Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Tuesday, January 31, 2017



When you see “Made in America” or 
"Made in the USA" on soft drinks, chips, cereals, etc.:


even if it is packaged or processed in your country under another name under license from American companies

If there ever was a time when American Fascism should be opposed, it is now

The Dumb asshole in the White Outhouse is soon moving his den-of-snakes embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem

Donald Dumb and his Zionist Fascist friends are determined to drive the final nail in the coffin of Palestine

Check the labels on products you want to buy for names of companies that support Donald Dumb's racism, discrimination, support of Zionism, and violations of basic human decency and human rights


Monday, January 30, 2017

Emma Lazarus's Sonnet Revisited for Donald Dumb

Forgive me Emma Lazarus for plagiarizing your sonnet
For when the going gets tough, the tough get going.
Thank you, American protestors, for showing the world
What a truly great people you are.


Not like the brazen heinous jackass,
That cretin Minotaur of the White Outhouse,
With ne'ery a neuron in his numb skull.
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates does stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Refugees, Exiles and Immigrants
Save our sorrowed Native People,
Exiled in their own homeland, all of us
Have made our journeys from lands afar
Past the air-bridged harbor
Across the gate to Liberty City

"Bring forth, ancient lands, your valiant downtrodden,"
She cries with seething anger,
"Give me your tired, your poor, your war refugees,
Your persecuted masses yearning for compassion.
The wretched victims of tyrants and potentates,
Send them, these homeless, war-tost to me,
I will always lift my lamp beside the golden door
And my middle finger at the Great Ignorant Dictator
Squatting in the sad sad White Outhouse.

[The original]:
Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

Saturday, January 28, 2017

Where in the World is Donald Dumb's Brain?

The September 11, 2001 attacks against the US were perpetrated by 19 Muslim visitors: 15 from Saudi Arabia, and the rest were from Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Lebanon.

Yet, neither of Egypt, Lebanon, Emirates, or Saudi Arabia is among the Arab-Muslim countries on whose citizens Donald Dumb has just imposed an "extreme vetting" criterion and a 3-months moratorium on refugees coming from these countries (Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Sudan, Libya, Iran, Somalia).

The idiot should add to his list of banned countries: Lebanon, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, Eritrea, Afghanistan, India (has 150 million Muslim citizens), Israel (with its large Palestinian Muslim population), Indonesia, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, Nigeria, Niger, Togo, Mali, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Senegal, Gambia.... do I need to continue listing all Muslim countries? All these countries harbor potential terrorists and Islamists by the tens of millions.... 

Donald Dumb also established a religious test for refugees from Muslim nations: If you are Christian or a member of other minority religions, you will be given priority over Muslims in entering the US and seeking to establish yourself in the US. Now, how will the idiots of US immigration tell a Muslim from a Christian at the ports of entry? 1-"Drop your pants, Sir, I need to see if you are circumcised". But Christians and Jews get circumcised too. - 2- "Remove your panties, Mam, we need to see if you are genitally mutilated. If you are, then you are a Muslim and we will have to deport you". 3- Say a Hail Mary, Sir, I need evidence that you are a Christian. 4- "Sir, you have the option to renounce Islam right now, right here, and declare yourself a Christian, in which case my superior officer will baptize you, issue you a Certificate of Christian Creed, and allow you to enter the US legally."

Contrary to Dumb's assertions that Christians in Syria were “horribly treated” and that under previous US [i.e. Obama] administrations, “if you were a Muslim you could come in, but if you were a Christian, it was almost impossible," the United States accepts tens of thousands of Christian refugees. According to the Pew Research Center, almost as many Christian refugees (37,521) were admitted as Muslim refugees (38,901) in the 2016 fiscal year.

Why is this quintessentially dumb?

- Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Jordan or elsewhere could be issued illegal but official travel documents that changes their citizenship to one of the acceptable countries and they will thus enter the US. Many of the countries that are not banned harbor sympathizers and anti-American officials who will be incensed at Donald Dumb's discrimination against Muslims, and so they will engage in activities that will allow Syrians, Yemenis, Iraqis, Iranians, Sudanese, Libyans and Somalis to enter the US on documents claiming them to be from acceptable countries. In other words, Muslim-Arab countries that have so far worked in tandem to fight terrorism will now turn back and start supporting terrorism.

- How about Muslims from the banned countries who have married Muslims from non-banned countries or who have married non-Muslims? They would be Syrian Muslims, for example, with Jordanian passports, in which case they could enter the fucking US.

- By creating a separate preferred class for Christians and other non-Muslims, Donald Dumb has now put a bulls-eye target on those groups and communities as "accomplices" of the US, and they will stand to suffer even more. Expect a backlash against Christians and other minorities that will be much worse than what these minorities may have suffered under ISIS rule. Now it will be the governments of these countries that will begin discriminating against their "pro-American" minorities.

- Worse yet: By encouraging Christians and non-Muslim minorities to flee to the US, Donald Dumb is in fact helping the Islamic terrorists in their efforts at emptying the region of its Christians and other minorities. Donald Dumb is now in effect assisting the ethnic cleansing of the Middle East of its non-Muslim minorities.

The idiot in the White Outhouse has a myriad of ways of helping Christians and minorities to stay in their countries and prosper, and more broadly to support ALL HUMAN RIGHTS, including those of Muslims, in the Middle East. But he is an idiot. And his actions are those of an ignorant idiot who is incapable of thinking through his actions before he acts them.

What a sad day in this world of ours when ignorant peasants from the backwoods of America rule over the lives of millions of people.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Lebanon's Endemic Corruption increases in 2016

According to Transparency International's 2016 report:

Lebanon got more corrupt in 2016, compared to 2015

In the 2015 Corruption Perceptions Index report of Transparency International, Lebanon's corruption rank was 123 out of 176 countries. The higher the rank, the most corrupt the nation is. 

For 2016, Lebanon's corruption rank rose to 136.  

On a percentile scale, this means that out of 100 countries, 77 countries are less corrupt that Lebanon, while 23 countries are more corrupt.

If this was an exam at one of the many educational institutions this country brags about, Lebanon fails real bad. It is not even moderately corrupt. It is very corrupt.

What are the religious sects to which our kids are forcibly assigned to at birth teaching them?

In other words, things got worse during 2016.

So expats, investors, visitors, and citizens of Lebanon, brace yourselves for the many insults to your pocket, dignity and sense of citizenship that Lebanon's establishment hurls at you. This establishment includes government officials and state administrations, political parties, business entities that are for the most part in collusion with the political bosses, and not to be forgotten, the religious institutions that back this status quo as they stand behind the sectarian structure of the country and provide cover for the sectarian politicians and their business partners.

President Aoun: You are the outsider and everyone around you has been at this corruption orgy for decades. The test is therefore yours. If this ranking goes down during 2017, people will thank you. But if Lebanon's corruption ranking continues to rise during 2017, people will conclude that you are as corrupt as the rest of them.

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

When fundamentalists define freedom of expression in Lebanon

Lebanese parliament member Deputy Hassan Fadlallah, a member of the Hezbollah organization affiliated with the Iranian Islamic Republic of Iran, unfortunately chairs the so-called "Committee of Information and Communications".

Here is how he defined "freedom of expression" against a background of local TV programs and series pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable and appropriate in a country dominated by religious neanderthals and by sectarian parties that often band together to protect their power over their respective herds. These are the same parties and sects that will not shy away from massacres, warring, and other forms of organized violence against other sects, as if morality is limited to sexual matters while murder and killing in the name of God are immune to criticism and to standards of morality.

Among the statements he made today at the conclusion of a meeting of his committee, Mr. Fadlallah said, "There is a warning call today, not only from the Information Committee, but from society and the religious authorities, about the dissolute morality situation on certain television programs, and this is not an acceptable matter in Lebanon that could corrupt the younger generation, teenagers, and families." He also said, "We are working on freedom of expression, but there are values of morality and decency that should be adhered to, and that which is not allowed in advanced countries should not become permissible in Lebanon." [Notice the Freudian slip of making a distinction between Lebanon and advanced countries, which implies that Lebanon is not an advanced, but a backward, country in Fadlallah's mindset].

The hypocrisy and bigotry in Lebanon's official and social practices and customs are flagrant. As long as their power interests and the financial interests of their affiliated businessmen and corrupt politicians are not threatened, the sectarian special interests (religious authorities and their subservient political parties that together represent the establishment) tolerate as much indecency and smut as you want, both openly and under the table. But once they feel that a certain threshold has been crossed, they react.

There is currently a program on Al-Jazeera's English language television exposing the filth of religious marriages and divorces in Lebanon, and the program and the people it features clearly argues for allowing an entirely civil judicial system in matters of personal status. Currently, civil marriage is prohibited in Lebanon, but Lebanese fly to Cyprus or anywhere in the civilized world and marry civilly. Once they are in Lebanon, however, civil courts will process their divorces because Lebanon's judicial system is schizophrenic. It wants to emancipate itself from the claws of organized religion, but the religious authorities continue to defend their turf. The Al-Jazeera program describes in excruciating details the suffering of mostly women who are trapped by a patriarchal social system that is backed by the religious authorities. In the program, you can see several religious figures declaring their opposition to instituting any civil marriage in Lebanon.

Now, Fadlallah is not addressing the Al-Jazeera program directly. In his statement he referred to some unidentified program(s), and despite a search on the Internet, I was unable to find any reference to the "guilty" program(s). I do nevertheless think that the call by Fadlallah in reference to these program does aim at a broader effort by civil society activists to move the country further along the path of liberalism and secularism, which threatens the religious establishments and their political parties that hide behind bigoted pretenses to family values and such.

Here are some nuggets of the bigotry:

1- Lebanon's prostitution industry is flourishing. Go to Maameltein near Jounieh and see the crowds of Eastern European, Russian, and Syrian prostitutes and the hotels where they plow their trade.  This is so critical to Lebanon's tourism industry that it is openly tolerated. Once in a while, though, much publicized crackdowns are put on display as a cosmetic lip service to the conservative elements. Similarly with the hashish cultivation and industry: Once a year, a puny few fields in the Bekaa Valley are burned with much fanfare, but everyone knows that it is a flourishing source of income for the locals. Similarly with the alcohol issue: Christian Lebanon tolerates alcohol, but Muslim Lebanon by and large does not. Once in a while, local ordinances are issued to ban the sale of alcohol, but within a week or so, no one hears about it. Alcohol and prostitution are the real magnets for Arab tourists from the Gulf who can have neither in their own countries. Arab tourists from the Gulf are manna from heaven for Lebanon's greedy money-sucking businesses.  President Aoun went on his first foreign visit since his election to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf, asking these countries to lift the warnings and bans on travel to Lebanon. What do these people come to do in Lebanon which they cannot do in their home countries?

2- Television in Lebanon consists of a handful of companies, each affiliated with a religious sect or sectarian political party. Same thing with the printed press which is, thankfully, dying like everywhere else. There are really no "independent" media in Lebanon. But the big monkey in all of this is that every household in Lebanon has access to hundreds of channels via satellite dishes. This is completely unregulated, and every household has access to several pornographic channels that no one seems to mind. So if Mr. Fadlallah's august morality committee wants to be consistent, it ought to ban these channels.

3- Finally, the Internet is awash with pornographic material and the government knows it, the religious establishment knows it, and the political establishment knows it. Why has there been no effort to ban, regulate, prohibit .... just like the stupid television program(s) that is targeted by Mr. Fadlallah?

I do not have the answer to the hypocrisy, other than to attribute it to ignorance coupled with bigotry coupled with the love of money. Lebanon's aura - as proclaimed by the ultra-nationalists who resent any criticism - is that the country is a "land of freedom". That slogan supposedly should appeal to foreigners (westerners and Arabs alike) who would want to come and spend money in its sex industry, on stupid imitation drunkenness, to watch garbage everywhere, to have their bodies insulted by rampant air, water and land pollution, to risk their lives on the country's dangerous roads, to see how mountains and forests are raped by developers, and how beaches get stolen by politicians to build their own exclusive resorts to use and abuse. What else is there that Lebanon offers that one cannot get elsewhere in a cleaner, more decent and civilized environment?

What the subtext to this grand megalomania is the following: Freedom in Lebanon is not personal freedom. It does not refer to the same concept of individual liberty as practiced in the West. In Lebanon, freedom refers to "communitarian" freedom, i.e. for example the freedom that Christians as a group have to ring their bells on Sunday and be free from oppression by Muslim Sharia. This so-called freedom is not a higher concept couched in human rights; it is merely relative to other religious sects and does not refer at all to the individual personal freedom of any one individual, be he/she Christian or Muslim. Within the Christian community there are no individual liberties of expression, conscience, thought or opinion. Women remain oppressed by a patriarchal society holding ideals from the Stone Age. The Christian community is as much an oppressive monolith as is the Muslim community. A Christian is of course "free" to disagree with Muslims; that is perfectly fine. But dare a Christian individual challenge the authority of the mastodons of the Maronite, Orthodox, Catholic....churches and the tight grip they have on education, politics, and the personal status judicial system. Which explains why the churches will never acquiesce to civil marriage and to a secularization of the entire system. For the Muslims, the issue is the same, except perhaps in a matter of degree: The concept of freedom for Muslims is less material as they dwell within their own sectarian concentration camps that are more rigid than the Christian concentration camps.

In sum, Lebanon wants its cake and eat it too. It wants to remain conservative (because of the domination of the religious cults), but it loves money and will sell its conservative principles (and therefore will violate every conservative religious tenet) to paint itself as a liberal outpost in a conservative environment and attract stupid Europeans and Arabs who, apparently, love this schizophrenic identity.

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Donald Dumb's Pea Brain in a Changing World

As I listened to the inaugural address of Donald Dumb in Washington DC, the abject simplicity of language and intellect was obvious. The man is clearly incapable of articulating a compound-complex sentence that has more than one or two dependent clauses.

Language and intelligence are the chicken-and-egg cyclical duality that everyone agrees has been the fundamental driver of the success of the human species: No one can certify which came first, but the two parameters of our biology are married to each other in an endless cycle of positive reinforcement. The little intelligence that animals have - and many species certainly are intelligent - can never transcend that of a 1-2 year old human child. And as soon as the child begins speaking, his/her intelligence takes off to levels never ever seen in animal species.

I am therefore led to conclude that Donald Dumb's shallowness of language must reflect an equal devastation and empty-headedness in the area of intelligence. I had it right all the time. The man is utterly DUMB. Now, lest I am accused of elitism, haughtiness, arrogance and pomposity, "simple" leaders who rise from the ranks of the people are oftentimes heroes in times of war and generous idealists in times of peace. Simplicity itself is by no means a leadership quality that should be rejected because it may be compensated or accompanied by empathy, sincerity, compassion, idealism, and other positive leadership qualities. But Donald Dumb marries his simple language and his simple mind with hatred, arrogance, condescension, narrow-mindedness, vindictiveness, meanness, and pettiness. And this is a dangerous mix.

What a man with primitive language skills and intellect like Donald Dumb reveals is a binary view of the world, a world devoid of complexity. Us versus them. Zero-sum relationships. Kill or die. The Law of the Torah. This may be fine if you live in a jungle. But our world is no jungle. Homo sapiens has been evolving for close to 200,000 years, and the only parameter that has allowed our species to literally move out of the jungle and succeed as it has is "cooperation". The human species discovered, along the way of its earlier evolution through millions of years, the Golden Rule, the Law of Reciprocity, in which humans began standing in the shoes of their enemies and feeling their own enemies' pain as it could theirs. That is the foundation of empathy and compassion. Our intelligence and our language allowed us to develop our ethics: We learned to understand rationally that our own success depended on the success of others around us, and we became moral beings. We became humans. 

A binary view of the world, a rejection of having to deal with complexity, reflect an under-developed capacity for ethical judgment. It makes a leader rule like a dictator: Refuse to listen to the other side, refuse to listen to advice fro your own side. A multiplicity of opinions imposes thinking, and Donald Dumb cannot think before making decisions. Hence, impulsiveness and unilateralism.

Today, at his first press "conference" with the media in the White Outhouse, Donald Dumb's Press Secretary, Sean Spicer, delivered a short statement about how the media were inaccurately reporting the size of the crowd at Dumb's inauguration. That's it. He refused to take questions. Guess the background: Donald Dumb was upset that his crowds were smaller than President Obama's inauguration crowds, so he dispatches his poodle on a leash Sean Spicer to bark about it. This is the level of intellect of the idiot in the oval office. This is the "top issue" on his narcissistic mind on his second day in office. And this is his style of deliberation with the press. The "best" is yet to come.

Donald Dumb's inaugural address was so fundamentally American, as it reminded me of the many instances of America's "lateral democracy" I have come to experience in the US. In education, for example, Americans lower the standards to the lowest common denominator deliberately, in order to allow the lowest performers to pass and"succeed", even if the price is that everyone succeeds with a mediocre education. No wonder Americans hate intellectuals and deride them as the pejorative "nerds" they mock in movies and social life. In many ways this anti-intellectualism has a redeeming value. It lends itself to a more humane approach to life, if you extend this principle more broadly to other aspects of life, including political life. This is, after all, what a democracy is. Democracy is populist by definition because it is antithetical to elitism. I often felt conflicted, for example, about the "jury system" of the American justice system, because the fate of a defendant rests with 12 ordinary citizens, butchers, nurses, grocery store clerks, stonemasons, truck drivers and such... instead of a panel of highly educated judges. But quality demands some elitism, some rise above the lowest common denominator, and Americans, to stay in education as our field of illustration, abandon democracy once you leave high school. There is nothing more elitist than university-level American academia, despite residual shreds of ignorance and peasantry that pervades the entire American society because you cannot make up sufficiently in university for the deficiency of earlier schooling and upbringing. The success of Americans in research, technology, and Nobel prize winnings is as much the product of an elite few as it is the product of the sheer numbers of universities, colleges, researchers and billions of dollars Americans throw at their academia. The laws of probability alone always secure success when the population size is large enough. In fact, I have argued elsewhere that the historical association of America with the ease of success - the slogan being that anyone can succeed in America - is basically the result of two factors: Anglo-Saxon liberalism for sure, but also the empty ecosystem that America was when Europeans arrived where there was no competition and enormous untouched natural resources. Any idiot peasant from the boonies of Europe could succeed. America's pains in our time are perhaps the early signs that the ecosystem is becoming saturated, all the niches have been filled, and the competition is mounting, not only at home but all over the world. The Middle America that voted for Donald Dumb is precisely that generation of Americans who were raised by the last waves of white immigrant parents for whom America was easier and less competitive, and their children live with the feeling of entitlement that is eroding because of modernity, robotization, and increased competition that globalism is imposing on them. Rustbelt industries? Unregulated abuse of the environment? Coal mining? Devastating and subsidized (by government, no less) macro-agriculture? White race domination over former African slaves, immigrant Hispanics and others? Is this what Donald Dumb is promising to resurrect for these idiot peasants?

Through his oversimplification of the world to his white Middle American audience, he is re-creating for them a zone of comfort, an artificial one to be sure, but at least during the campaign and the early months of his presidency, they will feel the same high that an addict feels. Moreover, by not demanding of them to think through the complexities of the relationship between government and citizenship, between complex issues and their own response to them, he is making government less responsible for navigating through these complex issues. Donald Dumb is in fact acting in accordance with the white supremacist survivalist idiots of Middle America who want "less government".

Nuclear deal with Iran? Too complex for his, and their, pea size brains. It requires experts, scientists, negotiators, United Nations involvement, political acumen, definitions of bottom lines, cultural, religious, geopolitical knowledge, etc. Hence, his solution: No negotiations. Nuke them. Simple. All you need is military power. No need for intellectuals and people with know-how.

Immigrants? Scary colored people who speak accented English. Too complex; too foreign; aliens (is the technical term by US immigration agencies); strange customs; languages... Can't tell the difference between an Arab and a Sikh. An African and a Haitian. A Muslim and a Buddhist. Even as they fill much-needed jobs white Americans don't want to do, even as they create jobs and successful enterprises, they still don't look like us white Middle Americans. They don't drink beer on Friday evenings. Worse, they don't watch American football or baseball. Solution: Kick them out. Simple.

We are headed for a cataclysm. The forces of the entitled primitive white reaction versus this modern technology (travel, communication...) that is welding disparate cultures together in spite of themselves. There is no turning back from the computer to the smokestack, from the automobile to the horse cart, from the cell phone to the written letter ... We may need to make adjustments to the violence that this rapid change is causing to our lives and to our environment, but there is no turning back. We are in it together, and the isolationist idiots of Donald Dumb will soon be disappointed by the inability of their Don Quixote to vanquish the windmills of their primitive mindset.

إلقطهنّ بأكساسهنّ- The Pussy President

The brand new magnificent, sublime, supreme leader of the self-declared Greatest Nation on Earth. The Great Megalomaniacal Fuhrer of the Obsolete Not-so-free World. The Heir to Charlemagne, Napoleon and Hitler. The Ignorant Putin-lover Dictator who has come to rescue America from its own Ignorance and Backwardness. He's all brawn, no brain. All business, no shame. All Might, but a YUUUGE PUSSY at heart.

The Pussy President Donald Dumb - الرئيس الكسّ دونالد أهبل مهبل

Friday, January 20, 2017

Donald Dumb's Lebanese Ideological Shills Adore his Ignorance

We read much in the Lebanese media about how great Donald Dumb will be for Lebanon. We hear that he has Lebanon on his list of priorities, though no one can explain - much as the dumb president himself - what exactly any of the superlative artificially positive diarrhea that keeps oozing out of his mouth means. I guess they teach the absurdly positive thinking crap in US Business schools.

His destitute vocabulary, his abbreviated vocal grunts, and his intellectually undemanding tweets have a very limited range. And this intellectual incapacity of the man - compared to the articulate Obama who spoke in perfect sophisticated English - seems to be an attraction to ignorant middle America and equally ignorant brainwashed Lebanese whose horizons are limited by the sectarian religious concentration camps in which they spend their lives.

Donald Dumb's vocabulary, as categorized by the media, consists of superlatives (when positive) and their antonyms (when negative). Here is a sample, often assembled in phrases (not quite sentences technically) that are grunted when the narcissistic megalomaniac sociopath twit speaks or tweets, as his entire universe can be described in terms of:

Amazing, Great, Fantastic, Tremendous, Huge, Crooked, Nasty (mostly in reference to Hillary Clinton), Disaster, Failure, Garbage, Hoax, the Greatest job-creating president that God ever created, Rigged, Liar, Corrupt, Fake, "Unpresidented" (misspelled "unprecedented), "Verified" (misspelled "vilified"), Killers and Rapists (Mexicans), Great and Beautiful Wall (he says he'll build on the border), and Zero (for any other negative). Donald Dumb is not genetically encoded for nuances of thought, and so he is not linguistically nuanced either. His thinking and vocabulary have been placed at a 5th or 6th grade (10-11 years old) child.

And then the disgusting sexist braggart idiocies he utters. For example, speaking of his daughter Ivanka in 2006 (on the tv show The View): "If Ivanka weren't my daughter, I'd date her". Or in 2003 on Howard Stern "She's a voluptuous piece of ass". Donald Dumb of course "can grab women by the pussy" because he is a celebrity. 

Just spend a few minutes reading any of Yahoo's commentaries left by the American public in reply to newspieces and articles, and you'll see the level of ignorance and the hacking and distortion of the English language by "Middle Americans", Donald Dumb's voters and defenders. People who have not lived in the US for some time have no idea how abject is the ignorance of the American people. Remember Gary Johnson? He is from the same right wing cesspool of American republicanism that is steeped in ignorance, and this ruffian idiot too ran for president. Gary Johnson's high moment in his making American stupid again campaign was when he was asked what he thought of the situation in Aleppo (where Russia, Syria, Turkey, ISIS, and the US, among many other countries, are involved in what could become World War III). His answer, "Aleppo? What is that?" The idiot had NO IDEA. Donald Dumb is from the same neanderthal republican womb that keeps producing these semi-human half-witted orcs of American politics.

The same Lebanese Americans who kissed ass to George W Bush and got nothing in exchange except more backstabbing and wheeling-dealing with their enemies, ready to sell their local shoeshine boys (mostly Lebanese Christians who have a profoundly conservative tunnel vision of politics, religion, and mountain barbarism, and who succumb to the political crumbs thrown at them by "Christian" leaders around the world like Donald Dumb and Marine Le Pen) to the highest Muslim and Islamic bidder or dictator. Lebanon has been torn asunder by the American Republican juggernaut since 1970 when Republican Secretary of State and Criminal Henry Kissinger handed Lebanon to Syria in exchange for Syria's dictator Assad giving a break to Israel, which the Assad regime has done for almost 50 year now. Or when Bush Senior and his poodle James Baker sold Lebanon again to Baathist Syria in exchange for the Syrian Arab dictator Assad siding with the Americans against the other Baathist dictator, Saddam Hussein. And who paid, and continues to pay, the price for the Nixon-Kissinger, Reagan-Haig-Shultz, HW Bush-Baker, W Bush-Rice tandems and their cavorting to Saudi Arabia and Iran and Syria....since the early 1970s? Lebanon's Christians, of course. Yet, whenever a republican backstabber raises his ugly head, Lebanon's Christians start licking his boot, kissing his ass, and drooling over how this new hero is going to help them defeat their fellow Lebanese Muslims. They are blind to the fact that these American right-wingers DO in fact help Israeli Zionists against Palestinian Muslims, but they only use and betray Lebanese Maronites against Lebanese Muslims, every time.

These are people like Walid Phares, Walid Maalouf, and others who, in their abject ignorance of history and their blind adherence to stiff right-wing sectarian dogmas, do not see that Donald Dumb will not only continue this record of anti-Lebanon policy by Republican administrations, but he will make it worse for Lebanon and the Lebanese Christians in particular. These Lebanese American apologists for Donald Dumb are in it mostly for personal ambition, jumping on the Dumb bandwagon and dreaming of some appointment which will be cryptic on the US scene, but which they will milk, magnify and exploit ad libitum on the local Lebanese scene. And so, they parrot all the great things that Donald Dumb says he will do and translate them into the Lebanese scene.

As for Donald Dumb's patriotism, I will just mention the fact that, just like George W Bush did, Trump's rich daddy pulled strings to prevent his son from being drafted to serve in Vietnam. Donald spent much of his eligible years dodging the draft to avoid going to Vietnam and fighting for his country. Not only did he secure "education" deferments from the Vietnam War draft, but when he graduated and could not longer abuse his education status, his father secured continued medical deferments to him after he graduated. How does that play for the patriotic idiots who voted for him, when they themselves or their fathers were killed and maimed by the tens of thousands in Vietnam so that the sons of the rich can continue business as usual and make money while the struggling middle class sent its sons to certain death.

Mark my words. All the hallucinating hyperbola about this idiot becoming President will begin dissipating into major disappointments within a few months. Trade wars. Reprisals. Major deficits. Wars. Attacks against Americans and American businesses everywhere. Unemployment through the roof. You'd have to be an idiot to believe in the simplistic theories of economic isolationism. Bringing jobs back to the US (as Donald Dumb is forcing US companies to do) inevitably destroys whole sectors of other jobs. Yes, some Ford or GM or Toyota workers might get jobs, but other people will start losing jobs and they wouldn't know that it is because of the Ford, GM or Toyota jobs that were "saved". The world has changed into one integrated economic machine. Touch one link in the chain, and you affect other chains elsewhere. But the Middle America that voted for this idiot is still in the 19th century. Nostalgia for the past and fear of a changing world is not the answer. Americans have always hated their intellectual elites, but loved their money elites. Americans equate financial success with smartness and intelligence. They hated the constitutional jurist and intelligent Obama because he was smarter than them and was not rich, and they had an inferiority complex towards him, not to mention his African looks (Middle America is all white). The idiot Donald Dumb is at their level of ignorance, and they love him because he is blond, stupid and rich. Idiots often do not learn from experience. If they have not learned yet from their Nixon, Reagan, Bush failures, they might - just might - finally learn from the catastrophe that is about to descend on Washington DC and the world today.

I will not be watching the inauguration. I just can't have the image burned in my head for years to come.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

A Day in the Environmental Disaster Called Lebanon

The Abu-Ali River and its banks, in the heart of the city of Tripoli in northern Lebanon, is suddenly tainted with a phosphorescent green and/or red color.

Reports say that a huge load of bags containing an orange-colored phosphorescent material lay discarded by the roadside in the area of Abu-Samra. Rainfall causes seepage from the bags into the river and is carried by automobiles along several kilometers of the road.

You can also see from the pictures that the river, like all rivers in Lebanon, are reduced by the environmentally-concerned Lebanese authorities and developers into sewage conduit-like canals, into which the environmentally-educated Lebanese population dumps all kinds of trash, from household trash and plastic bags, tires, and garbage miscellany, all the way to industrial waste that environmentally-sensitive Lebanese construction and chemical-plastic companies (the two dominant industries in Lebanon) contribute routinely to our waterways. Barely a month ago, the Litani River in the south - which the ultra-patriotic Lebanese always claim to defend against Israeli greed for water - was itself the subject of an environmental disaster caused by industries protected by known politicians and members of parliament and illegally operating upstream and dumping their waste. Of course, it all has been hushed because we no longer hear anything about it.

The Abu-Ali/Tripoli disaster is just one example that jumped at us. Had the bags and their contents not been colored, no one would have noticed. But stupidity is in the local genes. Out of sight, out of mind. There is not one square inch of Lebanese territory that is not trashed by waste, trash and garbage, much of it of unknown nature and potentially very dangerous. It's just that the color in the Abu-Ali case makes the disaster zone that the Lebanese live in visible. But the problem is pervasive and is insidious. We don't know what we breathe, what we eat, what we drink, we have no idea what the ground we walk on contains. And the Lebanese wonder why everyone it seems has some form of cancer. It is part of the culture: You walk into a Lebanese home and it is impeccably nerdy and anally-retentive with cleanliness, all maintained by uniform-laced maids from exotic countries You can smell the chemicals everywhere that are used to clean the household. But as soon as you step outside or look out of a window, and your gaze is graced with rubbish, dirt, unfinished construction debris, plastic bags and bottles...right under the windows and noses of the ultra-hygienic Lebanese and their homes. The primitiveness of it all is symptomatic: An abject lack of awareness that the public space is also my space, and that I am responsible for it as much as I am responsible for my own private space. This sense of individual responsibility vis-a-vis the collective is non-existent. Schools do not teach it. Corrupt governments and oligarchic sectarian political parties do not encourage it. They are all more brainwashed to believe in the intercession of priests, nuns, sheikhs, saints, messiahs, prophets, soothsayers, charlatans, diviners and self-proclaimed representatives of God on earth belonging to 18 different cults. When real world problems are insurmountable, resorting to the supernatural is normal. All backward societies do it. Real world problems...ahh, who cares? God takes care of all of it for me, so why should I bother? The environment? It's all in God's hands.

You should see the Beirut River, once a playground of my childhood. It was full of animal life (tadpoles by the millions would make the water seem like boiling, and the music of the frogs filled the summer nights). Stretching itself over a vast river bed in a beautiful valley and meandering itself down the mountain and into the Mediterranean. Today it is a disgusting concrete sewage and garbage disposal canal bounded by two concrete walls to make space for stupid highways to accommodate more and more black-smoke spewing cars, and into which hallucinating quantities and kinds of garbage flow whenever the rain falls, all of which goes into the Mediterranean at the exact spot where a huge fish market exists. If you're ever in Lebanon, do NOT eat fish. DO NOT EAT FISH. God only knows what heavy metals and organic waste the fishes have accumulated in their flesh.

Some of you have read recently about the seagulls near Beirut Airport. Because the Costa Brava (go figure why the Lebanese can't use Arabic or Lebanese names) waste dumpsite is abutting the takeoff-landing strips of the airport, it attracts seagulls which pose a threat to the aircrafts. The solution of the Lebanese authorities? Hire 125 thugs with their otherwise illegally-owned shotguns to a shooting spree to kill the seagulls, with free cartridges and US$100 each day. On other days, these idiots would be hunting and killing, purely as a hobby, sparrows, finches, bluejays, warblers, and any migratory birds (geese, hawks, larks...) that dare travel overland between Africa and Europe, such that you never hear a bird sing in the hills of Lebanon. But now, these pathetic bastards are praised as heroes by government and airport officials as defenders of lucrative tourism against annoying birds! As of January 18, 2017, the 125 thugs have killed 10,800 birds. Now if anybody, shooting thugs and government or airport idiots alike, had bothered to ask any biologist, they would learn that culling a bird population like this may provide a temporary respite, but that birds from elsewhere in the country will likely and very soon fill the empty ecological niche left by the dead birds.

And they call it the Switzerland of the Middle East. What an insult to Switzerland.

Yes, anything that moves and that threatens the Lebanese in their money-making schemes is fair game. The Lebanese need the money to buy gigantic cars, sculpture their women with cosmetic surgery, go to western-looking but otherwise stupid and extravagantly cheap Mediterranean parties with the very fashionable valet parking system (As soon as you arrive, hordes of poorly paid Bengali, Syrian, and Egyptian valet parking operators hustle you, so you hand them your keys and step out of the car thinking to yourself, 'hey, I feel like I am in the Hollywood movie I saw yesterday; I have finally made it; I can afford the 2 bucks, so I am rich. Why park in a parking lot and walk to lose some of my fatty ass...?) Any superficial idiocy from the worst of Western culture they can imitate like baboons, the Lebanese must have even if they have to sell their mothers and their country to rich Gulf Arabs. That is what Lebanon is in many ways: A brothel and a bar for rich Gulf Arabs who can't have their whiskey and their Russian whores in their own country. And Lebanon is more than happy to oblige. President Aoun even went on his first official visit to Saudi Arabia and the Gulf countries, specifically to ask these countries to lift restrictions on their nationals visiting Lebanon. The message is clear: We want your money. Please come back.They were upset because of Aoun's Hezbollah allies.... We'll see if they forgive him and send their Muslim but un-Islamic consumers back to the Arabic-speaking, Christian, pseudo-western Disneyland that Lebanon is.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Corruption Show Must Go on in Aoun's "Reform & Change" Lebanon

[Translated from LebanonFiles post - see below]

Oil Expert Warns President Aoun on Petroleum Decrees
Sunday 15 January 2017 - 06:01 am

Former president and founder of the Arab Petroleum Research Center, Dr. Nicolas Sarkis, issued an open letter to Lebanese President Michel Aoun in which he warns that the petroleum decrees promulgated by the Lebanese Council of Ministers have transferred ownership of the much promised oil wealth to private special interests. In his letter published in Al-Akhbaar Daily, Sarkis criticized what he called the "blatant distortion of the text and the spirit" of the Law on Petroleum number 132/2010, saying that the immediate outcome of this distortion of the law and its production sharing regime is the complete exclusion of the state from participating in, and the decision-making process of the oil activities. The vacuum created by the failure to establish a national petroleum company has opened wide the entry of fictitious companies that exist only on paper, which will in effect lead to reducing the state's profit share to about 46%, i.e. 14 percentage points below the minimum earned by other countries.
[The original open letter in Arabic can be read on]

خبير بترولي يحذّر الرئيس عون من المراسيم البترولية الصادرة
وجه مؤسس المركز العربي لأبحاث النفط، ورئيسه سابقا د.نقولا سركيس كتابا مفتوحا الى الرئيس ميشال عون، يحذر فيه من ان المراسيم البترولية الصادرة عن مجلس الوزراء تنقل ملكية الثروة النفطية الموعودة الى مصالح خاصة.
وانتقد سركيس في كتابه المنشور في صحيفة «الأخبار» ما وصفه بالتشويه الصارخ لنص وروح القانون البترولي رقم «132/2010» وقال ان النتيجة المباشرة لتشويه القانون، ولما جاء فيه حول نظام تقاسيم الانتاج، كان اقصاء الدولة كليا عن المشاركة وصنع القرار في الانشطة البترولية، وان هذا الفراغ الذي احدثه الامتناع عن انشاء شركة نفط وطنية، فتح الباب على المصراعين لدخول شركات وهمية لا وجود لها الا على الورق، وهذا سيؤدي عمليا الى تقليص حصة الدولة من الارباح الى نحو 46%، اي 14 نقطة مئوية دون الحد الادنى الذي تحصل عليه الدول الأخرى.

Friday, January 13, 2017


Borrowing from Epicurus:

If Hezbollah is willing, but not able, to defeat Israel, then Hezbollah is not as strong as it says.
If Hezbollah is able, but not willing, to defeat Israel, then Hezbollah is hypocritical and ill-intentioned.
If Hezbollah is both willing and able to defeat Israel, then what is it waiting for? Why is Israel still around?
If Hezbollah is neither able nor willing to defeat Israel, then it might as well close the shop and go home.

Unless, of course, if Hezbollah merely claims to want to defeat Israel, but deep down is using Israel as a pretext, as a lever to extract other political gains or engage in lucrative businesses around the world.

Hezbollah holds Lebanon, its people and its government hostage to some vague claims of futuristic victory. In the meantime, it maintains the lie that the Shiites of Lebanon are a dispossessed, disenfranchised, impoverished segment of Lebanese society. The Shiite community of Lebanon is sucking the blood of the Lebanese State in millions of ways: No utility bills, no tax payments, cover for a plethora of irregular and illegal activities, land stealing from other communities, illegal building of Shiite settlements on private or State-owned land, etc.... all supposedly to be tolerated by the other Lebanese constituents in compensation for the "impoverishment" of the Shiite community. If the Shiite community spent 10% of the billions it receives from the Iranian theocracy or spends defending the Syrian dictator, it could rehabilitate itself. In fact, just drive to Shiite areas and villages of the country: lavish villas, impeccable roads, 24-hour electricity, ostentatious displays of wealth and arrivism,.... The Shiites of Lebanon are Not محرومين dispossessed as they claim to be. They are rich from all the trade - legal and illegal - that their immigrant communities conduct in the US, Australia, Africa etc..

When Lebanese President Aoun, a Christian ally of Hezbollah, was asked yesterday by a reporter in the Emirates about whether he agrees to Hezbollah's fighting in Syria, Aoun hesitated a second but then said a vague qualified no. Yet, for the past 10 years, since he signed his memorandum of understanding with the Iranian militia, Aoun has continuously defended Hezbollah's armament, violation of Lebanese law, causing devastating conflicts with Israel, and its involvement in Syria. Time has come to reckon, Mr. Aoun.







Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Obama: Dumb America Undeserving of You

I just finished reading "Obama's Anger Management Problem" by Michael Grunwald on Politico Magazine (, in which Obama is chided for having been a gentleman president with many policy successes but several political failures.

And, according to Grunwald, Obama's political failures can all be summed up in his coolheadedness and his never crossing the line of calling his worst enemies bad names, just like the Russian-elect new US President Donald Dumb who hurled insult after insult at every single opponent or critic.

Grunwald then declares that the "Change" promised by polite mild-mannered Obama, who otherwise delivered great successes to the American people, was rejected by the American people who opted for a different type of "Change" President, namely the filthy disgusting crude churlish Donald Dumb who is vocabulary-challenged and can barely put three English words in a correct sentence. ( I just read a tweet from the twit Donald in which he uses the word "verified" instead of "vilified" in reference to the "great movement" he inspired during his campaign).

If Americans as a group indeed, as I suspect they do, prefer braggart cowboy gun-toting illiterate filthy-mouthed idiots like Donald Dumb to smart, educated, rational gentlemen like Obama, then the legacy of President Obama is one for the future when America becomes a civilization. For now, the American people remain the progeny of disgusting ignorant peasants from the boonies of Europe - y'all seen them on the boats disembarking at Ellis Island to be checked for lice by the US Customs Gestapo. And family traditions and ideas do subsist as they are transmitted through generations. Despite the veneer and appearances of civilization, Americans deep down are by and large ignorant numskulls who have been, and continue to be, brainwashed by a government disguised as giant corporations into submitting to the idea that enslavement to the system is a patriotic duty, and that they should live like cattle to be milked and slaughtered in exchange for crumbs and for a higher purpose called the "American Dream".

President Obama's many successes were all, no exception, achieved despite a deliberate policy by his white racist detractors in the US Congress - those coming out of the woodwork today - to not cooperate with him on anything, because they did not want the history books one day to say that the first African-American President of the United Scams of America was a successful president. Why? Because his success would have undermined, perhaps forever, the racist stupid ideology they grew up with, and would have in fact fundamentally changed the country from a bastion of antiquated backward conservatism into a modern civilization. Even as his legacy is staring them in the face, they are still lashing out at him with lies that only equally racist whites from backward inbred middle America would love to believe, notwithstanding the facts.

President Obama is much much better than middle average America, and America remains undeserving of him. Obama was one chance America had to mark a point in its history when it could have been, even if briefly, a civilization, because as has often been said about the country it is the only empire in history to have gone from barbarism straight to decadence without ever going through a civilization.

And now Donald Dumb, the spoiled racist cowboy brat from New York, will make sure that America remains a bastion of decadent barbarism.

Thank you, President Obama. 

Sunday, January 8, 2017

Yahweh Watches as Palestinian Truck Kills His Chosen People Soldiers

A Palestinian truck today rammed into a group of Israeli soldiers who illegally occupy East Jerusalem. As soldiers occupying Palestinian land, they are fair targets, so this is an act of resistance, not terrorism. Soldiers are trained to sustain violence; it's their job. And fighting foreign occupation of one's land is an innate right of human beings.

On the other hand, when Israeli soldiers bring bulldozers and tanks, evict an unarmed Palestinian family from their home before demolishing it, that is clearly an act of an occupying State-sponsored terrorism, aimed at the ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian population in order to steal Palestinian land.

I think neither a one-state solution, nor caveman John Bolton's 3-state solution, will end this tit for tat between Palestinians and Jews. Total separation is the answer, and the return of all stolen land to the Palestinians. John Kerry was right. One-state might work, but all these faithful believers in monotheistic cults will have to diminish their fervor on behalf of the Almighty Zombie in the Sky.

I applaud the Palestinians for their continued resistance against the racist Fascist apartheid state of Israel. And I am not Muslim, and I am not a radical fanatic by any means. I am not even Christian or Buddhist or Brahmin or any of the religious clubs today extant among human populations. The Zionists' canard of equating Palestinian national resistance to Islamic resistance has failed. You don’t need to be a fanatic to want to bring an end to the foreign occupation of your country and the daily torment of your children by foreign European and American fanatics.

Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat, a member of Yahweh's Chosen People club, called on residents to be wary but carry on with their everyday life. "Unfortunately, there is no limit to the cruelty of terrorists who spare no means in killing Jews and disrupting their way of life," he said, oblivious to the ultimate cruelty that the occupation by the Chosen People's government of Palestinian land, house demolitions, killing on sight, evictions, denial of work permits, denial of return of Palestinians who travel outside, etc. constitute against an unarmed oppressed people, leaving the Palestinians only knives and trucks and meat cleavers with which to fight the occupation.

I wonder why Yahweh did not intercede in His ultimate power to prevent the death of his Chosen People's Army soldiers. He could have opened a huge sinkhole under that truck, just as he opened the Red Sea to them as they fled Egypt some 4,000 years ago. He could have pulverized that truck in a flash second, just as He brought down the walls of Jericho and allowed Joshua to murder and genocide the Canaanites and steal their land, again some 4,000 years ago. In his All-Knowing wisdom, He knew that the assailant was a Muslim soldier of Allah and a Palestinian terrorist, and he could have suddenly blinded him so as not to kill Yahweh's own soldiers. I don’t understand: Reading the filthy Torah and the disgusting Talmud, you'd think that Yahweh would intercede on notice, at any time, for any reason, right or wrong, and rescue His Chosen People from harm's way. I am beginning to doubt the veracity of all these accounts that religious texts relate to us. I mean, even Jesus, who is a native Jewish son of Palestine, a member of the Chosen People's club himself, and a terrorist-labeled resistor against the Roman occupation some 2,000 years ago, could have performed a quicky miracle on behalf of his Jewish brethren. Or maybe He is confused by the people’s old name of Hebrews and their name today as Jews. I wish I could go to that Wailing-Nagging Wall and implore Yahweh, God, El, Allah, Dieu, Gott, Dios, or whatever name He wants to be called, and do something about all the mayhem, genocide, killing and torment that his ambiguous prophesies and prophets have caused humanity for such a long time.

Maybe the Pope can do something: Talk to God since he is His Vicar on earth. It's easy these days. We don’t need more revelations. Whatsapp will do. Get all the bearded numskulls with strange hats together in a conclave at the sumptuous gold-laced Vatican, all paid by the Bank of the Vatican with all its smart schemes of making money out of nothing, and talk off the ears of the Big Zombie in the Sky to get all his prophets, saints, messiahs, mahdis, and such persons to do something. They are not suffering. We are. We, the ordinary people. We have believed, on pure faith, suspending our reason for them, and lapped up their stuff for millennia, can't they just give us a wink in return? Ok, a miracle here and there is fine for the tourists and for making money. But we need serious “Change and Reform”. Why have celestial interventions stopped after Mohammed. Ok, The Messenger, PBUH, said he will be the last. So maybe he is right. But that does not mean that they should all lay back and let the mayhem and plunder continue. Please no more revelations. No more prophecies. Just some common sense tangible hands-on leveraging of the faith that billions of cerebral cortex-challenged Homo sapiens placed in them, and bring us all peace and tranquility. 

In the meantime, Netanyahu needs to close the corruption charges against him, clean up the mess of his diplomats in London, clean up the mess that UNSC resolution 2334 did to his Chosen Behind, and somehow bring down the Messiah, the real one this time, to Yahweh’s – and 100 years ago, to Lord Balfour’s – Promised Land.