Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, April 14, 2017

Trump's Clueless Warmongering Doctrine

Like all Republican administrations before him, Donald Trump is calling for wars overseas to mitigate his 30% approval ratings and resounding failures on the home front. Not only do wars rally the imbecilic patriotism of his deplorable dumb American base (whose ignorance of the world is as abysmal as the wasteland wilderness boonies of the American hinterland in which it dwells), but they stimulate the economy by dropping billion dollar bombs, triggering replacement orders placed by the military with the large corporations that feed the industrial-military complex and that are manned by Trump's CEO friends.

Now, as any observer may have noticed over the past few decades, no sooner have the bombs fallen, the heroism of the military lauded, and the wave of stupid patriotism passed, that this very same American dumb base tires quickly with the dead, the body bags, the bad reputation, the cost of the war (because even if Trumps' CEO buddies make their money, it doesn't trickle down to the pig farmers), the counter reactions, and the wave of stupid patriotism starts souring with "What is this war for? Did we have a strategy? Bring the boys home. Who are they dying for? We are not the world's policeman. We don't want the refugees whose displacement and misery we caused ourselves ...etc.." It's been done to death.

Ratcheting up wars and rattling the sabres all over the globe, because of the ego of the White Outhouse occupant who thinks that pouting his lips makes him look like a great man of history, is no sure recipe for solving the world's problems. Why, pray tell, is solving North Korea's 60-year old problem suddenly an urgent matter? Why doesn't the dumbass instead turn his attention to the calamity of what the Jewish European and American colonists have been doing for 70 years to the native Palestinians in the fake country of Israel and solve that problem for a change?

Trump is clueless. His "policies" generally originate from two foci: 1- Either his closet neo-Nazi advisors put some some thinking into some action and he goes along because "as a CEO with a high altitude view of his operations, he can't be bothered with details", or 2- He wakes up on the wrong side of his gold-laced gigantic bed with a yuuuge surge in dopamine levels in his vacuous cerebrum, and impulsively decrees some action that will ensure his greatness in the annals of history, a "doctrine" historian Max Boot says boils down to “the United States reserves the right to use force whenever the president is upset by something he sees on TV”.

Of course, in neither case does Trump actually analyze and think through the consequences of such momentous decisions (cowboy CEOs like him have no time or patience for analysis), and the world has to live with the disasters caused by dropping "the mother of all bombs" and the traditional zillions of mistakes that the mighty American military makes every time it goes to war in foreign countries. Americans go to war with the best of intentions, gigantic amounts of planning and expenditures, rigid systems that lack malleability and nimbleness, and a personnel that is by and large full of itself, proud of its dumbness, and deprecating of the rest of humanity... You know, such grandiose self-declared Manifest Destiny, Greatest Nation on Earth, Most Powerful Empire ever, etc...labels Americans repeat to the rest of the world, while losing every war it fought since WWII. Just as large banks are "too big to fail", large countries are "too rigid and stupid to succeed".

America must couple its technology, its gigantism, its vast capabilities with a bit of smartness about the rest of the world if it is to succeed. Largeness makes the organism a predator and sedates it into losing its alertness and adaptability. Smallness, on the other hand, makes the organism a vulnerable prey which must remain smart and alert. Given its size and slothfulness, the only way for America to increase its smartness about the rest of the world is to be more humble, more modest in thinking about itself versus the rest of the world. Because of its history, American culture lacks the universalism of other cultures. It is too inward looking. It rejects the past and the old world, and sees nothing beyond its own boundaries. American literature rarely transcends its own milieu to encompass the universal human condition; Americans always think that their experiences are unique to them; they rarely see themselves as partakers of the universal human experience. They never put themselves in other people's shoes, and so they never learn from other people. Whenever politics or markets engages them with other people, they often fail because of that psycho-social-cultural isolation in which they shut themselves. Donald Dumb's election was a violent reaction and return to that identity, after Obama had jolted the US out of it for a brief lull.

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