Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Monday, February 13, 2017

Lebanese President Aoun: Lebanese Army INCAPABLE

Update 14-February 2017:
In a second interview with Egyptian TV - this time with ONTV - Aoun declared, "we have decided to agree on rebuilding Lebanon without waiting for an end of wars that never end in the region". He also said, "Hezbollah has fought in the south to liberate our occupied land from Israel, and some if it has been liberated and some remains under occupation. As for the interior of Lebanon, Hezbollah does not use its weapons. Hezbollah's weapons are dealt with as part of a strategic defense planning for Lebanon in which these weapons might or might not have a role, depending on the need for them."

When asked about statements by the Israeli Foreign Minister about dragging Lebanon into paying the price for a political settlement in Syria, Aoun replied, "If the Israelis want to test the matter with war, they tried it before and didn't win. If they want to do this by other than war, the Israelis wont be able to because the 2006 experience did not work for them, and it won't work for ever."

Aoun is repeating the mistake of Rafik Hariri who thought he could rebuild Lebanon under the Syrian occupation. He failed lamentably, and when he realized his mistake, the Syrians killed him. Aoun thinks he can rebuild Lebanon while a foreign-affiliated militia, labeled as terrorist by none other than Egypt, runs amok of institutions, deprives the Lebanese state of sovereign decision-making, has enclaves denied to the Lebanese army and state, and has a paramilitary force that fights in the wars of neighboring states, and is at least if not more powerful than the Lebanese army. How can Aoun state that he wants to shield Lebanon from neighboring wars when he allows an unlawful militia to exist in parallel with the army for the specific purpose of waging warfare, not only against Israel but also again other countries and states in the region (Syria, Bahrain, Iraq, Yemen...).

Aoun's bigger problem is deeper and more cancerous than the surrounding wars: It is the interior war, the war that Hezbollah wages every day against the Lebanese state. It is Hezbollah's war against the Lebanese state not by force of weapons, but by force of undermining every fiber of the State, every institution and administration. It is Hezbollah's war of creating a parallel extra-legal universe alongside lawful institutions, a universe of corruption that cannot be reached by the Lebanese judiciary, of smuggling of goods (that do not contribute to the revenues of the State) and weapons (for all kinds of terrorist organizations, some pro- and some anti-Hezbollah), of an economy that falls outside the regulation of the State, of a culture of death and weapons in the hands of the citizens, of brazenly and ostentatiously mocking State institutions such as the police, internal security, the security of the airport, etc.

Aoun is either lying, or he is very naive, just as Hariri was. Aoun lies when he says that Hezbollah's fight in the south is to liberate still occupied land. Hezbollah's war in the south has many many times been declared as a war against Israel to liberate Palestine from the Lebanese south. It is an eternal war, so long as Israel exists. Aoun cannot rebuild Lebanon under these conditions, and he has the gall to say these things to Arab countries that have negotiated peace terms with Israel and exchange ambassadors with it. Why can't Lebanon too - just as Egypt and Jordan have done - negotiate peace with Israel and settle border issues without the need for any occupation, any resistance and any Hezbollah pile of garbage that has undermined Lebanon for 40 years and will continue to undermine it as long as President Aoun continues to play the puppet for Iran.

Former Lebanese Army Commander and current Lebanese President, Michel Aoun, on a state visit to Egypt, accused yesterday in an interview with an Egyptian media channel his own "Lebanese Army as incapable, and therefore it needs to be complemented by [the Iranian militia] Hezbollah" to liberate the southern town of Shebaa Farms from a dubious Israeli occupation.

Please read the interview Michel Aoun made to MTV (see the Featured Post to the left entitled "Aoun between 2002 and 2016: A Sellout Master", which I wrote before Aoun became President), and see how Aoun's posture has completely turned around.

For Aoun to continue to play the puppet for Hezbollah by adopting all of Hezbollah's lies as his own, after he spent much of two decades attacking Hezbollah, is truly unbelievable. Even as President of this sorry country, Aoun prefers to laud Hezbollah and demoralize his own army by telling the rank and file of the Lebanese Army that they are incapable.

One wonders what argument is Aoun going to make to the Saudis so they resume their $3 billion donation to the Lebanese Army? If his army is incapable, then why increase its military readiness?

If the Lebanese Army is incapable of liberating the south, I don;t see that Hezbollah has managed to do that either.

Everyone agrees that the Lebanese army is no match to Israel's military superiority, but so are the Syrian army, the Egyptian army and the Jordanian army and every inept Arab army around. In fact, each of these armies is by far more capable than the Lebanese Army. Yet none of these countries is in a state of war with Israel, and none of these countries have a Hezbollah equivalent sitting on God knows how many useless missiles pointed at Israel, without ever liberating the Shebaa Farms.

Michel Aoun knows all of this, and he clearly says so in his 2002 interview with MTV (see the Featured Post to the left entitled "Aoun between 2002 and 2016: A  Sellout Master"). But in 2006 he made an allaince with Hezbollah, and changed his entire posture on his country's predicament under the Syrian, and today the Iranian, occupation.

It is generally believed that Aoun, as he was growing old, was manipulated by Gibran Bassil, his son-in-law who have never won an election yet has been constantly made government minister by Aoun himself, into changing his entire political program. From an anti-Syrian, anti-Iranian, anti-Hezbollah, neutral on Israel, etc... to a pro-Syrian, pro-Iranian, pro-Hezbollah, anti-Israel etc. The objective of Bassil was for Aoun to make headway on the Lebanese political stage, and so to ally himself with the devil if need be, to achieve that goal. And in fact, the goal has by and large been achieved. Aoun, Bassil, and the enlarged Aoun clan of sons-in-law, nephews, and what have you, now control the Lebanese presidency. They have arrived! And now it's payback time. Aoun surfed his way on the Hezbollah platform for close to 10 years now, managed to paralyze the institutions with Hezbollah's help, until such time as he forced himself into the presideny. He still owes Hezbollah a great deal, and he continues to violate his own principles in defense of Hezbollah.

The consequences of the President attacking and morally degrading his own army as an incapable fighting force is going to give fodder for Americans and Saudis and others to stop their military assistance to the Lebanese Army. The latter is in fact caught between outsiders and insiders. The outsiders will NEVER arm the Lebanese Army enough to defeat Hezbollah, let alone Israel, so they throw crumbs to the Lebanese Army so long as the latter supposedly fights ISIL and other Sunni terrorist. The Americans give Israelis hundreds of the most advanced fighter jets, but gave Lebanon last fall a Cessna. Yes, a Cessna, the type of toy planes used to teach beginners how to fly. The insiders, like Aoun, have no faith in the Lebanese Army and justify every other unlawful foreign-affiliated militia to remain operational against every fiber of sovereignty.

Lebanon's fundamental problem has not changed in 50 years. It is forced by the regional players of Saudi Arabia and other Sunni hubs, as well as Iran and its satellites, to be the only war front with ISrael.  Meanwhile, they all have peace treaties (Egypt and Jordan) and ceasefires (Syria) with Israel, while Lebanon is prohibited from negotiating - like they did - with Israel to settle border issues. No, Lebanon, the smallest and weakest of Arab countries is the only one fighting for the liberation of fucking Palestine.

And Aoun who knows all this, prefers to sell his principles to become President. But Mr. Aoun, you have arrived. You are the President. Can't you afford to be "strong" and call a spade a spade, and stop cavorting to Iran and its proxy militia? Can't you afford to praise your army and not demoralize it because you fell you have to pay Hezbollah for services rendered?

I suggest you fire Bassil and his entourage of arrivists and return to your roots. Principles. Not the political bazaar of a few seats in Parliament for your family and cronies. You are old, but you have time. History will not forgive you for what you are doing.

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