Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Saturday, November 26, 2016

Fidel Castro to Donald Dumb

If any world leader stood up to the mercantile colonialism of the US, without ever posing a threat to the US, it is Fidel Castro. Today, Cuba has given American imperialism and the jackass-elect Donald Dumb a huge middle finger.

Was Cuba Communist? Yes. But so is China, America's largest trading partner and home to all US multinational corporations. Was Castro a Dictator? Yes, but so is China's ruling party and Russia's Putin, Donald Dumb's new friend. Dissidents and repression? Yes, but so are China and Russia. And Cuba was nothing like the North Korean, Russian or Chinese dictatorships with nuclear weapons. Yet, the American double standard on Cuba was exposed for 50 years by Fidel Castro's revolution that poked the Americans in the eye every minute of their lives, for it exposed the bottom-feeding bigoted Americans who hated the guy not because he posed a threat to it, but because he was small, weak, insignificant, and defenseless against them, yet he brashly survived numerous assassination attempts (remember Salvador Allende?) by the CIA, and over 50 years 10 US presidents.

Castro's achievement is that he prevented a fate for Cuba that was slated by the US to many small defenseless islands like Puerto Rico or Hawai or Marhsall Islands: To become a junkyard for American expansionism and junk be pilfered of its natural resources by American expansionism against the wishes of the native people, and ultimately to subjugate the native population to second or third class status, just as the plight of North Dakota's native population is demonstrating to us today.

I am not a Communist. I hate dictatorships. But I love underdogs. I particularly love underdogs who screw their white trash bullies for 50 years and tell them to go to hell. Donald Dumb's racism can take him as far as his ignorant peasant followers can go, which is nowhere but back to the Stone Age of humanity.

Thank you Fidel Castro. Despite your shortcomings, you've shown that any underdog can lift a mighty middle finger in the face of bullies.

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