Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Sunday, January 8, 2017

Yahweh Watches as Palestinian Truck Kills His Chosen People Soldiers

A Palestinian truck today rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers who illegally occupy East Jerusalem. As soldiers occupying Palestinian land, they are fair targets, so this is an act of resistance, not terrorism. Soldiers are trained to sustain violence; it's their job. And fighting foreign occupation of one's land is an innate right of human beings.

On the other hand, when Israeli soldiers bring bulldozers and tanks, evict an unarmed Palestinian family from their home before demolishing it, that is clearly an act of an occupying State-sponsored terrorism, aimed at the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population in order to steal Palestinian land.

I think neither a one-state solution, nor caveman John Bolton's 3-state solution, will end this tit for tat between Palestinians and Jews. Total separation is the answer, and the return of all stolen land to the Palestinians. John Kerry was right. One-state might work, but all these faithful believers in monotheistic cults will have to diminish their fervor on behalf of the Almighty Zombie in the Sky.

I applaud the Palestinians for their continued resistance against the racist Fascist apartheid state of Israel. And I am not Muslim, and I am not a radical fanatic by any means. I am not even Christian or Buddhist or Brahmin or any of the religious clubs today extant among human populations. The Zionists' canard of equating Palestinian national resistance to Islamic resistance has failed. You don’t need to be a fanatic to want to bring an end to the foreign occupation of your country and the daily torment of your children by foreign European and American fanatics.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, a member of Yahweh's Chosen People club, called on residents to be wary but carry on with their everyday life. "Unfortunately, there is no limit to the cruelty of terrorists who spare no means in killing Jews and disrupting their way of life," he said, oblivious to the ultimate cruelty that the occupation by the Chosen People's government of Palestinian land, house demolitions, killing on sight, evictions, denial of work permits, denial of return of Palestinians who travel outside, etc. constitute against an unarmed oppressed people, leaving the Palestinians only knives and trucks and meat cleavers with which to fight the occupation.

I wonder why Yahweh did not intercede in His ultimate power to prevent the death of his Chosen People's Army soldiers. He could have opened a huge sinkhole under that truck, just as he opened the Red Sea to them as they fled Egypt some 4,000 years ago. He could have pulverized that truck in a flash second, just as He brought down the walls of Jericho and allowed Joshua to murder and genocide the Canaanites and steal their land, again some 4,000 years ago. In his All-Knowing wisdom, He knew that the assailant was a Muslim soldier of Allah and a Palestinian terrorist, and he could have suddenly blinded him so as not to kill Yahweh's own soldiers. I don’t understand: Reading the filthy Torah and the disgusting Talmud, you'd think that Yahweh would intercede on notice, at any time, for any reason, right or wrong, and rescue His Chosen People from harm's way. I am beginning to doubt the veracity of all these accounts that religious texts relate to us. I mean, even Jesus, who is a native Jewish son of Palestine, a member of the Chosen People's club himself, and a terrorist-labeled resistor against the Roman occupation some 2,000 years ago, could have performed a quicky miracle on behalf of his Jewish brethren. Or maybe He is confused by the people’s old name of Hebrews and their name today as Jews. I wish I could go to that Wailing-Nagging Wall and implore Yahweh, God, El, Allah, Dieu, Gott, Dios, or whatever name He wants to be called, and do something about all the mayhem, genocide, killing and torment that his ambiguous prophesies and prophets have caused humanity for such a long time.

Maybe the Pope can do something: Talk to God since he is His Vicar on earth. It's easy these days. We don’t need more revelations. Whatsapp will do. Get all the bearded numskulls with strange hats together in a conclave at the sumptuous gold-laced Vatican, all paid by the Bank of the Vatican with all its smart schemes of making money out of nothing, and talk off the ears of the Big Zombie in the Sky to get all his prophets, saints, messiahs, mahdis, and such persons to do something. They are not suffering. We are. We, the ordinary people. We have believed, on pure faith, suspending our reason for them, and lapped up their stuff for millennia, can't they just give us a wink in return? Ok, a miracle here and there is fine for the tourists and for making money. But we need serious “Change and Reform”. Why have celestial interventions stopped after Mohammed. Ok, The Messenger, PBUH, said he will be the last. So maybe he is right. But that does not mean that they should all lay back and let the mayhem and plunder continue. Please no more revelations. No more prophecies. Just some common sense tangible hands-on leveraging of the faith that billions of cerebral cortex-challenged Homo sapiens placed in them, and bring us all peace and tranquility. 

In the meantime, Netanyahu needs to close the corruption charges against him, clean up the mess of his diplomats in London, clean up the mess that UNSC resolution 2334 did to his Chosen Behind, and somehow bring down the Messiah, the real one this time, to Yahweh’s – and 100 years ago, to Lord Balfour’s – Promised Land.

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