Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Friday, September 16, 2016

Lebanon 1975: The Sequel - On a Street Near You

All the signs have been given. The Machiavellian Reality Hollywood production, rooted in the filth of middle eastern sectarianism and tribalism, is ready to launch Lebanon into the sequel of the 1975 War. About time. These productions usually alternate generations, but we are in the fast lanes of the 21st century and things move rapidly.

We had the Palestinians back in the 1970s to drag the pathetic Lebanese Muslims into launching their war against their own country and their own army. You see, their association with Lebanon is rather loose as they prefer all other affiliations - Syrianism, arabism, islamism, baathism, shiism, sunnism, wahhabism, iranianism... - to their own. Granted, their insertion into the Lebanese entity less than 100 years ago was forced, coerced, and painful for them because they much preferred to have stayed with Syria, the pulsating but now limp penis of the Arab world. Just as Faysal in 1919, Nasser in 1958, Arafat in 1965 in tandem with Assad in 1970, they reneged, again and again, on the National Pact with their fellow Christian Lebanese, using foreigners and outside powers to drive a nail in the coffin of the Greater Lebanon entity. They are Arabs. They are Muslims. What fucking bullshit is this Lebanon that forces to live under a Christian president who more often than not does not have an Arabic-sounding name?

So, the "leaders" by the names of Yafi, Bizri, Salam, Hoss, etc...followed Arafat, Assad, and Jumblatt, and joined them in one big hybrid mutant of "leftwinging-arabizing-islamzing-conquering-baathizing-antizionisizing-antichristianizing-antiimperializing-anticrusading... - called the National Movement whose objectives were to liberate Palestine, chase the Zionists out of Palestine, reduce the Lebanese Christians to the dhimmi status, emasculate the Lebanese christian president, make Lebanon the only filthy arab country to fight Israel, and assorted other goals which, all together, aimed at one thing: Destroy the Lebanese entity and merge with Syria or some other warm Arabo-Islamic union. To achieve these sublime goals, they resorted to breaking the army, preventing the army from fighting the lawless Palestinians, attacking and boycotting their own Lebanese government, besieging, shelling and massacring Lebanese Christian towns using Syrian a horde of militias and terror organizations, disguised as Palestinian guerillas, Shiite fundamentalists, Sunni fundamentalists, Communists, Druze gangs, all of this funded by the largesse of the Saudi criminal Muslim headquarters, or the Kuwaiti motherfuckers (before Saddam invaded them), or the Egyptian turncoats, or the Libyan hoodlum Qaddafi or any of the great Muslim-Arab cesspools around the world with oil beneath their soil. In the end, they even managed to rally the Americans who, having been stung by the Arab oil embargo, wanted the Saudis to be happy pumpers of oil, as well as the Israelis who, to this day, continue to prefer the Assad regime to any alternative because the regime's cruelty secured the Israelis all the pretexts they needed to keep gobbling up the last remains of Palestine. All these people converged their weapons, money, terrorists and energy to defeating the Lebanese Christians. And they did. In 1990, the last Lebanese government to be free from the custody of the enemies of Lebanon, fell.

For the past 26 years, Lebanon has lived under the custody of the winners above: Sunnis, Syrians, Druze, joined by the Shiites who were inducted to the club by the rise of the Islamic pit of Iran... Their achievements, heralded by the Taif Agreement of 1989, gave the Muslim rulers, who castrated the Christian president and reduced the Christian Lebanese to dhimmis, a free hand in the governance of the country. They continue to hate Lebanon, of course, and would have preferred, still, to join Syria or Egypt or some other Arab-Muslim cesspool. But, drunk from finally having power in their hands, they embarked on their "reconstruction" of the country. One Rafik Hariri, a building contractor with no education, but with billions he made kissing ass to the Saudis and building palaces for them, became Mr. Lebanon. They tempered their Arab and Islamic addicitions, and pretended to love Lebanon for a while. But the disease of Islamo-arabism is so entrenched that sooner or later it is bound to return.

Today, after 26 years of Muslim rule in Lebanon, you can witness the achievements of the winners of the 1975 war: Filth, corruption, a rundown country, bouts of Islamic forbidden this and Haram that, repression, taxation, garbage, a crumbling administration, an ecological disaster in the forests and the sea... You should also contrast those 26 years of Muslim rule with the preceding 26 years of Christian rule: From1946 (when the Christian Lebanese evicted the French army) to circa 1973 (when the Arabo-Muslims began dismantling the Lebanese State), Lebanon was literally a jewel of liberalism, prosperity, openness, tolerance, freedom of the press, an international banking platform, a wealth of tourism, a fountain of world-class education.... But, in the eyes of its enemies, it had one major problem: It had a Christian President with enough power to make the country a world-class country. It had to be brought down, like a sheep to the slaughter on Adha. And the Lebanese Muslims did just that. Problem for them is that they are incompetent. They do not understand the concepts of personal and collective responsibility that are the foundation of prosperous liberalism. They cannot transcend the tenets of Sharia law and the strict reliance on God to remove garbage, bring wealth, promote education, raise the human above the tribal and the sectarian. Just drive between Christian areas and Muslim areas of Lebanon, and do your own compare-and-contrast. Today, after 26 years of Muslim rule, the country is as backwards as it was under the Ottoman Empire of the 1850s before Lebanon seceded and became autonomous from the Muslim rule that the filthy Turks imposed on the country for 400 years.

Today, we are back to the starting line of 1975.We have Syrian refugees instead of Palestinian refugees, and just like the Palestinian refugees did from the late 1960s and well into the early 1980s, the Syrian refugees have brought with them their fanaticism, their tribalism, their fundamentalism, their million organizations of Islamic Conquest this and Arab Intifada that, and of course, their hatred of Lebanon which, of all countries hosting them, has the highest per-capita number of Syrian refugees.

We have the Saudis and Iranians as sponsors of the war, instead of Syria, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and others back in 1975. A reshuffling of the assholes, as it were, all driven by the same Arab and Islamic ideologies and their hatreds of one another. But in Lebanon, they find a common enemy: A non-Muslim Lebanese who still demands his rights, unlike the other Christians in the Arab world who either don;t exist or who have been dislodged for good or who live as fourth class citizens.

We have the beginnings of the early 1970s: Car bombs, assassinations, kidnappings, lawlessness of all kinds. We have the Druze militias, Christian militias, digging up their weapons from their mountain caches. We have daily clashes between local Christian youth and Syrian refugee youth (as was the case yesterday in Sarba, near Jounieh); it is this sort of clashes that was the trigger of the 1975 War: Local Christian youth in Ain-Remmaneh who had enough of the armed Palestinian hoodlums. We have a paralyzed government, just as it was under the traitor Sunni Prime MInister Rashid Karame who refused to convene his own government for almost a year because he preferred the Palestinian Arafat to the Lebanese Gemayel. We have an army that no one dares use, because it will splinter in the blink of an eye into sectarian militias. It now looks great, of course, because no one uses it except against some mysterious enemy on the borders with Syria. But try to put it to the real test of securing the country internally, and it will crumble.

We have the Americans, the British, the French and all the bleeding-hearted westerners who sermonize the Lebanese as to how to run the country, but never help enough to ensure the country succeeds or survives. Just as they wanted the Palestinian refugees to stay in Lebanon to relieve Israel of the Right of Return, they today want the Syrian refugees to stay in Lebanon and not flood Europe. So they pump money into Lebanon to buy the corrupt Muslim rulers to keep the Syrians in Lebanon.

And so, it is with a great sense of foreboding that I predict a repeat of the 1975 War sooner rather than later. The Christians, of course, want to regain some of their lost mojo, and the Muslims will resist and will use the Syrian refugees as their fighting militias. The Christians, again, will fall in the trap of trusting the West who will sell them of course to secure its own interests which, for better of for worse, remain the vast Muslim expanse outside Lebanon's borders. Think of it, US president Obama, who is by far the most inimical American president vis-a-vis Israel, just gave the Israelis US$38 billion in weapons over the next few years. This tells you where the priority of the West is.

So, move your precious furniture and belongings to your mountain hideout - we all learned our lessons from 1975 - because even your friends, the army and militias who will tell you that they are protecting you against the other side, will rob your house and rape your daughters in the lawlessness of the next "civil" war. The leaders who killed and raped in the 1970s, have now bestowed power on their sons: Gemayels, Salams, Jumblatts, Frangiehs, Mouawwads, Chamouns, Berris.... every single political farm in this club now a new face on an old name, and these rookies will want to prove their worth: Just like their fathers, they will lead you to slaughter and massacre as they try to save you from other members of the club.

Perhaps it is true, after all, that things never change in Lebanon. We are fools to believe that they may one day change for the better. So perhaps, instead of stashing my belongings in my mountain hideout, I should sell the lot and leave the country and keep on enlarging the Lebanese expat population around the world.

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