Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lebanon's Endemic Corruption increases in 2016

According to Transparency International's 2016 report:

Lebanon got more corrupt in 2016, compared to 2015

In the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index report of Transparency International, Lebanon's corruption rank was 123 out of 176 countries. The higher the rank, the most corrupt the nation is. 

For 2016, Lebanon's corruption rank rose to 136.  

On a percentile scale, this means that out of 100 countries, 77 countries are less corrupt that Lebanon, while 23 countries are more corrupt.

If this was an exam at one of the many educational institutions this country brags about, Lebanon fails real bad. It is not even moderately corrupt. It is very corrupt.

What are the religious sects to which our kids are forcibly assigned to at birth teaching them?

In other words, things got worse during 2016.

So expats, investors, visitors, and citizens of Lebanon, brace yourselves for the many insults to your pocket, dignity and sense of citizenship that Lebanon's establishment hurls at you. This establishment includes government officials and state administrations, political parties, business entities that are for the most part in collusion with the political bosses, and not to be forgotten, the religious institutions that back this status quo as they stand behind the sectarian structure of the country and provide cover for the sectarian politicians and their business partners.

President Aoun: You are the outsider and everyone around you has been at this corruption orgy for decades. The test is therefore yours. If this ranking goes down during 2017, people will thank you. But if Lebanon's corruption ranking continues to rise during 2017, people will conclude that you are as corrupt as the rest of them.

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