Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Thursday, February 2, 2017

Donald Trump Doctrine: White Race Supremacy

He has recruited white supremacist racists as his team in the White House

There is not one visible Hispanic, African, Asian, or any other of the constituents of American society on his team. There are cryptic or invisible ones, camouflaged under a lighter skin and their married names, like Nikki Haley.

His rapprochement with Vladimir Putin, at any cost to say the least, is a reflection of the right-wing thinking in Europe, namely that Russians are white and Christian, and therefore "our own kind", and we should ally ourselves with them to fight the lesser races,  be they brown, Semitic, Black, Muslim or otherwise.


Denying entry to the US of refugees is not a security, ethical or legal judgment in Donald Dumb's mind, or the mind of his racist followers. It is quintessentially an attempt at protecting the presumptive whiteness of America. White supremacists are the heirs of the first European Protestant settlers, primarily of English stock. They dismiss the fact that America was inhabited by tens of millions of indigenous native Americans whom they summarily killed, dislodged and herded into reservations.

There is a historical pecking order that established itself with the successive waves of immigration into the US. First the white English Protestants arrived, displaced the French, the Dutch and the Spanish who had preceded them, and asserted their dominion. In addition to the African slaves whom they kidnapped and shipped to work on their plantations, they began bringing in, or allowing in, Irish Catholics (and some Protestants) whom they despised, occupied and persecuted back in Ireland, and continued to persecute and discriminate right here in America. Then the Germans and the Scandinavians arrived who were Protestant for the most part and white. Now, because of language and cultural differences, the English founding stock of white America continued to look condescendingly and act in discriminatory ways towards them. As these waves of immigration continued and those non-English immigrants assimilated, they themselves became in the higher rungs of the pecking order because they anglicized their names, began speaking English, owning slaves, etc.

Asians, Chinese for the most part, were allowed in because they provided much needed cheap labor. Yet, they were not allowed to integrate. They were herded into "Chinatowns" in all big cities, they never owned land or were never allowed to farm and establish settlements on their own like the Europeans did.

The next waves of immigration - now in the late 1880s, early 1900s - were from Southern Europe (Greece, Italy, the Balkans, etc.), Russia and Eastern Europe, the Middle East (then under Turkish Ottoman occupation, and therefore the first Muslims...), and elsewhere. At this point began the ever-widening chasm with the heretofore "visibly" acceptable white immigrants. I keep putting the word "visible" in quotation marks because stupid racists base their distinction and superior identities on the superficial criterion of how much melanin the human being has in his skin cells. As the skin gets darker, one does not notice a difference and the difference is "invisible", but at some point the difference becomes "visible". In Canada today, another residue of snotty England, the retarded dominant whites classify their immigrant populations into "visible" and "invisible" immigrants, just as the stupid American administration continues to ask their citizens to define their race every time they have to fill a fucking form, supposedly for statistical purposes and to prevent discrimination, ignoring the fact that every single American is a bastard of half a dozen nationalities and/or races. Those Americans who want to give themselves a standing in their bastard society will claim either an ancestor who was on the Mayflower or native American blood in their veins. This obsession with race, based strictly on skin color, and despite that modern genetics has informed us that skin color is one of a million of criteria that distinguish one human from another, is nothing but the residue of white supremacist ignorant Englishmen who came to rule north America. And Donald Dumb is the exemplar of all of that.

His racial background, his racial attributes, his name, his religion, his way of thinking, and everything about this man is the personification of white English Protestant racism from the 16th century. This has endured because - as the elections have proved - of cultural isolation. Most of this English and pseudo-English (Irish, German, Scandinavian, Russian... i.e. white) America is hidden in Middle America, in the hinterland, in the backwoods of Appalachia and in the boonies of the Plains and the Rockies, in perfect harmony with their counterparts in English Canada, in the Canadian Rockies, in Manitoba, Alberta, Saskatchewan etc. These people have had very little contact with the rest of world, though this began to change about 50 years ago with the advent of technology and the involvement of America in World War II. I have heard many American students on US campuses tell me that they had never seen a black person before they left their hometown, or that they had never seen the ocean. They had never ever seen a hill or a mountain in the flat lands of the Central plains; I heard one student from Nebraska with whom I roomed in upstate New York confide to his parents over the telephone that "it is pretty hilly around here". These are the people who voted for Donald Dumb.

Since immigration to the Americas in the grand scheme of history is a recent phenomenon, most Americans are either themselves immigrants, or their parents or their grandparents were immigrants. But these are the people who descend from the immigrants of 100 years ago, and they tend to remain in the large urban centers on the East and West Coasts that make up civilized America because these are the people who witness, interact, mingle and marry with the continuous influx of immigrants, resulting in the great brewing and  hybridization of races. As such, they are more educated, more tolerant, more enlightened. These are the people who did not vote for Donald Dumb.

Given this background, it is not surprising that Donald Dumb's policies should all be seen in light of this imprint inside his fossilized brain from the 16th century. He really sees the world as "us" (white English Protestants, and now any other white Christian denomination ally) versus "them" (Blacks, browns, Asians, Muslims, Hindus, Buddhists, Hispanics.....).

The "plan", as it were, appears to be to create a political entity consisting of a geographically contiguous association of territories and nations and countries - all White and Christian - running across the northern hemisphere of the planet from Canada and the US, through Alaska, across the Bearing Straits into Eastern Russia and Siberia,  into Eastern, then Western Europe, ending in the UK and Iceland and Greenland, with the three central linchpins of the US, the UK, and Russia, all of them nuclear. There are, of course, allied outposts of this construct in places like France, Poland, South Africa, Israel, Australia and other cesspools of "civilization" where white racism and supremacist ideals thrive... Some of these satellites are located in enemy geographies, which makes them useful in times of war. One obvious and immediate outcome of this Trump Doctrine is that China will from now on be "the enemy", especially given with China's economic and military ascendance.

I hate conspiracy theories because they are often propagated to deflect people's attention from real issues. But the north/west seems to be rallying its troops, as the gains it pilfered from the south/east in hundreds of years of occupation and colonial theft are dwindling (a process that begun post World War II), and as the south/east is ascending in emancipating itself from dictatorships in mercenary collusion with the north/west, in education, in technology, in less dependency on former colonial rulers, in careful exploitation of natural resources, etc. In other words, Donald Dumb's doctrine is a counteraction, a backlash by former colonialists at the deleterious outcomes that the end of colonialism in the previous century is causing to their wealth, much of which was pilfered from the south and the east over centuries.

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