Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, October 21, 2016

Stiff in the Canadian Wilderness

There is an outfit up in Canada that goes by the acronym LCCC for Lebanese Canadian Coordinating Council. For a one-man "council", a lot of energy emanates from it. Energy that derives its sources from fossilized saints, biblical figures from the Bronze Age, and dead political heroes like Bashir Gemayel, not unlike the Shiite numskulls who still cry and whine about Hassan and Hussein, now dead for 1,300 years.
I think, if the LCCC were allowed to canonize saints, Bashir would be put on the path of express beatification and sainthood.

Be that as it is, what I find stunning is the political journey of the "Council". With the permanent worship of Bashir Gemayel in the watermark, many a political hero has come and gone, suddenly elevated to the status of God and Saint, only to be abruptly downgraded to Satan and Lucifer by the so-called "Council", depending on the directions taken by the capricious and finicky winds of change in Lebanon and the Middle East. Just as the "Council" divorced itself from the Maronite Church because of obscure disputes, the "Council" also, as we stand today in the aftermath of Hariri's endorsement of Michel Aoun for the Lebanese presidency, has basically divorced itself from everyone on the Lebanese political stage.

It should be stated for the record that the "Council", which was born in Lebanon, has never been back to the old country in about 45 years if my memory serves me well. Which means that the "Council" is likely to suffer an attack of psychosis and delirium tremens if it were to ever come back for a visit because the country tht the "Council" so vehemently defends has changed by magnitudes in comparison to the Lebanon that has calcified in the brain of the "Council".

So, as of today, Friday October 21, 2016, with a majority of the major political parties in Lebanon having accepted, some albeit reluctantly, Aoun for President, the volume of the "Council"'s allies is shrinking fast. The "Council" had for many years worshiped Aoun. Then, when Aoun went to bed with Hassan and kissed his beard in 2006, the "Council" rejected Aoun all of a sudden and has ever since been cooking venomous potions and chanting voodoo prayers for Aoun's death and demise, while praising Aoun's enemies, namely Samir Geagea and Saad Hariri.

Then one day earlier this year, Geagea fell in love with Aoun, and the "Council" got really mad because another one of its heroes (Geagea) changed camps. With hope resting now squarely with Hariri, the remaining giant in the anti-Aoun camp, the "Council" began singing the ultimate praises of Hariri.

And now, in this sad Fall of 2016, when leaf colors have changed in Canada, Hariri too changed his colors and endorsed Aoun, leaving only Nabih Berri, the long-standing enemy and top pro-Syrian collaborator in the anti-Aoun camp.

Thus, the "Council" is now the ally of Nabih Berri in hating Aoun. Strange bedfellows: The LCCC and the Amal Movement. One wonders why certain entities endowed with human cerebrums behave like fossilized dinosaurs. I knew that the Maronite Church is like a cave somewhere in the Lebanese highland wilderness inhabited by dinosaurs; but for the "Council", who has been rubbing elbows with civilized and modern Canadians, to remain stuck in the Bronze Age of religion AND of 21st century politics is a mystery.

I look forward to many readings of opinions on the LCCC web site: They will all be negative of course because everyone in Lebanon is now against the "Council"'s political philosophy, except, one hopes, a positive opinion on the new and blossoming love affair between the LCCC and the Amal militia of Nabih Berri because they are the only ones against Aoun now. Like Asterix and Obelix resisting the Roman occupation, the two forlorn heroes, one in the Canadian wilderness and the other in Nabatiye in South Lebanon, will hold hands and resist forever, caring nothing for a return of the country to normality. This is by definition what cerebral calcification and fossilization are: neuronal inflexibility, rigidity, immobility... Perhaps the "Council" could add to the mix a dash of Arctic Freezing from the Canadian north.

Long Live the one-man "Council".
H. A.

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