Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Thursday, February 16, 2017

Donald was Dumb and Bibi was Beaming

As I watched yesterday's joint press conference by Donlad Dumb and Benyamin Netanyahu in Washington, I drew the following observations and conslusions:

1- Donald Dumb was dumb as usual. Back-patting, grade 3 level vocabulary, and giving thumbs up. Ending his answers to reporters with "OK? That's my answer. Thank you." as if he was in a classroom and strenuously trying not pee in his pants and answer correctly. Filling his empty sentences and ideas with effuse and soapy praise.

2- Donald Dumb has obviously made promises to Netanyahu, but those will be implemented at later dates. In other words, on the embassy move to Jerusalem, settlements, etc..Donald Dumb, whose effuse love for Netanyahu was on full display, is learning restraint. How so? Instead of blurting any asinine impulse that comes to his vacuous brain, he now is separating what he talks in private with what he says to the public. He paid lip service to the embassy move and settlements, winking at Netanhayu, as if the two buddies had made a secret agreement that will not be divulged right now.

3- Item No. 2 above is all the more evident from Netanyahu's face, who couldn't withhold his glee at having most likely gotten everything he wanted from Trump, on settlements, embassy move, one- vs two-state solution, etc. I can imagine Netanyahu saying to himself, "I can't believe my luck. This idiot was elected to the president of the country whose balls my lobby in DC holds in a tight grip. And now, he'll do everything I want him to do."

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