Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, October 20, 2017

Chartouni's Death Sentence: Justice for Lebanon, not for Gemayel

To the Lebanese Nazi Party - a.k.a. Syrian Social(ist) National Party or SSNP, or in Lebanese "Qaoumiyeh Souriyeh - please accept my heartfelt middle finger for the sentencing to death of your beloved criminals Chartouni and Alam. May they be executed fast and buried 6 feet under.

Now I say this because I abhor your stupid ideology, a clone of the German Nazi party (read my re-posted article below), and not because I think Bashir Gemayel was such a great guy. In many ways he was a warlord and a thug, and he ran a militia just like yours that plundered and killed and robbed and raped, all on the pretense of defending the country in the absence of the State. One can prosecute a war and remain ethical and decent, and neither you nor Gemayel displayed any decency during the war. Now that the war is over, the Gemayel clan is no longer a militia, but you assholes remain a Nazi-style militia with an ideology from the early 1900s and you advocate the destruction of Lebanon and its melding into a fantasy called Greater Syria - just look at how Smaller Syria today is disintegrating into many religions and ethnic groups. So you numskulls still believing that the Greater Syria fantasy has any currency is beyond idiocy.

I didn't like Bashir Gemayel. His people elevate him to the standing of a hero and a saint, but he made his way by killing and warring against others. The only reason I am giving you the finger is because Chartouni killed the President of my country. Just as you killed Riyad al-Sulh, ex-Prime Minister of Lebanon, in Amman in 1961. Seems the only political tool that Nazis like you have is assassination and murder.

I re-post this article for those who don;t know who the SSNP party really is.

Monday, April 25, 2016

Dying Nazis of the Near East

It must be getting harder for the followers of the Near East Nazi Party, a.k.a. the Syrian Social(ist) National Party (SSNP) these days because the entire construct of their Fascist ideology rests upon the country of Syria as its nucleus, and on the racial and cultural superiority of Syrians (i.e. the northern Semites) over the Arabs (i.e. southern Semites).

Lest people forget, this Nazi Party was founded at exactly the same time - 1932 -  that the Nazi Party (Nazi = Nationalsozialist in German) was emerging in Germany. So, one plagiarist intellectual named Antun Saade fell in love with Fascism and Nazism, and decided to clone the German Nazis in the Lebanon of the 1930s. Here are the parallels:

1- Racial superiority of northern Europeans over southern Europeans ---> Racial superiority of northern Semites over southern Semites
2- Continuity of a German culture across vast swaths of central Europe ---> Continuity of a Syrian culture across vast swaths of the Near East
3- Nazi flag and swastika with red and black tones----> SSNP flag and swastika with red and black tones
4- Brainwashed SSNP members salute their leaders with the Hitlerian salute.
5- Saadeh is worshipped as a "leader for life", just as Nazis worshipped Hitler. Saadeh himself was an admirer of Adolph Hitler.
6- The anthem of the SSNP is sung to the tune of Deutschland Uber Alles.
7- Just as the Nazis glorified an ancient pre-Christian Aryan past and "One" German Aryan nation that needed to be re-united, the SSNP glorifies an ancient pre-Christian Syrian past and "One" Syrian nation that must be re-united.

Now that the fake country of Syria is unraveling into the multitudes of ethnicities, languages, peoples, religions and races from which it was cobbled together, it must be increasingly difficult to sustain Antun Saade's fantasy racist idea of a united glorious Syria spanning from Iraq into Cyprus (Yes, Cyprus. The asshole Saade wants Greek and Turkish Cyprus to be Syrian!). There is no nation of Syria. There was a state called Syria and it has now evaporated to no return. The French Mandate colonials fashioned this Doctor Moreau monster to satisfy their Arab nationalist lackey, the self-proclaimed King Faysal, as a way to counter British influence. Never mind that the Kurds never got their state, even though they were the most deserving of one, and that many of the communities that make up the Near East have nothing to do with Arab or Syrian nationalism. 

But just like the Baath party, the SSNP thinks it can impose a monolithic identity on people, from the top down, by force. You are Arab because I (Michel Aflaq of Baath infamy) say so, and you are Syrian because I (Antun Saade of SSNP infamy) say so. You have no other identity, and if you dare say that you are anything other than Syrian, then you are a traitor and you deserve death. If you do not know that you are Syrian, then we will make sure to indoctrinate you into knowing that fact. Luckily for us, the SSNP has never even touched the fringes of political power because it is such a fucked up idea to begin with. Unfortunately for us, however, the Baath Party managed to wreck Iraq and Syria into the cesspools they are today.

History always has a way to rectify things, and this is happening before our eyes. Forget Arab and Syrian nationalisms, and the Baath and the SSNP. They are as dead as when they were when born less than 100 years ago out of the imaginations of idiots like Aflaq and Saade. What these racist Fascists do not understand is that genuine identities emerge voluntarily from the bottom up, from the local to the larger, from self-government to aggregated federated governments. That is how civilized nations with built-in diversity did it. Not like Hitler who forced the Austrians, the Scandinavians and others to declare themselves "German" by force of brutality and occupation.

The heartbreak of Syria has many silver linings, one of them is the evidence of the death of racial nationalisms in the politically primitive Near and Middle Easts. One more to go - Islamic nationalism - and perhaps the area will finally begin its journey to civilization and decency.

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