Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Wednesday, March 8, 2017

The Islamic Paradises of Egypt, Indonesia, Saudi, Malaysia, Morocco, Algeria...

The smart, penetrating, well-thought, astute, and ingenious banning by Donald Dumb of people from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya from travel to the US will definitely put an end to any terror attack on US soil. These hotbeds of Islamic terrorism could send bad guys to America, and since Donald Dumb is intent on America First, he's got to eliminate the threat that terrorism coming from Iran, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, Syria and Libya poses to the primacy of America. Done. Now he can dismantle Obamacare, build the decaying infrastructure, and prohibit abortions to not only keep America safe and great, but to inch it a bit closer to God.

I believe that countries like Egypt, Indonesia, Saudi, Malaysia, Morocco, Algeria, Lebanon....and others will be jealous because for decades they too had been - unwilling they claim - hotbeds of all manner and varieties of Islamic fundamentalism, religious radicalism, anti-Americanism, anti-western sentiment, not to mention exporters and funders of Islamic madrassas and ideologies, and other forms of virulent third-worldism. You'd think that Donald Dumb might have consulted the CIA, FBI, and NSA leakers before enacting this brilliant ban... but it doesn't seem to be the case.

For one, September 11 hijackers and bombers came from Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon. OOps! None of these countries is on the banned list! Russia and its Chechnya cesspool of Islamic terrorism are not on the list either. Indonesia is currently persecuting its own Christian governor of the capital Jakarta because he decried his election opponents' use of the Koran against him, which prompted the Indonesian government to prosecute him for "blasphemy against Islam". Egypt is battling Islamists everywhere it seems. The Philippines have their own "Moro" Muslim terrorists in Mindanao. China itself has a huge Muslim minority (The Hui, the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, and others) and they are all infected by the Muslim radicalism bug. Lebanon is rife with Sunni radicals who go fight in Syria on the side of ISIS, not to mention the Iran-affiliated Hezbollah which dominates Lebanon's government these days. I mean if Iran is banned, doesn't it stand to reason that its satellites too be banned? Hezbollah's early brilliant career in the 1980s was primarily against America and the West (bombing of US and French barracks, kidnapping dozens of westerners, hijacking of TWA 847 and the murder of Navy serviceman Dean Stethem, etc.... ), though this gradually morphed into killing Sunni Muslim and Christian politicians in Lebanon itself. 

I think the point is made: All it takes is for any one of these terrorists to slip through the not-so-tight security systems in these countries, as for instance finding sympathetic co-religionists or accomplices within any of these States to issue fake passports, and off they go to America... I always knew Donald Dumb to be dumb, but not this dumb.

In fact, as anyone with experience with ecosystems knows, by plugging one route you are basically telling the bad guys where else to go. I remember in the early days of the Lebanese War of 1975, when normal life was slowly blending with wartime life, how one radio announcer by the name of Sharif Akhawi would tell Beirut commuters stuck in heavy traffic at peak hours which roads were dangerous and which were not. For example, "do not take the Charles Helou overpass because kidnapping has been reported there; take the Port connector instead." So, the kidnappers, who had radios and were of course listening too, would quickly undertake a surge to the Port connector where a good harvest of would-be kidnap victims would be converging.

The Donald Dumb ban is like the Sharif Akhawi broadcast. By banning terrorists from taking certain routes, the dumb idiot is telling the terrorists where else to go to make it to America. In fact, we don't need to wait for this cause-effect to occur, we know from history that none of the foreign-plotted terrorist attacks on US soil thus far came from the six banned countries, whereas all of the foreign-plotted terrorist attacks on US soil came from non-banned countries.

But the Donald Dumb show must go on like a good Hollywood movie. Beautifully acted but detached from reality.

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