Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Thursday, May 18, 2017

More Trump Backdowns

Donald Dumb continues to renege on his campaign promises. Hopefully, the angry Iowa pig farmers, disaffected steel workers in Pittsburgh, unemployed miners of the upper Midwest, disgruntled Idaho potato farmers, upset Maine lumberjacks and lobster fishermen, evangelical numskulls from the Bible belt - all of them white on their way to extinction - and other assorted idiots from the American boonies who elected this imbecile to the Out House are finally realizing that for Donald Dumb:

- Islam is a religion of peace
Contrary to his Macho claims during the campaign that he will call Islam for what it is, the imbecile-in-chief is flying to Saudi Arabia this weekend to kiss ass to the Saudis and call Islam a moderate religion. Imagine! The first foreign trip of this call-it-by-its-name "Islamic Terrorism" idiot is to the mother of all Islamic Terrorism countries, Saudi Arabia. Donald Dumb will bow, greet, and chum up to the grandest exporters of Islamic terrorism, the purveyors of the September 11 attacks, the founders and funders of all Islamic schools aqnd mosques in the West. Can someone tell me how is that more "patriotic" or "American" than Obama's shunning of the Saudi monsters?

- Yes to the nuclear deal with Iran, and yes to the lifting of sanctions on Iran
Contrary to his assertions and ballsy claims that he will strike the deal and re-impose sanctions on Iran, the liar-in-chief said yesterday that he will go along with the Obama Administration's nuclear deal with Iran and will not seek to re-impose sanctions on it.

- No, Donald Dumb will NOT be moving the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem as he promised during his campaign, and worse yet, just today he declared that the Wailing Wall (also known as the Nagging Wall) is not in Israel, but in the West Bank, meaning he recognizes Israel as a Zionist Fascist occupying power bent on stealing another people's land and country for no other reason than archaic pretexts from the Bronze Age, just as their Islamic counterparts do all over the world. Israel is essentially the Jewish equivalent of the Islamic State, aiming to resurrect a long-dead religious rule from the Stone Age of humanity. Just as their Muslim counterparts claim the Koran to do, Zionists claim that "God is on their side"; He told them so. Just read the Bible.

- Yes to NAFTA
Contrary to his claims that he will abrogate NAFTA, the idiot-in-chief will be hard-pressed to try and touch this market because it will kill the economy. His rejection of the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership) is beginning to isolate the US from its potential partners in the Asia-Pacific, so the numskull-in-chief will not touch the only market left for the US. Europe will soon smash the UK which decided also on isolating itself. Watch the US too stay out.

Protection Tariffs
- He made good on imposing tariffs on Canadian lumber. Now watch as home construction costs skyrocket. I thought you believed in the free market. But American lumber, like American steel wants Uncle Sam to protect them, they are all hypocrites. They cannot compete in the free market, so they come and hid under Uncle Sam's skirt.

- Contrary to his claims that NATO is obsolete, the Dumb-in-Chief is only begging Europeans to pay more to NATO. He is not touching NATO.

North Korea
- Donald Dumb has drawn several red lines. Yet the North Korean dictator keeps rubbing America's nose by launching missile after missile. Where is the "manly" Donald Dumb? What's he doing with Kim-Jong Eun? Nothing. Well, he feels sympathy for him. He thinks Eun was ill-served by inheriting the dictatorship from his father and grandfather, which deserves Donald Dumb's pity.

Better than all of this, Donald Dumb is truly Russia's lapdog. Putin is having a great time watching the Fool-in-Chief make a mockery of the United States. Donald Dumb loves dictators. They all have big balls and small brains like he does. Egypt's Al-Sissi, the Phillipines' Duterte.... they all are "fantastic" guys who get invited to the Out House in DC.

The man is either a pathological idiot - something I have always said - with nary a few neurons somewhere in the wilderness of his skull left to make us hope that there is some kind of a learning curve. Maybe the imbecile is learning on the job, and perhaps by the end of his term he might become 10% of what Obama was. It's just that the retards of the American south and hinterland who elected him are going to be very very disappointed. He gave them false hopes, and they believed him. They refused intelligent educated leadership and instead chose illiterate fools who gave them all the words of a long-gone nostalgic past and not one ounce of brutal realism. The ignorant American white folks are on their way to extinction anyway. Donald Dumb was selling them hot air and they gulped it like the flat tires they all are. I am glad the reckoning is coming sooner than expected. Wake up. Come to the 21st century. Y'all are old dogs, and it'll be tough learning new tricks. But hey, this is the market economy you love. It spit you out a long time ago. Live with it. Show us you can compete like "real men" without your government mommy's protection. What a bunch of bigoted dinosaurs.

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