Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Wednesday, November 2, 2016

SCANDAL: Brazil sells Lebanon Israeli-made fighter planes

Brazil's Defense Minister, Mr. Raul Belens Jungmann Pinto, on a visit to Lebanon yesterday met with the acting Lebanese Defense Minister, Mr. Samir Moqbel, and commended the friendship between his country and Lebanon. He also confirmed the order placed by Lebanon in December 2015 with the Brazilian company Embraer for 6 lightweight fighter planes, the A-29 Super Tucano.

Now I must emphasize that the friendship between the two countries is based on two essential and intertwined elements: There are 10 million Brazilians of Lebanese descent who, through their import to Brazil of deep-rooted traditions of Lebanese corruption have invigorated existing authentic Portuguese barbarity and corruption, and so the relationship between the two countries is very very symbiotic and natural. Not to overstate the point, but one notorious example of these common corruption traditions is the fact that the current acting President of Brazil, Mr. Michel Temer, is of Lebanese descent and is believed to be as corrupt as his predecessor Dilma Rousseff to whom he served as vice-president before she was evicted
from office this past summer.

But, let me get to the heart of the matter of Brazil's "poison pill" sale of its planes to the Lebanese Army (and consequently to its affiliate, the Hezbollah organization). I hate to disappoint the Brazilians, the Lebanese, and Hezbollah, but the plane is seriously loaded with Israeli-made equipment, particularly the plane's computer systems.

To wit (from Wikipedia):
"In 1996, Embraer selected the Israeli firm Elbit Systems to supply the mission avionics for the ALX. For this contract, Elbit was chosen over GEC-Marconi and Sextant Avionique. The Israeli company supplies such equipment as the mission computer, head-up displays, and navigation and stores management systems."

Oh Oh! The only planes that the Lebanese Army will have are partly made in Israel, and by Israel???????  Oh My God. Treason! The Lebanese Army is "dealing with the enemy", which is a crime in Lebanon. This is an attempted infiltration by Israel into Lebanon's security and military affairs. Can you imagine what these Israeli computer and avionics systems could be recording and sending to the "Zionist enemy"?

I urge Nabih Berri, the paramount anti-Israeli hunter in all affairs Lebanon, to launch an investigation and find who is guilty of this sale. Is it Minister Moqbel himself ? Is it Army Chief Kahwaji? Who in the Lebanese Defense Ministry and/or the Lebanese Army was responsible for this deal? What corrupt Israeli agent in the Lebanese military allowed this to happen.

I place this piece of news in the hands of Lebanon's grand Justice System, with its scintillating reputation of upholding the law, in the hope that an Inquiry Commission be set up and the guilty parties be held to account. But first, the deal should be scrapped altogether. Embraer should replace the Israeli components with Iranian components.

We, in Lebanon, do not need any enemies. We have Israel, the mother of all enemies, right next door. All our problems are caused by Israel, including stray sheep in the south, as repeated to us for the umpteenth time by Nabih Berri in his speech upon the election of the Hezbollah candidate for Lebanon's presidency, one General Michel Aoun. I actually urge the latter himself to get on the investigation as a sign of his gratitude to Hezbollah and as his first act of salvation of the country from the claws of the enemy.

Thank you Wikipedia.

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