Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, December 30, 2016

John Bolton and his 3-State Solution: Erase Palestine

With Donald Dumb ready to take over the American government, Bush era troglodytes are coming out of their caves. They have had a long time to ponder creative solutions to the world's problems. Their solutions stem from their brains that can only conceive of the world in terms of binary options of a yes-no, 0-1, either-or ideas...just like stupid computers. In real terms, the brain of a neanderthal like John Bolton, exposed to the sun for the first time in 10 years, misfires with seizures and brain storms in the same manner as the brain of Dr. Frankenstein's monster awakening from the butcher's table.

In response to John Kerry's landmark speech the other day, in which the Secretary of State finally and cathartically spilled the American beans on its so-called "ally" Israel, our caveman du jour, John Bolton, graced us the other day with his Zionist solution to the Palestinian tragedy. It sounded a lot like Hitler's "Final Solution" to the Jewish problem in Europe of the 1930s.

The Final Solution of Zionism to the Palestinian Problem


Bolton's solution to the Israeli-Palestinian problem is simple: Erase Palestine. He calls it his "THREE-STATE SOLUTION", namely Israel, Jordan and Egypt. Done. Simple. Even slaughterhouses these days treat cows better than Zionists and Bolton want to treat Palestinians. Give the West Bank to Jordan, and Gaza to Egypt, and the hell with Palestinian identity, nationhood and such inconvenient concepts that stand in the way of the purely Jewish State of Israel. Another 10 years, and Bolton and his Zionist masters might even humanely (with compensation, of course) deport the 1948 Palestinian citizens of Israel to Jordan, Egypt, Lebanon and Syria, thus ensuring a hyper pure 100% Jewish identity to Israel, without any pollution or contamination by subhuman Palestinian Arabs. In fact, Bolton, in his encyclopedic knowledge of history, should advise his Zionist friends (not that they need much advice anyway in the fine arts of racist eugenics) that they establish clinics for sterilizing most Palestinians who refuse to leave, and fertilizing those appropriate for breeding with pure Jewish stocks, preferably blond or red-haired, blue-eyed Jews from Eastern European origins.

In other words, Bolton is confirming what John Kerry said: Israel's ultra-radical Zionist government does not just reject the Palestinian State, it aims to dispose of the Palestinian people altogether by deportation and massive evictions. Think about it: 1- the Zionists want to keep Samaria and Judea (the West Bank). 2- They don't want a Palestinian State. and 3- they want to surrender the West Bank to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt. These are three inconsistent proposals. They can only be consistent if Bolton and the Zionists actually mean that they want to keep the land, but not the people.

In other words, annex the lands of the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem to Israel, and empty them of their Palestinian population by gifting the latter to Jordan and Egypt. This has in fact been the Israeli policy for decades now. Deportations, home demolitions, denial of building permits, land theft and appropriation, settlements building, etc... has the been a consistent policy of de-arabization of Palestine. Take this history and draw a vector, a trajectory of where it might lead in 10-20 years: Greater Israel will include the West Bank without the Palestinian population. Dispossess the Palestinians of their ancestral homeland.

Kerry's speech might have had a cathartic effect on many people by venting things we knew for far too long, but which no American with political ambitions would dare utter, given the Orwellian theater of the American media and their Jewish Big Brother. But, it is too little, too late, and very convenient for Kerry who is looking forward to retirement. Just like Jimmy Carter who uttered the truth only after he had no political stake left for him to protect. This is American cowardice at its best. Why didn't Kerry, and Clinton, and Carter, and all the pseudo-liberals of America say these things as clearly and publicly as Kerry did the other day but 5 years, 10 years, or 20 years ago?

In the near future, Israel will foment a war in the West Bank to create the pretext for its annexation of what is left of Palestine and for its ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people with another massive wave of refugees into Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt. That has always been the objective, latent sometimes, persistently public at times, but determined all the time.

Now that Donald Dumb is in the White Outhouse, the Zionist dream of gobbling up all of Palestine might see the day. All it takes is a dumb American to help them. The chronic dumbness of Americans - unlike Europeans - is what has allowed the genocide of Palestine to fester and become a reality.

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