Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama: Dumb America Undeserving of You

I just finished reading "Obama's Anger Management Problem" by Michael Grunwald on Politico Magazine (, in which Obama is chided for having been a gentleman president with many policy successes but several political failures.

And, according to Grunwald, Obama's political failures can all be summed up in his coolheadedness and his never crossing the line of calling his worst enemies bad names, just like the Russian-elect new US President Donald Dumb who hurled insult after insult at every single opponent or critic.

Grunwald then declares that the "Change" promised by polite mild-mannered Obama, who otherwise delivered great successes to the American people, was rejected by the American people who opted for a different type of "Change" President, namely the filthy disgusting crude churlish Donald Dumb who is vocabulary-challenged and can barely put three English words in a correct sentence. ( I just read a tweet from the twit Donald in which he uses the word "verified" instead of "vilified" in reference to the "great movement" he inspired during his campaign).

If Americans as a group indeed, as I suspect they do, prefer braggart cowboy gun-toting illiterate filthy-mouthed idiots like Donald Dumb to smart, educated, rational gentlemen like Obama, then the legacy of President Obama is one for the future when America becomes a civilization. For now, the American people remain the progeny of disgusting ignorant peasants from the boonies of Europe - y'all seen them on the boats disembarking at Ellis Island to be checked for lice by the US Customs Gestapo. And family traditions and ideas do subsist as they are transmitted through generations. Despite the veneer and appearances of civilization, Americans deep down are by and large ignorant numskulls who have been, and continue to be, brainwashed by a government disguised as giant corporations into submitting to the idea that enslavement to the system is a patriotic duty, and that they should live like cattle to be milked and slaughtered in exchange for crumbs and for a higher purpose called the "American Dream".

President Obama's many successes were all, no exception, achieved despite a deliberate policy by his white racist detractors in the US Congress - those coming out of the woodwork today - to not cooperate with him on anything, because they did not want the history books one day to say that the first African-American President of the United Scams of America was a successful president. Why? Because his success would have undermined, perhaps forever, the racist stupid ideology they grew up with, and would have in fact fundamentally changed the country from a bastion of antiquated backward conservatism into a modern civilization. Even as his legacy is staring them in the face, they are still lashing out at him with lies that only equally racist whites from backward inbred middle America would love to believe, notwithstanding the facts.

President Obama is much much better than middle average America, and America remains undeserving of him. Obama was one chance America had to mark a point in its history when it could have been, even if briefly, a civilization, because as has often been said about the country it is the only empire in history to have gone from barbarism straight to decadence without ever going through a civilization.

And now Donald Dumb, the spoiled racist cowboy brat from New York, will make sure that America remains a bastion of decadent barbarism.

Thank you, President Obama. 

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