Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Saturday, November 14, 2015

Je suis Dahiyeh. Je suis Bataclan. The Price of Prevarication?

I never advocated the involvement of the US and France in Syria. I am not about to change my mind. Let the Syrians, let the Muslims, let the Arabs and Iranians... fight their own demons of authoritarianism, archaic social structures, tribalism, outrageous religious beliefs from the Bronze Age... and liberate themselves from themselves first. The West should not get involved. We have yet to hear the end of complaints about the Crusades, the French and British mandates... both long gone pretexts used by Arabs and Muslims to hide behind their own shadows instead of facing their constitutive problems and do what must be done to emancipate themselves and join the modern world. The fact remains that the bombing in Paris yesterday is ISIS-DAESH's revenge for France's involvement in the Syrian war.

Neither have I ever advocated that Hezbollah - itself a clone of ISIS-DAESH, but with some standing right now because it is the avowed enemy of ISIS-DAESH, albeit for different reasons than the French or the Americans - get involved in the Syrian war. Hezbollah has basically changed its objective from "fighting the Zionists to liberate Jerusalem" to "fighting the Syrian Sunnis to protect the Assad regime". Its involvement in Syria, against the advice of all other Lebanese communities, is now coming home to haunt Lebanon. Last Thursday's bombings in the southern suburbs of Beirut, where Hezbollah is headquartered, is ISIS-DAESH's revenge for Hezbollah's involvement in the Syrian war.

While the attacks against Hezbollah seem justified within a context of warring Muslim factions and the Sunni-Shiite divide, the attacks against France have a different take. France, like the US, has refused to intervene directly with boots on the ground in Syria, and like the US, the prevarication, hesitation, to what to do about Syria is now coming back to haunt the West. Half-ass, half-baked interventions like France and the US's in Syria inevitably lead to a decision fork: To either withdraw completely and let the Syrian stage resolve itself by itself at any cost; or to get completely involved with tens of thousands of troops on the ground with a take-no-prisoner approach to the bloodbath. Since the latter is highly costly and inadvisable, a do-nothing approach is by default the best option, better indeed than prevarication and wavering like the US and France have so far done. From the beginning, the West should have clearly and unambiguously declared that it will never get involved in Syria. Never. Not one bullet. Not one fighter jet. Not one military trainer. Let the scum (Syrians, Turks, Arabs, Iranians, and assorted Muslim barbarians) beat the scum in Syria until there is no end in sight. And as for the refugees streaming into Europe, the EU should have closed its borders and sent back anyone trying to illegally cross into the EU, instead of the pathetic spectacle of an all-out invasion of Europe welcomed by idiotic bleeding-hearted people who can't look farther than the tip of their noses.

The argument above also goes for the Russians, obviously, whose more direct involvement in Syria has already netted it a downing of an airliner above the Sinai. While the Russians may have become more involved in Syria than the West, their intervention remains tentative, so to speak, since they have no real fighting armies on the ground.

Any predictions as to what the French, and behind them the Americans, who are now shitting in their pants at the prospect of similar ISIS-DAESH attacks on their soil, will do? It is too late to disengage from Syria. They have already paid the price. Sunken costs, says the accounting. My prediction is a much heavier involvement by France, the US, and the West in Syria. A ground offensive is not an unlikely scenario, despite the realignments it will force. The now-friendly forces of Iran and Hezbollah, along with their Russian sponsor, will turn against the West and side with their Sunni foes against the invading European and American neocolonialists... We know the tune. We saw it in Afghanistan. We saw it in Iraq. Muslims and Arabs are very good at "biting the hand that feeds them".

Grab a beer. Sit and watch. Thanks to the inventors of television, we can watch and cheer the Syrian bloodbath continue ad infinitum, without putting our own boots on the ground. A very wise precept that the French and the Americans, and Hezbollah, have not respected. Now they will march and claim "Je suis Dahyeh; je suis Bataclan". But for what purpose?

Hanibaal Atheos