Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, February 17, 2017


Most commentators on Donald Dumb's joint press conference with Bibi Netanyahu claim to not know the precise details of what a rejection of the two-state solution looks like. They mostly attribute it to Donald Dumb's idiocy, naivete, rookiness, lack of experience, recklessness, etc. What they fail to put together is the fact that Netanyahu is not dumb, and when you pair a dumb American President with a cunning Israeli Prime Minister, guess whose policies and ideas are going to prevail?

Here is my version of what a one-state solution will look like, given the contradictions that are built-in in the concept. Remember that Netanyahu has clearly articulated his two essential conditions:

1- The security of the territory comprising the West Bank today will have to stay in Israeli hands.

2- Israel, regardless of what its future territory might end up being, is a Jewish state.

So, even if left unsaid at the press conference, the intended meaning of the double-speak at the press conference is basically, sooner or later, Israel intends to remain overwhelmingly Jewish AND to absorb territory whose population is larger than the Jewish people of Israel. This is an inherent contradiction, whose solution lies in one of the scenarios imagined below, because if you were to maintain the two conditions spelled out by Netanyahu, you're gonna have to do something with the Palestinians living today in the West Bank and Gaza:

Scenario 1: Secular democratic one-state
Israel simply annexes the West Bank and Gaza. The Palestinians living there today will become full-fledged Israeli citizens. This state will be minority Jewish Israeli, majority Muslim Palestinian. Hence, a state that is not Jewish, built on the Lebanese model of power-sharing, with all the dysfunctionality and episodes of civil wars and instability....
Conclusion: Unacceptable to Israelis.

Scenario 2: Essentially Jewish one-state
Israel annexes the West Bank and Gaza. Gives local autonomy to enclaves of Palestinians, but maintains full control, political, administrative and military, over the entire territory of historic Palestine. The Palestinians will be granted second-class citizenship (special passports, special car plates, special IDs, restrictions on movement, on building and expanding Palestinian towns, villages and cities; Jewish settlements will be completely unrestricted and expand ad libitum etc...). In other words, formalize the status quo existing today, such that Israel will no longer be formally an occupying power, but will instead become the legal sovereign ruler. Palestinians might resist, or continue to resist, but Israel will become less bound by international legal obligations. Over time, the Palestinians will continue to dwindle as they emigrate, lose land, etc.
Conclusion: Unacceptable to Palestinians. Too long for Zionists to wait until they compeletly de-Palestinize the territory. Untenable on the long run. Constant repression and violence.

Scenario 3: Completely and uniquely Jewish one-state
This would be entail taking scenario 2 to its Zionist end-game: Catastrophic expulsion of the Palestinians from the West Bank and Gaza by fomenting a war that triggers sufficient violence to provide a pretext for Israel to invade, annex, expel and formally Judaize the entire land of Palestine. Massive population transfers, such as happened in India and Pakistan, whereby the Gaza Palestinians will end up in Egypt, and West Bank Palestinians end up in Jordan. Since Jordan is already half Palestinian, from the expulsions of 1947 and 1967, the country will most certainly become the substitute for Palestine. There is in fact no reason why Israel might not expel the Palestinians of the Galilee into Lebanon and Syria, even if those Palestinians have been Israeli citizens since 1947. Once a terminal solution is adopted, Zionists will not refrain from removing all the band aid in one sweep to bring an end to any half-ass solution and bring about the full Jewishness of the entire land of Palestine.

What was left unsaid at the joint press conference between Dumb and Netanyahu is that they have agreed on scenario 3, except that its implementation will not happen immediately. However, since Donald Dumb and his cadre of pro-Zionist advisers like John Bolton, his newly appointed ambassador to Israel David Friedman, Walid Phares, and others might not retain the White House in 4 years time, the time of action is within the next couple of years.

Couple this with the increasing vitriol by the Trump administration vis-a-vis Iran and its Lebanese appendage Hezbollah, and you certainly have a perfect storm brewing. In other words, if the Zionists and the new administration in Washington really want to act on their plan, they would have to trigger a war with Iran, direct or by proxy, within the next 2 years. The most ideal location for this confrontation is not Yemen or Bahrain, but most likely Syria and Lebanon, for the simple reason that the bulk, if not all, the hostility against Iran will amount to nothing is it does not translate into implementing scenario 3 above, and the only geographically amenable implementation will have to be along the borders of present day Israel. Three birds with one stone: US can defeat Iran without attacking it directly. Israel can realize its full dream of Zionist Israel. The world will be rid of the Palestinian problem.

The Final Solution of Zionism to the Palestinian Problem

 Another substantial element contributing to the perfect storm is that the guilt over the holocaust and the corollary antisemitic argument that have given Israel all the space it needed within the Western sphere to get to this point since 1947 have evaporated. Today, public opinion in the West has seen a tectonic shift in sympathy for Israel. The Palestinian liberation and resistance movements seem angelic compared to what ISIS and Al-Qaeda have done, and so sympathy for Palestine is rising and sympathy for Zionist Israel is eroding. The Zionists must act fast before that window finally closes.

One pretext for a war between Lebanon and Israel is imminent: Only last week, Lebanon's Hezbollah government has approved plans to begin extracting oil and gas offshore of the Lebanese coast. Israel has already begun its own work in the area. The problem is that Israel and Lebanon are in disagreement over the boundaries of the EEZ (exclusive Economic Zone) they share (see and an area of 850 square kilometers is in dispute. The US failed to get the two parties to agree on a division of the exploitable area. The recent Lebanese government's decrees authorizing the start of the exploitation focus on five fields, three of which fall in, or overlap with the, disputed zone. In other words, the Lebanese Hezbollah government and the Israeli Zionist government are now in a confrontational posture over what could amount to trillions of dollars of revenues. It is easy to see that the tiniest flash or attack or provocation can, and will, lead to an all-out war that could start in Lebanon, expand to Syria, and in turn to Palestine, thus serving as the basis for the fulfillment of the plan described in scenario 3 above.

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