Putinkaya Putain

Tsarist Dumb

"Grab-them-by-the" Dumb

Thursday, January 5, 2017


Ne'emtalla Abi-Nasr, a Free Patriotic Movement acolyte of Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, declared yesterday to the Voice of Lebanon radio (100.5): "ONLY 100 applications so far have been submitted by Lebanese expats and emigrés to recover their Lebanese citizenship, and the reason for this (still according to Abi-Nasr) is the incompetence of [Lebanese] diplomatic missions and consulates abroad.

Exactly. That is the point I have been making for years. See my earlier postings on the subject:

1- Fellow Lebanese Expats: 4 reasons not to invest in Lebanon, 29-December-2016
2- Aoun, Bassil and the Expats: Make Lebanon "Normal" first, 06-December-2016
3- Lebanese expats: Gebran Bassil's Kafkaesque Bureaucracy will kill you before you re-claim your so-called identity, 20-Sept-2016.

 Those expats and emigrés targeted by Gebran Bassil are of two categories:

1- Old emigration: Young and not so young people who are themselves descendants of earlier emigration dating back to the 19th century, early 20th century.  These are, for all practical purposes, no longer Lebanese culturally. They are Brazilians, Americans, Argentinians, Canadians.... and any residual Lebanon in them consists of kebbé, tabboulé, maybe attending church in a bunch of languages (arabic, syriac, greek...etc.) they do not understand, and a smattering of Lebanese dialect words they heard from their grandparents and parents. These people are the least likely to want the Lebanese citizenship. Some of them might do it as a experiential nostalgic affiliation, but not for moving back or investing in the old country. They have other and better things to do.

2- Recent emigration: Those who themselves left Lebanon beginning in the 1950s and 1960s, then the largest waves after the 1975 war that has yet to conclude. These people left under atrocious conditions of war, massacres, and general mayhem in which the militias of their side and the other side committed war crimes of all kinds, only to grant themselves amnesty and return to the power they share today in the Lebanese government. The emigrés and expats that Gebran Bassil wants back in Lebanon know very well that most of the names in political leadership positions today are the same names, or names associated with, the gangsters, criminal, warlords and collaborators with foreign Palestinian, Syrian and Israeli occupations that drove the emigrés out of the country in disgust, fear, and loathing. They may still have families and relatives in Lebanon; they may even still own a house somewhere in the cities or villages; and they may still nurture some nostalgic images of Lebanon of the good old days. But they also see in the media that this latest "convulsion" of decent governance that Lebanon's politicians suddenly discovered after decades of abusing their people is not to be trusted and will not last long, given that the political culture is deeply decayed and thus immune to real reform, that the structure of government is still archaic and built on sectarian division of corrupt power, and that the Middle East that surrounds Lebanon is in the throes of major political, social, and religious upheavals that will not leave Lebanon alone. These emigrés might seek Lebanese citizenship for their children as an icon of their former affiliation, assuming that their present countries allow them to be dual citizens (some countries do allow dual citizenships, some don't). In other words, they may lose their German or British citizenship by acquiring the Lebanese one.

Now, Abi-Nasr blames the incompetence of Lebanese embassies and consulates abroad, but shouldn't his fellow FPMer Gebran Bassil, who is the boss overseeing these embassies and consulates, do something about it? Why hasn't he already? Bassil has been traveling east and west, north and south, begging the Lebanese expats to acquire Lebanese citizenship and invest in Lebanon, while knowing that the first obstacle to any of this is the rotten bureaucracy that is pestilential in Lebanon's domestic administrations (moukhtars, registries of civil status, Ministries of Foreign Affairs and the Interior...) and their diplomatic missions abroad that are staffed by incompetent mercenary political appointees many of whom can't even speak the language of the country where they serve. Believe me, I recently went through a Kafkaesque ordeal choreographed by a so-called "consul" at the Lebanese New York Consulate who couldn't speak or write English, and whose attitude with expats is condescending and humiliating. The ordeal lasted more than a year just to register in Lebanon a divorce that was concluded in the 1990s (Lebanese expats: Gebran Bassil's Kafkaesque Bureaucracy will kill you before you re-claim your so-called identity, 20-Sept-2016).

So, take the truth from the mouth of babes. Ne'emtalla Abi-Nasr, who is very close to Foreign Minister Gebran Bassil, knows the reality and has openly stated it. The importance of this is that Lebanon's politicians know they are rotten and their administrations are rotten, but they want YOUR MONEY (invest, they tell you) and YOUR NUMBERS (reclaim your citizenship, they tell you), and so they lie to you and make outlandish promises. They couldn't care less about you.

100 applications for close to 15 million people of Lebanese descent across the globe? Pretty pathetic. So let me extend my thanks.


Please read my earlier posts to get more details about this big scam of giving you back your Lebanese citizenship.

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

GOP priorities: Ed Sleaze Meese, Donald Dumb and Un-Ethics

I once had a business 101 course teacher in Boston who, after going through all the business sub-disciplines like marketing, accounting, business law, management, etc., got to the final (it is always an appendix anyway for business creeps) chapter on business ethics and solemnly declared: "I have no ethics, so I cannot teach it". That is how he concluded the course.

During the Reagan administration, I loved the rhyming of Ed Meese's last name with the word "sleaze". And in this chapter, Ed Meese was replete with bigoted GOP sleaze, living up to his rhyming last name, and boy could he do sleaze. No wonder that after being a critic of Donald Dumb, he is now on the Dumb-American-in-Chief's transition team.

And so, before they try to live up to their promise of "draining the swamp", the GOP Neanderthals should first learn some English, because many of us immigrants to these United Scams of America know English better than the asshole Repugnican backwoods inbred moonshine one-tooth God-fearing imbeciles that make up the Repugnican Party.

Imagine: After a tough campaign in which they hurled all their sexist and racist filth at Clinton and Obama, the House Repugnicans' first order of business, which apparently only annoyed the verbally-challenged tweeting Dumb-in-Chief Donald, was to kill the only independent body that investigates ethics violations by members of Congress. In other words, they want to liberate sleaze by deregulating it so they can engage wholeheartedly in pork and
unethical backroom deals , without scrutiny by anyone breathing down their necks. And that, my friends, is the headline of the Donald Dumb presidency: By law and order, he meant eliminate law and deal with order a la NRA. Donald Dumb's assertions during the campaign that he will impose law and order may have to do with his ignorance of English (just like George W Bush). Maybe "Law and order" as he understands it is to liberate the thuggish and fascist police from the inconvenience of upholding the law and protecting people's rights by deregulating watchdog agencies, then enforce order under NRA mandates: shoot first then ask questions; our deregulation of laws will protect you from burdensome accountability and all that hampers your freewheeling tendencies to kill anyone who is not white, Anglo-Saxon, and protestant.

In a closed-door - repeat: CLOSE-DOOR- meeting Monday night, House Repugnicans voted to all but destroy an independent ethics group that investigates them for wrongdoing. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a Repugnican from Virginia, offered the amendment to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. That is what they meant by draining the swamp: Drain the swamps of Congress from the rule of law.  Goodlatte’s amendment includes: changing the name of the group from Office of Congressional Ethics to Office of Congressional Complaint Review; strip it of its independence; block it from investigating any wrongdoing that occurred prior to 2011; forbid it from releasing its findings to the public; and prevent it from alerting law enforcement to criminal activity. Do you see a trend here? The southern vintage, black-lynching, cigar-smoking "old boy" network is back.
Now, t0 be fair, Donald Dumb yesterday criticized the “timing”, but not the substance, of the ethics vote. His top adviser and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said Repugnicans had a “mandate” to gut the ethics office. Dumb himself did refer to the Office of Congressional Ethics as an “unfair” group, whatever that means. The verbally challenged idiot - Homo stultis - President-elect does not have enough vocabulary to elaborate beyond the 140-character long grunts that he is capable of. But to him, his team, and the Repugnican Neanderthal posse behind them, ethics in government is just not a priority. He said that House members should not be focusing on silly stuff like ethics right now, but should instead focus on other legislative priorities.

On Twitter, the vocabulary-challenged  Donald Dumb said "With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority? Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance! 
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, 2017
"Far greater than ethics"? Weren't the angry white men and women of middle America who elected this idiot angry because of the unethical business as usual? Does middle America see where this is headed? Will they soon, again, feel betrayed, abandoned, disappointed....? Just like the fag Tory Brits who now are back-pedaling on their Brexit vote, whose impulse was fired from their primitive brains, the same places that trigger the peristalsis of their morning bowel movements, without any input from their very thin cerebral cortices.
The top ethics lawyers under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama - notice the bipartisanship - said in a joint statement that Congress was “setting itself up to be dogged by scandals and ethics issues for years” and was returning the House to “dark days.” That is, back to Richard Nixon and Watergate, back to Ronald Reagan and the Contra-Iran affair, and of course to Ed Meese's sleaze bucket... Suddenly, George W. Bush is looking like a saint, Neanderthal from Texas and all, but a saint nonetheless.

The herd of Repugnicans appear to be running around like headless chickens, not knowing whether to cheer or jeer at the vote. Goodlatte claimed that the changes “strengthens the mission” of the ethics watchdog group while protecting the “due process” rights of House members and staffers. Former Speaker John Boehner was a supporter of the Office of Congressional Ethics, but current Speaker Paul Ryan, Repugnican from Wisconsin, just followed his modus operandi: initially keep silent, wait to see the direction the wind is blowing, then follow the prevailing winds regardless of principles. Ryan issued a statement defending the changes. I wonder, now (the day after) that the idiots who voted for the amendment have changed their minds under pressure from Donald Dumb, what will Ryan do? Ryan is very flexible. Throughout the campaign, he couldn't make up his mind whether to kiss Donald Dumb in the ass or kiss him goodbye.

So, the "draining the swamp" slogan appears to mean in the Repugnican jargon to drain American government from the little dignity and honesty that President Obama brought to it. And the carnivorous predators of the GOP are back to pouncing on the American people, taking them for fools, filling their own pockets with lobbyist dollars by selling the American people to the highest bidding corporate scammer, and dragging the country down to its 2007 level, i.e. beneath the pavement, straight into the septic tank from which Obama lifted it despite all the obstacles that the racist Repugnicans put in his way. They never accepted that an African-American President can be in the White House and be a lot better than all them white racist assholes who still romanticize 19th century racism, separation, apartheid and such other evangelical God-fearing practices.

Friday, December 30, 2016

John Bolton and his 3-State Solution: Erase Palestine

With Donald Dumb ready to take over the American government, Bush era troglodytes are coming out of their caves. They have had a long time to ponder creative solutions to the world's problems. Their solutions stem from their brains that can only conceive of the world in terms of binary options of a yes-no, 0-1, either-or ideas...just like stupid computers. In real terms, the brain of a neanderthal like John Bolton, exposed to the sun for the first time in 10 years, misfires with seizures and brain storms in the same manner as the brain of Dr. Frankenstein's monster awakening from the butcher's table.

In response to John Kerry's landmark speech the other day, in which the Secretary of State finally and cathartically spilled the American beans on its so-called "ally" Israel, our caveman du jour, John Bolton, graced us the other day with his Zionist solution to the Palestinian tragedy. It sounded a lot like Hitler's "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem in Europe of the 1930s.

The Final Solution of Zionism to the Palestinian Problem


Bolton's solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem is simple: Erase Palestine. He calls it his "THREE-STATE SOLUTION", namely Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Done. Simple. Even slaughterhouses these days treat cows better than Zionists and Bolton want to treat Palestinians. Give the West Bank to Jordan, and Gaza to Egypt, and the hell with Palestinian identity, nationhood and such inconvenient concepts that stand in the way of the purely Jewish State of Israel. Another 10 years, and Bolton and his Zionist masters might even humanely (with compensation, of course) deport the 1948 Palestinian citizens of Israel to Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, thus ensuring a hyper pure 100% Jewish identity to Israel, without any pollution or contamination by subhuman Palestinian Arabs. In fact, Bolton, in his encyclopedic knowledge of history, should advise his Zionist friends (not that they need much advice anyway in the fine arts of racist eugenics) that they establish clinics for sterilizing most Palestinians who refuse to leave, and fertilizing those appropriate for breeding with pure Jewish stocks, preferably blond or red-haired, blue-eyed Jews from Eastern European origins.

In other words, Bolton is confirming what John Kerry said: Israel's ultra-radical Zionist government does not just reject the Palestinian State, it aims to dispose of the Palestinian people altogether by deportation and massive evictions. Think about it: 1- the Zionists want to keep Samaria and Judea (the West Bank). 2- They don't want a Palestinian State. and 3- they want to surrender the West Bank to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt. These are three inconsistent proposals. They can only be consistent if Bolton and the Zionists actually mean that they want to keep the land, but not the people.

In other words, annex the lands of the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem to Israel, and empty them of their Palestinian population by gifting the latter to Jordan and Egypt. This has in fact been the Israeli policy for decades now. Deportations, home demolitions, denial of building permits, land theft and appropriation, settlements building, etc... has the been a consistent policy of de-arabization of Palestine. Take this history and draw a vector, a trajectory of where it might lead in 10-20 years: Greater Israel will include the West Bank without the Palestinian population. Dispossess the Palestinians of their ancestral homeland.

Kerry's speech might have had a cathartic effect on many people by venting things we knew for far too long, but which no American with political ambitions would dare utter, given the Orwellian theater of the American media and their Jewish Big Brother. But, it is too little, too late, and very convenient for Kerry who is looking forward to retirement. Just like Jimmy Carter who uttered the truth only after he had no political stake left for him to protect. This is American cowardice at its best. Why didn't Kerry, and Clinton, and Carter, and all the pseudo-liberals of America say these things as clearly and publicly as Kerry did the other day but 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years ago?

In the near future, Israel will foment a war in the West Bank to create the pretext for its annexation of what is left of Palestine and for its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people with another massive wave of refugees into Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. That has always been the objective, latent sometimes, persistently public at times, but determined all the time.

Now that Donald Dumb is in the White Outhouse, the Zionist dream of gobbling up all of Palestine might see the day. All it takes is a dumb American to help them. The chronic dumbness of Americans - unlike Europeans - is what has allowed the genocide of Palestine to fester and become a reality.

Thursday, December 29, 2016

Fellow Lebanese Expats: 4 Reasons Not to Invest in Lebanon

My dear fellow expat Lebanese,

Without realizing it, you are funding the destruction of Lebanon's environment and the culture of corruption.

By tempting the resident Lebanese with your apparent (and relative) wealth, and in the absence of any enforceable environmental and urban development regulations, you are incentivizing the death of Lebanon's environment and forests at the hands of its own people.

The ongoing frenzy of construction is driven not by any need for housing (since young Lebanese continue to flee the abject conditions and emigrate in droves), but by greed for money which the ordinary Lebanese make by selling ancestral land to profit-driven and environmentally-indifferent developers who, in turn, are running a campaign directed at you calling on you to buy a piece of this pseudo-paradise called Lebanon as a proof of your "loyalty" to the old country.

The ordinary Lebanese do not benefit in any other way from this market, since none of the profits go to fixing chronic infrastructure deficits like water, electricity, roads, safety, anti-corruption measures, clean air, clean ocean, Internet etc...The only way that the ordinary Lebanese think they are benefiting from selling their lands is to use the money to imitate the corrupt wealthy rulers who lord over their lives, and display ostentatious images of themselves with bigger gas-guzzling cars that are too big for the tiny roads here and other superficialities and primitive proofs of "modernity", wealth and power. Only corrupt developers and politicians are benefiting from this trade and onslaught of chaotic unregulated construction.

That is precisely what Gebran Bassil, the Foreign Minister, is lobbying you for. His globe-trotting in the Americas and elsewhere aims at two things: 1- to get you to register as Lebanese citizens (so he can artificially increase the numbers of Christian "inhabitants" and therefore "voters"). In this, he follows the path of Zionist settlers who continue to push Jewish people from around the world to go and buy homes in occupied Palestine. and 2 - to get you to buy a house or apartment in Lebanon, something he considers as driving the economy. In so doing, he is incentivizing greedy developers who wouldn't care less for the environment to continue buying land and building ugly buildings every which way in every forgotten patch of forest in the hills of Mount Lebanon.

This supposed rise in demand is also driving prices beyond what the economy can actually sustain, in a bubble reminiscent of the real estate collapse in the US in 2007-2008. Be careful investing in real estate in Lebanon; you could be throwing good money after lies disguised under illusions of patriotism and pseudo-paradises on earth that this tormented, tortured country supposedly has to offer you. All the fancy-gated communities the developers are building, in a baboon imitation of Western style living, could evaporate in a minute, the moment civil unrest erupts, which could happen at any moment.

Lebanon has always lived on the edge of wars and massacres and occupations; that is why you and your ancestors left in such large numbers for most of the past 150 years. The country could fall in civil unrest and war in a flash. Lebanon is still very far from the stability that the politicians are promising for reasons that have to do with the existence of a paramilitary force (Hezbollah) at least as powerful as the national army; the sectarian build-up of the state that could lead to instantaneous ignition and combustion, including the breakdown of the army into sectarian militias as it did in the 1970s and 1980s; the absence of a genuine, religious-free Lebanese identity around which the country could coalesce into a nation; the existence next door of an Israeli-Palestinian conflict whose solution appears increasingly to be a catastrophic one, with serious consequences on Lebanon; the Arab Spring revolutions all over the Middle East are not all caused by imagined Iranian-Saudi-American conspiracies; they are genuine popular uprisings by peoples who have had enough of corrupt dictatorships and monarchies, and fake republics, and this does not bode well for any stability and improvement in the near future.

The answer really is to impose a halt on construction until such time as serious regulations are put in place to protect what remains of Lebanon's forests and environment.

Here is a summary of the preceding in 4 concise reasons why we beg you to not buy real estate in Lebanon:

Reason 1 - It is a terrible waste of your money to spend a fortune on an apartment in Lebanon, just so you can come and spend a couple of weeks every other summer.

Reason 2 - By you, the emigrants, buying real estate in Lebanon, you are funding the destruction of Lebanon's environment, replacing forests, trees, beaches with ugly cheap concrete, and you are lining the pockets of corrupt politicians and greedy developers.

Reason 3 - The current wave of optimism is illusory and fake. Lebanon has always been on a tinderbox of sectarian and religious warfare; it will always be a focus for foreign occupations and interference. Imagine what a victorious Bashar Assad in Syria would want to do to Lebanon: revenge for his eviction in 2005. Just as the Lebanese politicians always say they'll be the last to sign peace with Israel, Lebanon will be the last Arab country to see stability and prosperity.

Reason 4 - The country rejected you and/or your fathers and grandfathers during numerous wars over the past 150 years. Since the country has not fundamentally changed, it is still rejecting its young people and driving them to emigrate. Why would it suddenly become a haven for decent governance, separation of religion from matters of State, economic opportunity for everyone (not just the corrupt political and merchant elite that is sucking the blood of the majority ordinary Lebanese)....??? All that Gebran Bassil wants from your money is your headcount (like cattle in the rodeo) and your money.

I leave you with one proposal: At least, use the fact that Lebanon's corrupt class is courting you for your money to demand a quid pro quo: Tell Bassil YES we will invest in Lebanon, but on the following conditions FIRST:



Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Indonesia is a Radical Muslim Country: Call for Boycott by Tourists

The gall of fanatic monotheists! Like the Israeli Jewish extremists who are "offended" by a UN Security Council resolution condemning them for treating Palestinians like animals and stealing their land, like the Polish Christian Catholic fundamentalists who are regressing Poland back to the Age of Inquisition and declaring Jesus as King of Poland, extremist and mainstream Indonesians are persecuting a non-Muslim governor of the capital Jakarta because he merely criticized his radical ISIS-affiliated Muslim opponents for using a verse of the Koran against him. Read well: Indonesian Muslim radicals quote the Koran and trash it by dragging it into cheap political fights, then if their opponent fires back at them because they misuse the Koran, he is guilty of "offending Islam".

Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama is now on trial for "insulting Islam". In a video published on social media, Ahok says that he referred to the al-Maidah:51 verse from the Koran during a working visit to Thousand Islands regency on Sept. 27. "All I said to the local people of Thousand Islands is that if you are fooled by racists and cowards using that verse in the Quran not to vote for me, then don't vote for me," he said on Friday as reported by So he mentioned the al-Maidah verse only because his political opponents use (and abuse) the verse to encourage people not to vote for him. The verse itself is one of those questionable verses in which the Koran elevates Muslims to a higher level than other human beings and tells them that they should not be ruled by non-Muslims. Yet, Muslims have been leaving Muslim-ruled countries for decades to settle as refugees in countries ruled by non-Muslims. No wonder. Muslim-ruled countries are typically abject cesspools of poverty, abusive governments, underdevelopment, wars, persecutions of all kinds, etc. Just ask the millions of Sudanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani Muslim refugees braving death in the deserts and on the open sea to reach non-Muslim countries.

I see commercials on television all the time about what great places Indonesia and Malysia are for Western tourists to visit. Tourists should boycott radical and extremist Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia for two simple reasons:
1- By spending money in these extremist countries, the tourists would be encouraging the trend of what we thought were "moderate" Muslim countries to gravitate towards an Islamic State (ISIS) type of places. Ahok's persecution is a prototype of the further radicalization of Muslim countries. For far too long, political correctness has allowed these countries to be hotbeds of Muslim radicalism and a haven for terrorists.
2- Trips by Western tourists to Indonesia and Malaysia are therefore becoming dangerous expeditions because Muslim extremists could at any moment, encouraged by episodes like Ahok's persecution, engage in criminal and terrorist activities like kidnapping, bombing, assassinating, and also accusing foreign tourists of "insulting" or "offending" Islam for the slightest and stupidest reasons. YOU ARE TAKING SERIOUS RISKS BY PLAYING TOURISTS IN INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA. Do not be fooled by the fancy advertisements. Do not encourage Muslim extremists camouflaged under a veneer of moderation with your money. Fight them.

Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are happy every time a Muslim terrorist perpetrates an attack in Europe and elsewhere. You never hear a word of condemnation. Why? Because according to the Koran, Muslims do not accuse other Muslims. That is the very definition of fanaticism: to support your Muslim brother even if he is the worst criminal.

In Malaysia, there is an ongoing controversy over the use of the name of God. The Arabic name of God is Allah. Malysian courts and governments have ruled that only Muslims can use the name Allah in reference to God. This is so stupid because all Arabic-speaking non-Muslims use it: Here in Lebanon, and across the Arab world, Christians, Muslims and Jews refer to God as Allah. Allah is the Arabic translation of God, just as Dios, Dieu, Gott etc..are the Spanish, French, German etc... translations. The name "Allah" does not belong to Muslims. It belongs to the Arabic language, regardless of religion. But this is how fanatically stupid Malaysian Muslims are; just like Indonesian Muslims.