Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Donald Dumb in the White House: America's Twilight Zone

Ok. I admit being very wrong on Donald Dumb's chances. I guess the American people - thanks to blind democracy - are dumber than I even tought, and I underestimated their dumbness. Electing Donald Dumb as a spiteful gesture against the establishment may stem from a genuine thirst for change. But spite (of electing an idiot) will not bring about political or institutional change.

Just watch Donald Dumb's discourse once he's in power. He will start wheeling and dealing. He will start failing to keep promises, although his promises were so poor on substance that he may get away with it. He will start having to negotiate with the special interests against whom he said he was running, because different special interests will pull him in different directions, and he will have to make decisions that inexorably will erode his credibility with the backwoods idiots who elected him.

He has already toned down his rhetoric in  "how far he will go in repealing Obamacare"; now it is only a few modifications. He now says the wall he said he wanted to build along the Mexican border is only a metaphorical wall; he didn't actually meant a wall of concrete and steel, he only meant reinforced control of the border. Pretty soon he will declare that NATO is by no means "obsolete", and that he really meant in his campaign's frequent verbal diarrheas is that he just wanted to put pressure on America's European partners. In other words, watch the backpedaling as he hurtles down political reality, and climbs up from the cesspool of his reality show campaign. What a jerk and what an idiot.

Watch him make a fool of himself with other countries. Watch him unravel decades of hard work. Watch him drive his out-competed white dumbasses from middle America sink further in their holes of "I refuse to evolve with the rest of the world".

His election will be sorely regretted within a few months, if he tries to keep his stupid promises of re-inventing the wheel. Just like the stupefied English numskulls who waxed nostalgic about their fucking Empire and decided on Brexiting the European Union; they are now backpedaling and wondering how on earth could they be so stupid. Watch Trump's America slap sanctions on other countries just so he proves he has balls, but then watch other countries slap sanctions and boycott "made in America" and drive the US economy to the ground.

America is changing. There is no room for superpowers anymore. We are a century away from world wars and empires and superpowers. Just as this election is the last gasp of a dying white America, submerged as it is by the unstoppable tsunami of brown immigration from Latin America and elsewhere, America the superpower is no more. One century ago, the US had a brief but failed love affairs with old style military colonialism in places like the Philippines and elsewhere. But this quickly fizzled out as the dynamics of demographic evolution proved it impossible to sustain millions of troops overseas, as the British and the French had done earlier.

Without troops in other countries, America tried economic colonialism. And for a while, it seemed to work. But now it's an old tired story. How long can you sell trash to the rest of the world, and pollute the rest of the world, and buy dictators in the rest of the world? No more. The odds are leveling off.

America's success is in the fact that it was an empty ecosystem in which newly arrived illiterate peasants from the boonies of Europe had no competition to speak of, definitely not from the few millions of native Indians who were unaware of the white Englishman's treachery, and who were quickly and summarily genocided away into tiny reservations. No competition means monopoly, so you could be the grandest idiot on earth and yet "succeed" in America. That was the America of the 18th and 19th century. And that is the America that Trump, in his abject ignorance of history, thinks he can resurrect.

But the America of the 21st century is no longer competitive because it has equated ingenuity with cheap marketing tricks and quick Wall Street trading schemes. Trump has a long ways to go before he can resurrect the rust belt; times have changed. No white idiot from Indiana or Michigan can today get a job with benefits tightening screws at a factory for the rest of his stupid life. Trump thinks he can make America "great again" by imitating primitive coal-operated, pollution-saturated, cheap-labored China. What a fool. Times have changed. Today, America has to contend with many other players and competitors, both within its borders in the shape of all the Spanish speakers who continue to pour in and alter forever the original founder pool, and outside its borders in the shape of many emergent economies and educated countries whose emancipated peoples are finding America in their own backyards. Trump needs to have the children of bible-belt neanderthal Appalachia learn about evolution, and not about a cosmic zombie who allegedly created the world 6,000 years ago.

The Belgian singer Jacques Brel once said in one of his songs, "Il n'y a plus d'Amerique". Indeed, Trump has fooled his millions of illiterate white American peasants by promising them something that no longer exists, except in his and their obsolete nostalgic minds. Major disappointments ahead. There will NOT be a second Trump term in the White House. I guarantee it.

A new dawn has emerged last week on the United States, but it is in fact the first glimpse of a long and troubled twilight falling on an experimental land that has yet to find itself by respecting itself and the rest of the world.

H. A.

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