Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Monday, May 9, 2016

Municipal Elections 1: The Lebanese People Deserve their Garbage

If yesterday's elections results are a sign of anything, it is that the Lebanese people are really either jerks or idiots.

In the backwoods of the Shiite heartland, 50% of eligible voters voted for Hezbollah and Amal against a minority of "opposition" Shiites.

In the Christian Zahle district, a traditionalist "political party-based" coalition defeated two traditionalist "family-based" coalitions (the Skaff and Fattoush families, both equally backward and corrupt).

And in the supposedly more enlightened Beirut district, people who should have voted for reform-minded technocrats did not even bother to haul their asses and go vote, and the same 18% of eligible voters who voted for the Hariri neanderthals in 2010 voted yesterday for the same neanderthals.

In other words, neither the Syrian crisis, nor the endemic corruption of the ruling class and the scandals that plague this country because of that political class, including the the garbage crisis of this past summer and fall, nor the endless string of sit-ins and demonstrations have stirred any life in the brain-dead Lebanese people. We are like a dead corpse on which the political ruling class feeds like so many leeches, worms, and other bloodsuckers. We have known this indifference to be a feature of the Lebanese people, but no one suspected it would so enduring. It is one thing to be indifferent in a country where things work normally (as happens often in the West, for example, where voter apathy seems irrelevant to a well-functioning system), but it is a different thing when you are surrounded by garbage of all kind, when your life is rotten because of how your own politicians treat you, when the infrastructure is primitive (roads, streets, garbage, water, internet, electricity, pollution....), where you are forced to become a corrupt individual because of all the corruption that surrounds you... You'd think that the bastard Lebanese would be stirred to action to try and improve their lives, but they did not show any sign of that yesterday.

I have no hope that the upcoming municipal elections in the remaining districts will make a difference, because they are mostly all in more rural environments where familial and sectarian barbarism and traditionalist politics rule supreme.

To all my fellow Lebanese who did not vote for change yesterday and who contemplate emigrating, start preparing your documents. This country has no use for your sophisticated nagging. Just be gone and abandon this country to the real barbarians who love it "as it is" and who voted yesterday for their local bosses. You will still need the useless "إفادة مختار" by the new moukhtar, the even more barbaric "إخراج قيد", and $400 to get a passport. You will still have to be humiliated a final few times at all the funky Lebanese administrations and the doors of foreign embassies before you escape this Gulag of barbarism, corruption, pollution, garbage, and, lest we forget, this " بلد الحضارة والعيش المشترك ".

H. Atheos

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