Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Saturday, December 24, 2016

Middle Finger du Jour - to God's Chosen People

The UN Security Council has adopted its first ever, even if belated, resolution condemning Israel's racist and supremacist policy of land theft and dehumanization of the Palestinian people. By abstaining for the first time in its history of blind support for the criminal state of Israel, the veto-wielding US has finally chosen to live up to its own principles, namely the self-declared endorsement of peoples' right to self determination. Rather than cower like filthy poodles to the Jewish Zionist lobby that has grabbed the US by the balls for decades, President Obama has emancipated the US from the Zionist stranglehold.

US Ambassador to the UN, Samantha Powers, abstaining at the vote last night.

The Palestinians have long abandoned terrorism, and have been on a path of diplomatic struggle (the BDS movement, the arduous and painful entry of Palestine into the UN, UNESCO, etc...), and this choice - buttressed as it is by the historic rights of the Palestinian people to Palestine and the still fresh history of the rape and theft of Palestine by European Jewry - has at long last been formally recognized by the US, thanks to the courage and farsightedness of President Obama. "At long last", because over the past several decades, no matter what peace overtures the Palestinians made with the apartheid Zionist State, the latter embarked on dehumanizing the Palestinian people, stealing their lands in the West Bank and in Jerusalem, and systematically persecuting them, in a programmed manner eerily reminiscent of the programmed annihilation and dehumanization of European Jews by their former tormentors, the German Nazis. Even in this day and age, barbarian Zionists blatantly call for uprooting millions of Palestinians from their ancestral villages and towns, and expelling them from occupied Palestine. Zionists continue to distort history with their propaganda that there never was a Palestinian people, and that those Palestinians today fighting the racist Jewish State are descendants of Arab squatters from Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Lebanon, all countries conveniently surrounding the Jewish Country Club of Israel. When the established facts of every historical record - from Ottoman, British and otherwise - are that less than 100 years ago, there were only 5,000 Jews in Palestine - the bulk of them immigrant refugees from the pogroms of Russia and Eastern Europe - while upwards of 500,000 Christian and Muslim Palestinians made up the native population. By trickery and theft, by secrecy and dark conniving, by bullying and superior financial and military sophistication that the European Jews had over the mostly rural and agrarian Palestinians, the land was embezzled from under the feet of its rightful owners. One hundred years is not long in the grand scheme of history, and time heals as they say. The occupation of the West Bank and Jerusalem today, and the ceaseless building of racist Jewish settlements, represent the continued colonization of historic Palestine by European, and in more recent times American, Zionist Jews.

With the democratization of information over the past two decades, and the loss of monopoly and exclusivity over the narratives, the world today has finally seen the truth of the rape of Palestine by the organized Jewish religion called Zionism.  The diehard idiots of the evangelical American south, including their beloved President-elect Donald Dumb, claim to love Israel only because they wish it destroyed in the future as part of their religious fantasy of the Apocalypse that requires the re-establishment of the Jewish Kingdom of 3,000 years ago as a transitional step towards the fulfillment of biblical garbage prophecies and the return of the fucking Messiah.  And so President Obama's replacement, Donald Dumb, prefers to remain the coward poodle on the leash of the Jewish-Zionist lobby, and wants to restore the Jewish-Zionist lobby's noose around his testicles, move his friggin' embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, support the colonization of Palestine, and punish the UN because it finally dared to wag a finger at the racist Zionist State.

I used to be an enemy of the Palestinians and the PLO when they embarked on destroying Lebanon. We won't let them try that again. But, be that as it may, Palestinians have a just cause. The loss of their country is one of the saddest and tragic chapters in the modern history of mankind, and for that, I have to support their just cause against a vicious insidious occupier, even if they were once my own worst enemy.

Just as I hate fundamentalist Muslims to the bone, I proffer equal opportunity hate to the same-brand of religious fundamentalists, the Jewish ones who are genociding an entire people because of a fallacious Bronze Age promise that "God gave them the fucking land 4,000 years ago", and the Christian ones who have genocided much of the native populations of the Americas, who have instituted the Inquisition for centuries, and who wreaked havoc in Europe for close to one thousand years....Even after the enlightenment. Even after the discovery of Reason. Even after Hume and Voltaire, even after Darwin and Einstein, religious causes remain extant and abhorrent in this day and age, and Israel is the personification of a religious cause from the Bronze Age in a 21st century setting; an anachronism; a fallacy that only equally rabid religious extremists or dumb evangelical Americans from the southern states can support. Not unlike, incidentally, the other Bronze Age religious cause of the Islamic State, despite all the cosmetics that Zionists have been so adept at camouflaging their barbarity under. A pig with lipstick is still a pig.

So, to all the friends of justice in Palestine, to all the enemies of racist supremacist zionism, we thank you:

To the United States.
To the United Nations.    THANK YOU!
To President Obama.

And to Donald Dumb
To Benyamin Netanyahu
To all the ZioNazi tormentors of children
To all the Jewish criminals who have a monopoly on victimhood
To all the racist Zionists and God's self-declared chosen people
and their ideological Muslim brethren of the Islamic State, the self-declared
final prophecy and the "seal" of the scourge of Abrahamic prophecies

F U C K  Y O U  !

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