Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Tuesday, January 3, 2017

GOP priorities: Ed Sleaze Meese, Donald Dumb and Un-Ethics

I once had a business 101 course teacher in Boston who, after going through all the business sub-disciplines like marketing, accounting, business law, management, etc., got to the final (it is always an appendix anyway for business creeps) chapter on business ethics and solemnly declared: "I have no ethics, so I cannot teach it". That is how he concluded the course.

During the Reagan administration, I loved the rhyming of Ed Meese's last name with the word "sleaze". And in this chapter, Ed Meese was replete with bigoted GOP sleaze, living up to his rhyming last name, and boy could he do sleaze. No wonder that after being a critic of Donald Dumb, he is now on the Dumb-American-in-Chief's transition team.

And so, before they try to live up to their promise of "draining the swamp", the GOP Neanderthals should first learn some English, because many of us immigrants to these United Scams of America know English better than the asshole Repugnican backwoods inbred moonshine one-tooth God-fearing imbeciles that make up the Repugnican Party.

Imagine: After a tough campaign in which they hurled all their sexist and racist filth at Clinton and Obama, the House Repugnicans' first order of business, which apparently only annoyed the verbally-challenged tweeting Dumb-in-Chief Donald, was to kill the only independent body that investigates ethics violations by members of Congress. In other words, they want to liberate sleaze by deregulating it so they can engage wholeheartedly in pork and
unethical backroom deals , without scrutiny by anyone breathing down their necks. And that, my friends, is the headline of the Donald Dumb presidency: By law and order, he meant eliminate law and deal with order a la NRA. Donald Dumb's assertions during the campaign that he will impose law and order may have to do with his ignorance of English (just like George W Bush). Maybe "Law and order" as he understands it is to liberate the thuggish and fascist police from the inconvenience of upholding the law and protecting people's rights by deregulating watchdog agencies, then enforce order under NRA mandates: shoot first then ask questions; our deregulation of laws will protect you from burdensome accountability and all that hampers your freewheeling tendencies to kill anyone who is not white, Anglo-Saxon, and protestant.

In a closed-door - repeat: CLOSE-DOOR- meeting Monday night, House Repugnicans voted to all but destroy an independent ethics group that investigates them for wrongdoing. Rep. Bob Goodlatte, a Repugnican from Virginia, offered the amendment to gut the Office of Congressional Ethics. That is what they meant by draining the swamp: Drain the swamps of Congress from the rule of law.  Goodlatte’s amendment includes: changing the name of the group from Office of Congressional Ethics to Office of Congressional Complaint Review; strip it of its independence; block it from investigating any wrongdoing that occurred prior to 2011; forbid it from releasing its findings to the public; and prevent it from alerting law enforcement to criminal activity. Do you see a trend here? The southern vintage, black-lynching, cigar-smoking "old boy" network is back.
Now, t0 be fair, Donald Dumb yesterday criticized the “timing”, but not the substance, of the ethics vote. His top adviser and former campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, said Repugnicans had a “mandate” to gut the ethics office. Dumb himself did refer to the Office of Congressional Ethics as an “unfair” group, whatever that means. The verbally challenged idiot - Homo stultis - President-elect does not have enough vocabulary to elaborate beyond the 140-character long grunts that he is capable of. But to him, his team, and the Repugnican Neanderthal posse behind them, ethics in government is just not a priority. He said that House members should not be focusing on silly stuff like ethics right now, but should instead focus on other legislative priorities.

On Twitter, the vocabulary-challenged  Donald Dumb said "With all that Congress has to work on, do they really have to make the weakening of the Independent Ethics Watchdog, as unfair as it may be, their number one act and priority? Focus on tax reform, healthcare and so many other things of far greater importance! 
— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 3, 2017
"Far greater than ethics"? Weren't the angry white men and women of middle America who elected this idiot angry because of the unethical business as usual? Does middle America see where this is headed? Will they soon, again, feel betrayed, abandoned, disappointed....? Just like the fag Tory Brits who now are back-pedaling on their Brexit vote, whose impulse was fired from their primitive brains, the same places that trigger the peristalsis of their morning bowel movements, without any input from their very thin cerebral cortices.
The top ethics lawyers under Presidents George W. Bush and Barack Obama - notice the bipartisanship - said in a joint statement that Congress was “setting itself up to be dogged by scandals and ethics issues for years” and was returning the House to “dark days.” That is, back to Richard Nixon and Watergate, back to Ronald Reagan and the Contra-Iran affair, and of course to Ed Meese's sleaze bucket... Suddenly, George W. Bush is looking like a saint, Neanderthal from Texas and all, but a saint nonetheless.

The herd of Repugnicans appear to be running around like headless chickens, not knowing whether to cheer or jeer at the vote. Goodlatte claimed that the changes “strengthens the mission” of the ethics watchdog group while protecting the “due process” rights of House members and staffers. Former Speaker John Boehner was a supporter of the Office of Congressional Ethics, but current Speaker Paul Ryan, Repugnican from Wisconsin, just followed his modus operandi: initially keep silent, wait to see the direction the wind is blowing, then follow the prevailing winds regardless of principles. Ryan issued a statement defending the changes. I wonder, now (the day after) that the idiots who voted for the amendment have changed their minds under pressure from Donald Dumb, what will Ryan do? Ryan is very flexible. Throughout the campaign, he couldn't make up his mind whether to kiss Donald Dumb in the ass or kiss him goodbye.

So, the "draining the swamp" slogan appears to mean in the Repugnican jargon to drain American government from the little dignity and honesty that President Obama brought to it. And the carnivorous predators of the GOP are back to pouncing on the American people, taking them for fools, filling their own pockets with lobbyist dollars by selling the American people to the highest bidding corporate scammer, and dragging the country down to its 2007 level, i.e. beneath the pavement, straight into the septic tank from which Obama lifted it despite all the obstacles that the racist Repugnicans put in his way. They never accepted that an African-American President can be in the White House and be a lot better than all them white racist assholes who still romanticize 19th century racism, separation, apartheid and such other evangelical God-fearing practices.

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