Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Dumb's Lebanese Ideological Shills Adore his Ignorance

We read much in the Lebanese media about how great Donald Dumb will be for Lebanon. We hear that he has Lebanon on his list of priorities, though no one can explain - much as the dumb president himself - what exactly any of the superlative artificially positive diarrhea that keeps oozing out of his mouth means. I guess they teach the absurdly positive thinking crap in US Business schools.

His destitute vocabulary, his abbreviated vocal grunts, and his intellectually undemanding tweets have a very limited range. And this intellectual incapacity of the man - compared to the articulate Obama who spoke in perfect sophisticated English - seems to be an attraction to ignorant middle America and equally ignorant brainwashed Lebanese whose horizons are limited by the sectarian religious concentration camps in which they spend their lives.

Donald Dumb's vocabulary, as categorized by the media, consists of superlatives (when positive) and their antonyms (when negative). Here is a sample, often assembled in phrases (not quite sentences technically) that are grunted when the narcissistic megalomaniac sociopath twit speaks or tweets, as his entire universe can be described in terms of:

Amazing, Great, Fantastic, Tremendous, Huge, Crooked, Nasty (mostly in reference to Hillary Clinton), Disaster, Failure, Garbage, Hoax, the Greatest job-creating president that God ever created, Rigged, Liar, Corrupt, Fake, "Unpresidented" (misspelled "unprecedented), "Verified" (misspelled "vilified"), Killers and Rapists (Mexicans), Great and Beautiful Wall (he says he'll build on the border), and Zero (for any other negative). Donald Dumb is not genetically encoded for nuances of thought, and so he is not linguistically nuanced either. His thinking and vocabulary have been placed at a 5th or 6th grade (10-11 years old) child.

And then the disgusting sexist braggart idiocies he utters. For example, speaking of his daughter Ivanka in 2006 (on the tv show The View): "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, I'd date her". Or in 2003 on Howard Stern "She's a voluptuous piece of ass". Donald Dumb of course "can grab women by the pussy" because he is a celebrity. 

Just spend a few minutes reading any of Yahoo's commentaries left by the American public in reply to newspieces and articles, and you'll see the level of ignorance and the hacking and distortion of the English language by "Middle Americans", Donald Dumb's voters and defenders. People who have not lived in the US for some time have no idea how abject is the ignorance of the American people. Remember Gary Johnson? He is from the same right wing cesspool of American republicanism that is steeped in ignorance, and this ruffian idiot too ran for president. Gary Johnson's high moment in his making American stupid again campaign was when he was asked what he thought of the situation in Aleppo (where Russia, Syria, Turkey, ISIS, and the US, among many other countries, are involved in what could become World War III). His answer, "Aleppo? What is that?" The idiot had NO IDEA. Donald Dumb is from the same neanderthal republican womb that keeps producing these semi-human half-witted orcs of American politics.

The same Lebanese Americans who kissed ass to George W Bush and got nothing in exchange except more backstabbing and wheeling-dealing with their enemies, ready to sell their local shoeshine boys (mostly Lebanese Christians who have a profoundly conservative tunnel vision of politics, religion, and mountain barbarism, and who succumb to the political crumbs thrown at them by "Christian" leaders around the world like Donald Dumb and Marine Le Pen) to the highest Muslim and Islamic bidder or dictator. Lebanon has been torn asunder by the American Republican juggernaut since 1970 when Republican Secretary of State and Criminal Henry Kissinger handed Lebanon to Syria in exchange for Syria's dictator Assad giving a break to Israel, which the Assad regime has done for almost 50 year now. Or when Bush Senior and his poodle James Baker sold Lebanon again to Baathist Syria in exchange for the Syrian Arab dictator Assad siding with the Americans against the other Baathist dictator, Saddam Hussein. And who paid, and continues to pay, the price for the Nixon-Kissinger, Reagan-Haig-Shultz, HW Bush-Baker, W Bush-Rice tandems and their cavorting to Saudi Arabia and Iran and Syria....since the early 1970s? Lebanon's Christians, of course. Yet, whenever a republican backstabber raises his ugly head, Lebanon's Christians start licking his boot, kissing his ass, and drooling over how this new hero is going to help them defeat their fellow Lebanese Muslims. They are blind to the fact that these American right-wingers DO in fact help Israeli Zionists against Palestinian Muslims, but they only use and betray Lebanese Maronites against Lebanese Muslims, every time.

These are people like Walid Phares, Walid Maalouf, and others who, in their abject ignorance of history and their blind adherence to stiff right-wing sectarian dogmas, do not see that Donald Dumb will not only continue this record of anti-Lebanon policy by Republican administrations, but he will make it worse for Lebanon and the Lebanese Christians in particular. These Lebanese American apologists for Donald Dumb are in it mostly for personal ambition, jumping on the Dumb bandwagon and dreaming of some appointment which will be cryptic on the US scene, but which they will milk, magnify and exploit ad libitum on the local Lebanese scene. And so, they parrot all the great things that Donald Dumb says he will do and translate them into the Lebanese scene.

As for Donald Dumb's patriotism, I will just mention the fact that, just like George W Bush did, Trump's rich daddy pulled strings to prevent his son from being drafted to serve in Vietnam. Donald spent much of his eligible years dodging the draft to avoid going to Vietnam and fighting for his country. Not only did he secure "education" deferments from the Vietnam War draft, but when he graduated and could not longer abuse his education status, his father secured continued medical deferments to him after he graduated. How does that play for the patriotic idiots who voted for him, when they themselves or their fathers were killed and maimed by the tens of thousands in Vietnam so that the sons of the rich can continue business as usual and make money while the struggling middle class sent its sons to certain death.

Mark my words. All the hallucinating hyperbola about this idiot becoming President will begin dissipating into major disappointments within a few months. Trade wars. Reprisals. Major deficits. Wars. Attacks against Americans and American businesses everywhere. Unemployment through the roof. You'd have to be an idiot to believe in the simplistic theories of economic isolationism. Bringing jobs back to the US (as Donald Dumb is forcing US companies to do) inevitably destroys whole sectors of other jobs. Yes, some Ford or GM or Toyota workers might get jobs, but other people will start losing jobs and they wouldn't know that it is because of the Ford, GM or Toyota jobs that were "saved". The world has changed into one integrated economic machine. Touch one link in the chain, and you affect other chains elsewhere. But the Middle America that voted for this idiot is still in the 19th century. Nostalgia for the past and fear of a changing world is not the answer. Americans have always hated their intellectual elites, but loved their money elites. Americans equate financial success with smartness and intelligence. They hated the constitutional jurist and intelligent Obama because he was smarter than them and was not rich, and they had an inferiority complex towards him, not to mention his African looks (Middle America is all white). The idiot Donald Dumb is at their level of ignorance, and they love him because he is blond, stupid and rich. Idiots often do not learn from experience. If they have not learned yet from their Nixon, Reagan, Bush failures, they might - just might - finally learn from the catastrophe that is about to descend on Washington DC and the world today.

I will not be watching the inauguration. I just can't have the image burned in my head for years to come.

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