Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Indonesia is a Radical Muslim Country: Call for Boycott by Tourists

The gall of fanatic monotheists! Like the Israeli Jewish extremists who are "offended" by a UN Security Council resolution condemning them for treating Palestinians like animals and stealing their land, like the Polish Christian Catholic fundamentalists who are regressing Poland back to the Age of Inquisition and declaring Jesus as King of Poland, extremist and mainstream Indonesians are persecuting a non-Muslim governor of the capital Jakarta because he merely criticized his radical ISIS-affiliated Muslim opponents for using a verse of the Koran against him. Read well: Indonesian Muslim radicals quote the Koran and trash it by dragging it into cheap political fights, then if their opponent fires back at them because they misuse the Koran, he is guilty of "offending Islam".

Jakarta Governor Basuki "Ahok" Tjahaja Purnama is now on trial for "insulting Islam". In a video published on social media, Ahok says that he referred to the al-Maidah:51 verse from the Koran during a working visit to Thousand Islands regency on Sept. 27. "All I said to the local people of Thousand Islands is that if you are fooled by racists and cowards using that verse in the Quran not to vote for me, then don't vote for me," he said on Friday as reported by So he mentioned the al-Maidah verse only because his political opponents use (and abuse) the verse to encourage people not to vote for him. The verse itself is one of those questionable verses in which the Koran elevates Muslims to a higher level than other human beings and tells them that they should not be ruled by non-Muslims. Yet, Muslims have been leaving Muslim-ruled countries for decades to settle as refugees in countries ruled by non-Muslims. No wonder. Muslim-ruled countries are typically abject cesspools of poverty, abusive governments, underdevelopment, wars, persecutions of all kinds, etc. Just ask the millions of Sudanese, Syrian, Iraqi, Afghan, Pakistani Muslim refugees braving death in the deserts and on the open sea to reach non-Muslim countries.

I see commercials on television all the time about what great places Indonesia and Malysia are for Western tourists to visit. Tourists should boycott radical and extremist Muslim countries like Indonesia and Malaysia for two simple reasons:
1- By spending money in these extremist countries, the tourists would be encouraging the trend of what we thought were "moderate" Muslim countries to gravitate towards an Islamic State (ISIS) type of places. Ahok's persecution is a prototype of the further radicalization of Muslim countries. For far too long, political correctness has allowed these countries to be hotbeds of Muslim radicalism and a haven for terrorists.
2- Trips by Western tourists to Indonesia and Malaysia are therefore becoming dangerous expeditions because Muslim extremists could at any moment, encouraged by episodes like Ahok's persecution, engage in criminal and terrorist activities like kidnapping, bombing, assassinating, and also accusing foreign tourists of "insulting" or "offending" Islam for the slightest and stupidest reasons. YOU ARE TAKING SERIOUS RISKS BY PLAYING TOURISTS IN INDONESIA AND MALAYSIA. Do not be fooled by the fancy advertisements. Do not encourage Muslim extremists camouflaged under a veneer of moderation with your money. Fight them.

Countries like Indonesia and Malaysia are happy every time a Muslim terrorist perpetrates an attack in Europe and elsewhere. You never hear a word of condemnation. Why? Because according to the Koran, Muslims do not accuse other Muslims. That is the very definition of fanaticism: to support your Muslim brother even if he is the worst criminal.

In Malaysia, there is an ongoing controversy over the use of the name of God. The Arabic name of God is Allah. Malysian courts and governments have ruled that only Muslims can use the name Allah in reference to God. This is so stupid because all Arabic-speaking non-Muslims use it: Here in Lebanon, and across the Arab world, Christians, Muslims and Jews refer to God as Allah. Allah is the Arabic translation of God, just as Dios, Dieu, Gott etc..are the Spanish, French, German etc... translations. The name "Allah" does not belong to Muslims. It belongs to the Arabic language, regardless of religion. But this is how fanatically stupid Malaysian Muslims are; just like Indonesian Muslims.


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