Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Monday, November 14, 2016

Donald Dumb Trump as Nero

Two outcomes to Dumb Trump's election aftermath:

1- If his outlandish promises were merely tactical (i.e. destined only to get him elected, but knowing he can't deliver on them), then he will not act on them, and he will thus quickly erode his credibility with the illiterate and discontented base that elected him. So no second term, but a troubled first one for sure.

2- If, on the other hand, his promises were genuine, albeit still reflections of his ignorant thinking, and he proceeds to try and implement them, then he is bound to cause much havoc across his own party, his own country at large, and internationally as well, thus sealing his demise both internationally and at home.

The scary thing is that Dumb Trump will have his stupid hands on the dangerous nuclear buttons which, like Israel, he could use in a "Samson option" kind of way. One hopes that more enlightened Republicans, if they do exist, will surround him and control his temper tantrums and uncontrolled verbal diarrheas.

What is certain, however, is that his election does indeed represent the early twilight of WASP-dominated America. Statistics say that by 2050, WASP Americans will no longer be a majority, but will become another minority in the American mosaic. Unlike all other immigrations, which typically eventually stop leaving the space and time for assimilation, Latin American immigration into the US draws on a vast reservoir of potential immigrants who, in their abutting geographical proximity to the continental US are unlikely to assimilate, since the continuous influx creates a critical mass favoring non-assimilation.

Trump is thus a lot like Nero, a prophet of doom called upon by fate to catalyze the inexorable forces of natural law, bring down the temple and usher the fall of Rome.

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