Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Tuesday, June 28, 2016

WARNING: Remember 1975? It is back

From the perspective of Lebanon's Christians, the situation today on the ground resembles the years circa 1975 and the eruption of violence and the war that ensued between the Christians and the Muslim-backed Palestinian refugees and militias. As is the case today, government was paralyzed, then by the boycott of Muslim (Sunni) political and sectarian blocs, and today by the boycott of Muslim (Shiite) sectarian blocs, and the only standing institution was the Lebanese Army. But it would soon collapse too and splinter into sectarian militias.

Remember that Al-Qaa, the village that saw the multiple suicide bombings over the last 48 hours, is a Christian village that suffered a massacre in 1978. Many other Christian villages suffered similar massacres by never-identified attackers suspected to be Palestinian or Syrian operatives. Yasser Arafat's PLO and assorted Palestinian terror groups had been chased out of Amman, Jordan by King Hussein, and had established their headquarters in Beirut and Lebanon. They thrived in a country where government was weakened by a Muslim community who refused to join its Christian counterpart in condemning Palestinian exactions, violence, and terrorism. In fact, the Muslims of Lebanon - all of them, Sunnis, Shiites and Druze - supported the Palestinians against the Lebanese Army, and pledged allegiance to Hafez Assad of Syria. The Muslims wanted Arab unity at the cost of Lebanese sovereignty; they believed in liberating Palestine at the cost of the integrity of Lebanon; and most of all, they wanted more power in a the power-sharing formula that had worked so well since the 1940s. It is in the DNA of Muslims not to compromise; living in a country whose president was a Christian with constitutional powers was - and still is - anathema to Lebanon's Muslims. Ever since the 1920s, they resented being part of Lebanon, and would have much preferred to remain part of Syria (See the earlier post).

Yesterday's massacre of Christians and the attack against a church in Al-Qaa is a major reset in the current stalemate. Just as in the early 1970s, if the Lebanese Army and the government are incapable of providing security against lawless militias and terror groups, then the Christian population is likely to begin building its own militias to defend itself. They did it in the 1970s against the PLO and Syria, they will do it against ISIS and Syria again.

To the liberal press of the world: Do not blame the Christians if they undertake to defend themselves. Back in the 1970s, you accused them of being "right-wing fascists who were bent on killing Palestinian refugees". What would you accuse them of today when they try to defend themselves in their country that is - again - run over by 1.5 million Syrian refugees harboring ISIS operatives?

For 5 years now, the Lebanese have welcomed the Syrian refugees with open arms. There are no hate incidents against them to speak of. The Syrian refugees work and live among the Lebanese. But if refugee centers and camps become foci for launching terror attacks against specific communities, and the refugee population and those who oversee them are unable to identify the bad apples, then what gives?

This is an alert. An early call to action. Lebanon's Christians are not like the other Christians of the Middle East. They will not keel over, run away, turn the other cheek, or huddle in refugee camps. They will fight back.



Monday, June 27, 2016

Al-Qaa: Hezbollah fails to defend Lebanon

The Iranian terrorist party in Lebanon, Hezbollah, continues to claim that its fighting in Syria alongside the barbaric Syrian regime is to protect Lebanon against ISIS and other Sunni terrorists. It says that the reason it went into Syria proper - instead of protecting the Lebanese borders - is that it wants to defeat the Sunni terrorists "before" they enter Lebanon. Hezbollah also claims that the Lebanese Army is incapable of protecting Lebanon, thus justifying its existence as an unlawful paramilitary terror organization which, thanks to a weak and corrupt Lebanese oligarchy, is part of the Lebanese government.

If Hezbollah's arguments were to stand, then one would expect that the Lebanese Army would do the same thing: Intervene in Syria as a preemptive move against the infiltration of ISIS operatives into Lebanon. But the Lebanese Army respects itself and respects the sovereignty of Syria, and does not wish to take any offensive action inside Syria proper. It acts as best as it can, within its limited means, to protect the borders.

The Sunni terrorist bombings of early this morning in the Christian Lebanese town of Al-Qaa on the Syrian border are proof that Hezbollah is NOT protecting Lebanon. In fact, it is providing a justification for ISIS and assorted Sunni terror groups to enter Lebanon to fight Hezbollah. By fighting in Syria, Hezbollah has pushed many more Syrian refugees to enter Lebanon (and with them thousands of ISIS operatives) than would have been the case had Hezbollah in fact refrained from entering Syria.

The truth of the matter is that Hezbollah's fighting in Syria is NOT to protect Lebanon. That is one big Iranian lie. Hezbollah is in Syria to defend the Syrian regime of Bashar Al-Assad which has been the lifeline bridge for Hezbollah between Iran and Lebanon. Money, weapons, mercenaries, terrorists.... all transit from Tehran to Damascus, then infiltrate Lebanon. None of Hezbollah's actions is lawful. Hezbollah's very existence is the definition of lawlessness, and in breaching every norm of sovereignty, Hezbollah has nurtured a culture of lawlessness, violence, and destruction, while undermining the State and its institutions.

All the above has been said over and over for decades. Since the 1960s, the Lebanese Christians have warned their fellow Muslims against plunging Lebanon into other peoples' wars. They said NO to Lebanon's enmeshing itself in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. But the Sunnis, the Shiites and the Druze, with the backing of Hafez Al-Assad's Syrian regime in Damascus and his army of occupation, thought better and sold the Lebanese South to Yasser Arafat and his PLO to "liberate Palestine". Never mind that those same Muslim sects refrained from "liberating the Golan Heights and Palestine" from Syrian territory. Only Lebanon was fair cannon fodder in their delusional Arab causes.

After scoring some pathetic gains against the Christians in the Taif Agreement, the Lebanese Sunnis, now in power, adopted the Christians' platform of staying out of other conflicts. They forgot all about Palestine and liberation. They now believed in a "Lebanon first". Only the Shiites continued in their endless Quixotic "resistance" pursuits at the behest of Iran, first against Israel and now against Saudi Arabia

After bringing Lebanon in 1920 out from under 400 years of Turkish occupation, Lebanon's Christians, dragging their fellow Lebanese Muslims along, transformed Lebanon into a jewel of a country between the 1930s and 1960s. But the Muslims continued to challenge a leading role for the Christians. They undermined every effort by the Christians to keep the country safe and prosperous. From the 1970s to the present, the Muslims have dominated, and what do we get? War and mayhem with foreign (Palestinian and Syrian) occupiers from 1975 to 1990, then garbage corrupt governance from 1990 to the present day, all of which have set Lebanon backward into a failed third world lemon republic that can barely stand on its feet.

The ISIS bombings in Al-Qaa remind us of the enormous sacrifice that the Christians of this country make by continuing to believe in some reasonable way to share power with the Muslims. The failure of the Muslims to stabilize the country, protect it, and keep it out of conflicts that can only hurt it makes for a reflection as to the future of the country. Many Christians have some time now contemplating some sort of separation, perhaps a federated Lebanon in which Christians and Muslims, while sharing the country, govern themselves separately. It has become untenable after 50 years of plunder and mayhem.

One hundred years ago, Lebanon and the region were in the midst of World War I. The Maronite Church bears the responsibility for its greed in seeking to expand the borders of the then-autonomous Christian Mount Lebanon Province and create the Greater Lebanon monstrosity that is failing today. In annexing Syrian Muslim provinces, the Maronite Church and its French sponsors planted the seeds for the heartbreak that Lebanon is today. Just like the Zionists did in Palestine in collusion with their British sponsors, Lebanon's Christians thought they could forever control Muslim minorities and keep them subjugated. The rise of Islamic fundamentalism has thwarted these naive prospects, and both Lebanon and Israel today face the disastrous consequences of political greed.