Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, May 19, 2017

Michel Temer: The Proud Corruption Export of Lebanon to Brazil

This is the current president of Brazil. He is the descendant of Lebanese Emigrés. From their country of origin, steeped in corruption and malfeasance - the Lebanese proudly call it their "genius" - Mr. Temer's parents took the corruption genes with them and seeded them in the fertile land of Brazil.

Read about the latest corruption exploits by Mr. Temer:

Mr. Temer, like the idiot Donald Trump in Washington DC's White House, is a conservative. He is a member of the established order that allows him to commit any crime he wishes because God, his child-molesting Church, the Vatican, the Order of the Knights of Malta, the Jesuits, and their armies of priests and nuns, are obviously on his side.  And so, the deeply devout religious Lebanese, with their patriarchs and muftis, saints and mullahs, mahdis and messiahs, love Mr. Temer. Not only is he a descendant of Lebanese emigrés, but Minister Gebran Bassil wants to grant him and his ilk the Lebanese citizenship because he, Mr. Temer, has completed the proud Lebanese corruption circle.

As he is about to be impeached, Mr. Temer has mustered the testosterone in his gonads and invoked God's justice to state that he will not step down. The man wasn't even elected to the presidency; he was the vice-president and he inherited the top post from Dilma Roussef, his former boss Brazilian president who was also impeached and kicked out of office for corruption. Mr. Temer even went as far as to betray Roussef and speed up her demise in order to secure the presidency for himself. Now it is his turn. He was caught with his pants down.

What is it with conservative dinosaurs who think they are above the law and better than the ordinary citizens of their countries?

Iran today is having presidential elections and the battle is between incumbent "moderate" Rohani (a mullah, of course), and an avowed conservative mullah, of course, Seyyed Ebrahim Raisos-Sadati, commonly known as Ebrahim Raisi, who has always campaigned on a platform of conservative values (strict enforcement of the enslavement of women, living simply, anti-western consumer society, etc.), yet he is said to have secured himself immense wealth from a charity organization he was appointed to run by the Ayatollah. Not to forget, but Raisi was the Iranian regime’s General Prosecutor responsible for the death of thousands of political prisoners in the so-called "1988 massacre" of political prisoners (

But God and his armies are on the side of the wealthy, corrupt, and unethical people like Temer, Trump, Raisi and others. We, the ordinary people, should not question the judgment of God. He has ordained these people to rule over our lives, and so must submit and surrender نسلّم for happiness, they tell us, is not of this world and we should not look for it in the here and now. We should wait to die, often at the hands of God's appointees, and find happiness in the afterlife. 

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