Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Monday, December 19, 2016

No Reform in New Lebanese Govt: 1 woman: 29 men -

“I hope, or I could not live.” [H.G. Wells, in the Island of Dr. Moreau]

Such is our predicament, we the Lebanese people, as we watch yet another patchwork of creatures rise from the swamps of our sectarian existence in the religious concentration camps that make up this tormented country, and form a government not unlike a Dr. Moreau's half sapiens, half neanderthal, hybrid.

We keep hoping, so we can continue to live. Yet the more it changes, the more it looks the same.

The new Lebanese government was born yesterday after a difficult labor. It has one woman in a 30-minister cabinet, several "made-up" portfolios to fill with sectarian bodies in a spirit of "The Pact" (الميثاقية) and the sectarian division of political power, a man to head Women's Affairs....and many other inanities not unlike the cabinet that Donald Dumb is putting together in the US with his buddies, psychotic violent former military racists, sleazy oilmen, etc. Seems to be trend all over the world (see Poland for example). In reaction to liberalism, all the neanderthal troglodytes are coming out of their swampy caves, supposedly to rectify the erroneous notions of human rights, women's rights, environmental protections, secularims, separation of church and state, etc. Some French people are even demanding the abrogation of the French Revolution and a return to the monarchy, much as some white Appalachian inbreds from the American South are demanding the re-institution of slavery to compensate for the shortages in labor expected after Donald Dumb brings immigration to a halt. We thought that Islamic fundamentalism was bad; just watch the reaction to it: Christian fundamentalism at its best. Wouldn't be surprised if Catholic Poland re-institutes the Inquisition, and Protestant America re-institutes McCarthyism and Witch Hunts.

Here in Lebanon, we do not really have it this bad. Why? Because we have not come down from the trees yet, so we can't tell the difference. If you've never had human rights or women's rights, if you've never had electricity and running water round the clock, if you yourself are destroying your own father's ancestral home and tearing down all the trees to build an ugly building and sell it to some idiot from the Gulf or to some third-generation American or Brazilian of Lebanese descent that Gebran Bassil is inviting back to the old country.... then you won't notice a difference in a new government that perpetuates the barbarity of our political culture. Fine. We have a new "same" government just in time for the holidays in which we struggle to compete with every other Lebanese in how much stupid money we can spend imitating the consumerist West like baboons, even as we decry American imperialism and Western decadence, because we think we are better than the West: we spend every minute of our lives brazenly break the very laws we pretend to have worship (this is the very essence of the self-described Lebanese "genius"), and we worship God and Jesus and Mohammad on an equal footing with money, big cars, and ugly hyper-botoxed women.

As is the tradition, the Lebanese always shove a token woman in their governments to prove that they are "modern". Image is everything here. But it is a scarfed woman we now have, for a portfolio as vacuous as can be: Dr. Innaya Izzedine, Minister of Administrative Development Affairs. Big title, but obviously empty of substance because public administrations in this country are manned not by people with merit, not people with expertise, not the best person for the job.... but people politically appointed by the sectarian bosses, i.e. clients of the bosses whose appointment is a reward by the boss for loyalty. Not only this, but the appointment is literally a "payback" for services rendered, because as the appointee begins his money-raking career in collecting bribes and cashing in on favors, he is protected by the sectarian boss.

Perhaps the wrapped Minister of Administrative Development Affairs is serious. Who knows? She is a doctor after all who runs a testing lab. I wonder how she will transfer her knowledge of measuring albumin in urine and glucose in blood to developing our Ottoman-vintage administrations, filth, bribes, ass-kissing and all. Even though she was appointed as Minister at the insistence of the grand lion of parliament, Nabih Berri,  to prove that he cares for women, we should give her the benefit of the doubt, although she is likely to have tensions with the other reform-minded musketeer, Nicolas Tueni whose ministerial career as Minister of Anti-Corruption Affairs just took off because of his semi-feudal last name.

Finally, to blur the view of foreign spectators to the absurd theater of forming Lebanese governments, the Minister of Women's Affairs is a man - Americans, pay attention - by the name of Jean Ogassapian. In the non-anglophone world, Jean is a man's name, equivalent to John. So, to prove their far advanced crusading in defense of women's rights, the Lebanese reform-minded dinosaurs have named a man to defend women, but a man whose hermaphroditic or androgynous name might confuse many dumb Americans like Donald Dumb. I can imagine the Lebanese 30 years from today, when they would have caught up with the West on accepting gay marriage (the skill of baboon imitation has a lag time of about 30 years relative to the West), appointing a Maronite Catholic bishop as Minister of Gay Marriages Affairs.

In Lebanon, you should always interpret a heightened talk about reform to mean sinking deeper in corruption. No one better than the copy-and-paste Lebanese, who learned it from their former Orwellian Syrian Baathists during 35 years of occupation, have the cunning ability to distort language and have one thing mean its complete opposite. That is how their "genius" works, that is why they, at the same time love money and make lots of it, but never put it to any useful decent use.

Good luck to the new government. I hope that by keeping things exactly as they have always been, it manages to keep only our hope alive so we can only live.

سعد الدين الحريري رئيسا لمجلس الوزراء  - Saad Hariri, PM.
غسان حاصباني نائبا لرئيس مجلس الوزراء ووزيرا للصحة العامة.Ghassan Hasbani, health
مروان حمادة وزيرا للتربية والتعليم العالي.Marwan Hamadeh, education
طلال ارسلان وزيراً للمهجرين.Talal Arslan, displaced
غازي زعيتر وزيرا للزراعة.Ghazi Zayter, agriculture
ميشال فرعون وزير دولة لشؤون التخطيط.Michel Pharaon, planning
علي قانصو وزير دولة لشؤون مجلس النواب.Ali Qanso, parliament aff.
علي حسن خليل وزيراً للمالية.Ali H. Khalil, finance
محمد فنيش وزيراً للشباب والرياضة.Mohamed Fneish, youth & sports
جان اوغاسابيان وزير دولة لشؤون المرأة.Jean Ogassapian Women's affairs
(note: Jean is a man, not a woman)
يعقوب الصراف وزيراً للدفاع الوطني.Yacoub Sarraf, defense
جبران باسيل وزيراً للخارجية والمغتربين.Gebran Bassil, foreign aff
حسين الحاج حسن وزيراً للصناعة.Hussein H. Hassan, industry
سليم جريصاتي وزيراً للعدل.Salim Jreissati, justice
نهاد المشنوق وزيراً للداخلية والبلديات.Nouhad Machnouk, interior
محمد كبارة وزيراً للعمل.Mohamed Kabbara, labor
ايمن شقير وزير دولة لشؤون حقوق الانسان.Ayman Shqeir, human rights aff
جمال الجراح وزيراً للاتصالات.Jamal Jarrah, communications
معين المرعبي وزير دولة لشؤون النازحين.Mouin Mere'bi, refugees
غطاس خوري وزيراً للثقافة.Ghattas Khoury, culture
بيار رفول وزير دولة لشؤون رئاسة الجمهورية.Pierre Raffoul, president office aff.
نيقولا تويني وزير دولة لشؤون مكافحة الفساد.Nicolas Tueni, anti-corruption
طارق الخطيب وزيراً للبيئة.Tariq Khatib, environment
عناية عز الدين وزيرة دولة لشؤون التنمية الادارية.Innaya Izzedine, admin.develop.
(the only woman, of the wrapped-head brand)
يوسف فينيانوس وزيراً للاشغال العامة والنقل.Youssef Fenianos, public works
ملحم الرياشي وزيراً للإعلام.Melhem Riachi, information
بيار ابي عاصي وزيراً للشؤون الاجتماعية.Pierre Abi-Assi, social aff
اواديس كدنيان وزيراً للسياحة.Avedis Gidanian, tourism
سيزار ابي خليل وزيراً للطاقة والمياه.Cesar Abi-Khalil, energy
رائد خوري وزيراً للاقتصاد والتجارة.Raed Khoury, economy

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