Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Poles Turn Right: Back to Stupid with KING JESUS

The Polish people have long been known for their stupidity. We all have heard Polish jokes in the US and Europe. Regressive right-winging is fashionable again - you know, the degenerate British numskulls and their Brexit, the backwoods Neanderthals of the American South and Midwest and their election of Donald Dumb, and many others... in a global domino effect taking the planet back to early 19th century.

And the stupid Polish people are, of course, in the vanguard of idiocy. What have they done now? Well, they have done what the stupid Jews of Bronze Age Palestine could not do: They have declared one Jesus Christ - an obscure Jewish rabbi from said Bronze Age Palestine who mounted a failed rebellion against the Roman occupation - THE KING OF POLAND. You got it. Catholic Poland now has a Jewish Palestinian king from the Bronze Age. Too bad Jesus wasn't mummified like Egyptian pharaohs.

Mind you that the Vatican was opposed to the idea. It wasn't the senile Bishops' idea to begin with, so they wouldn't have it. But says "father" Paul McDonald in Rorate Caeli BlogSpot: "This was done in the official presence of the President of Poland, Andrzej Duda. Many pilgrims were present in Poland for this event. The act will be repeated in all the Polish cathedrals and parishes. This took place yesterday, Saturday, at the Church of Divine Mercy in Krakow."

And "father" McDonald (no relation to the infamous Canadian child molester priest, whose blog should more aptly be entitled "Rorate Braccis" [drop your pantaloons]) continues in his nonsensical theological garbage: "The providential and proximate origin of the act is to be found in revelations received, or said to be received, by the Servant of God Rosalia Zelkova. The Lord -- she said -- demanded that He be enthroned as King by the Polish Nation as such, and not just in the hearts of the Poles, in a particular manner, and this would have saved Poland in the war that was coming."  Sounds almost Socratic in its logic.
And to buttress this solid argument with even more obtuse trash, McDonald expounds: "But the social kingship of our Divine Lord is absolutely founded in necessary and dogmatic truths about Christ. It is not merely an element of private revelation. St. Gregory the Great said that they were heretics who denied that Christ is the King of and over everything." Case closed. McDo nailed it.
Not one history book from the contemporaries of the said renegade rabbi Jesus mentions him. There are serious doubts as to whether he actually existed. His fame was built up out of nothing by some of his followers who were kicked out of Palestine by the Romans when the latter destroyed the temple in 70 AD. Soon he was made to be the son of God, then he was made to have been born out of a virgin who was impregnated by God without breaking her hymen - the angel Gabriel apparently stealthily "beamed" the sublime sperm across her hymen, and she didn't even feel anything. She had to be told later that she was knocked up - and mystery of mysteries, she remained a virgin even after giving birth to the rebellious baby in a stable with donkeys around. Then he was made to have risen from the dead and ascended to the Big Zombie in the sky. The stories told by his "disciples" a century after the death of the rabbi became fertile ground for exaggerations and mystification, so much so that the credulous wife of a Roman Emperor facing extinction at the hands of the northern barbarians (the Polish people's ancestors, to be exact) became a secret follower of the Jesus movement and convinced her husband to dump Jupiter for Yahweh, Juno for Mary, and Apollo for Jesus and embrace the new religion. Roman practices did not change much with the switch and adoption of Jesus as the new hero: They still built statues to worship, lit candles, intoned hymns, sacrificed slaves, ate flesh and drank blood (figuratively, but still), enslaved other peoples.... all the way to about the 19th century, with genocide and inquisitions in between, when secularism opened the eyes of a few enlightened humans who liberated us from the barbarity of Christianity, and for that matter that of Judaism and Islam as well.

In any case, the regression of the Polish people back to the Bronze Age is astounding. "King Jesus", as far as I can tell, cannot form a government or enact budgets etc. to manage the country. All he can do is "miracles" - often intended as brief suspensions of natural physical laws, and of reason of course - Obviously, none of Jesus's disciples and the thousands of other super-human Christian heroes known as saints was ever able to regrow a severed limb, for example. That would actually be enough to convince me into returning to the faith. Unfortunately, all Catholic miracles are cryptic, invisible, sudden and unproven claims of healing that only an idiot with half a brain can believe. No saint has ever resurrected a dead person, for example. Why? After all, Jesus is claimed to have done it with Lazarus and himself. So if a saint or an apparition of Mary can heal cancer or quadriplegia, why can't they bring back the dead? Or grow a severed limb?

I used to like the Polish people - not for having given us a Pope by the name of John-Paul II  - but for having stood up to dictatorships and for always being victims of oppressive Russians or Nazi Germans. I admit, I used to like the Polish people also because of an impenetrable (meant only metaphorically, of course, because ...well, not here, and not now) Polish woman I met long ago by the name of Lidia who, in between fantastic voyages to the twilight zone, used to proofread scripts for Roman Polanski. Now, I don't know anymore. I think Polish people, like all stupid people, almost always deserve their predicaments. The Lebanese people are one outstanding example.

So, after congratulating Aoun in Lebanon, Trump in the US, and soon Marine LePen in France, let me extend my heartfelt congratulations to the right-wing extremist, anti-refugee isolationist, white supremacist Jewish King Jesus of Poland. Perhaps Latin might catch up again, and King Jesus might ban anyone who is not Catholic from entering paradise upon their death. After all, jackass King Donald Dumb, himself a
descendant of euro-trash English peasants, wants to ban anyone who is not a white anglo-saxon protestant from entering the earthly paradise called the United Scams of America.

Halleluiah, brothers and comrades. Ad Majorem Dei Ignominiam.


Anonymous said...

Read the Bible: St. John 18;33-38 and 19;4.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so? What idiot would believe the "scriptures" as historically real? What Bronze-age minded imbecile would take these texts as verifiably true? Greeks and Romans used to believe in gods who had wives and children, who were born out of virgins, etc. Christianity cloned the Roman pantheon, replacing Jupiter with God, Juno with the Virgin Mary, Apollo with Jesus, and all the rest of them with saints.... By what measure of sanity can you believe this mythology to be true in this 21st century? Yes, sure, the message of Jesus is one of goodness, just as the words of any "star" of the other extant religions (Islam, Judaism, Buddhism...). They and all of humanity have known this ethics (the Golden Rule) long before some eccentric rabbi in Bronze Age Palestine called Jesus delivered his own drivel on humanity. Grow up, my friend, grow up.