Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Monday, March 28, 2016

Lebanese Hillbillies in America

March 28, 2016 

The news of Donald Trump appointing the hillbilly Lebanese academic Walid Phares as one of his foreign policy advisors descended on the Lebanese as yet another proof of their brilliance and success, especially when they leave this hellhole of ignorance, corruption and backward religious beliefs. It is likely that none of the Maronite aborigines mountain-dwellers who suddenly are fans of Walid Phares has ever read any of his books, nor do they know what exactly does Phares stand for. You see, for the Lebanese it is notoriety that matters, superficial notoriety without any regard for the substance underneath. Any famous Lebanese will do to tease the arrogance bone of the Lebanese who have declared themselves superior human beings to all of mankind and heirs to the Phoenician civilization.

Here is what I don't like about Walid Phares. The Maronite establishment is monolithic, extremely conservative, and revolves around the religion and the Church. Maronite nationalism is an Eastern Catholic version of American south Evangelicals, or a Christian clone of Lebanese Sunnism, Shiism, Druzism, or Zionism. There are no progressive, left-wing, liberal Maronite parties. Any diversity within the Maronite community (and all the other sects for that matter) is never ideological, it is always clannish, family-based, or region-based. That is why Lebanon is immune to reform and to exiting the backwardness of the Middle Ages in which it thrives. Occasionally, you have a politician that sounds promising, e.g. Michel Aoun, but as soon as he "made it" he created a new sectarian family-based political farm, a clone of the other Maronite parties like Kataeb, Ahrar or Marada. 

Mr. Walid Phares is intellectually limited by this Maronite Gulag, and the worst part of it is that he doesn't even realize it. Instead of his education in France and the US enabling him to challenge the ideas he was indoctrinated with as an up-and-coming Maronite from the backwoods of Lebanon's mountains, the stubborn quality of mountain dwellers made him immune to any evolution. For him, Maronitism can only be a Christian clone of Zionism, for example, in which there is only one way to be a true Jew, namely to subscribe to backward Bronze Age religious beliefs, to live by the superiority complex of God's special creation or His favorite desert tribe, to react with the knee-jerk schizophrenic minority reflex of hating everyone else, and to have no option ideologically but to subscribe to the absurd Zionist notion of re-creating a 2,000-year old kingdom of Israel. Likewise, Walid Phares, a good sheep of the Maronite herd, believes that there is only one way to be a Maronite, and that is to feel superior to every other human being, supposedly because God gave this supposedly sacred mountain to the sect, to hate all Muslims, and to instinctively react through their limbic nervous system rather than reason with their cerebral cortex in the same knee-jerk minority reflex.
In Mr. Phares's view of the world, the DNA of a real Maronite is encoded with antiquated religious beliefs in monks, saints, miracles, random divine intervention, and blind faith in a Church that is exploiting and oppressing its herd of mountain brutes. The Vatican itself has tired of the dozen or so monastic cave-dwellers that the Maronite Church sends to Rome every year for beatification and sainthood. "Enlightened intellectuals" like Walid Phares, despite the PhD, are no different from said mountain brutes in that they are incapable of imagining a Lebanon or Lebanese nationalism other than those of neanderthals hiding in their tiny mountain caves, and protected by feudal lords and clergy bigots to defend God's special herd. The reaction to Islamic fundamentalism, Mr. Phares argues, is to clone Zionism and become Christian fundamentalists. In their blind zeal and notoriously Lebanese inferiority complex vis-à-vis the West, people like Phares never see that his much beloved West has become largely atheist and secular, or at least pushed religion and sectarian ruffianism out of the public sphere. Particularly France which was the midwife of this corruption-, garbage-laden ultra-religious monstrosity we call Lebanon. Lebanese Christians, especially Maronites, are firmly convinced that the West likes -or ought to like - them because they are Christians, when in fact the West today hates groups like the Maronites because they not only remind it of Islamic and Jewish extremist nationalisms, they remind it too of its own past of Christian barbarism. That is why the Lebanese Christians lost the 1975 war. They appealed to the West on religious - rather than civilized, modern, progressive, liberal - grounds, something the West could not support. The Serbs made the same mistake. In the mindset of westerners, they have enough headaches with Jewish extremism (Israel) or Muslim extremism (the whole lot of 30 countries or so) to come forward and support Christian extremism (especially the Maronites who have nothing to offer the West). 

And that is why, of all the great political and intellectual movements in the West, Mr. Phares finds nothing better to do with American politics than support people like Trump and other backward Christian evangelical supremacists from the boonies of America to ally himself with. Phares is far from having the requisite intellectual acumen that he pretends to have. Having been reared by the LF in their early racist, violent, thuggish years, and writing about the Christians of Lebanon as a Zionist would write about Israel, he blathers inanities about how special the Christians of Lebanon are, in a way to appeal to the backward Evangelical white supremacists of the American south, just like Trump. No wonder his earlier advising to the Mormon Romney went nowhere. Phares's vision of Maronitism is one you hear around the boonies of Bickfaya's neanderthal cesspits lorded over by backward feudals like the Gemayels, except he couches it in English (bad English, I might add). After the 2005 Syrian withdrawal from Lebanon, Phares supported the March 14 movement, comparing the Druze who got pummeled by Hezbollah in 2008 to Sparta's 300 men! He seemingly forgets that those same Druze he was cheering in 2008 perpetrated in 1985-1986 wholesale massacres against his beloved Maronites and ethnically cleansed them during the war from which he himself fled to atheist France and secular America. When March 14 revealed itself to be the failure that an "educated" man like Phares should have foreseen, he never made a mea culpa. Phares must be losing sleep these days over Geagea's support of Aoun for the presidency. Anyone who associates with today's Republican party in the US, especially someone who espouses the Tea Party and Donald Trump, is a racist, white supremacist, Christian fundamentalist that Lebanon should not be proud of.  

Those like Phares who fled Lebanon more than 30 years ago and never returned, have been out of the country for so long that their ideas about the country have become fossils which, if Carbon-dated, would take us as far back as the Bronze Age, or Mar Maroun's roaming of the Syrian wilderness, or the Abbasid Caliphate where they would be a lot more comfortable intellectually than the modern world. 
Which goes to show that many mountain brutes remain stuck in their mountain brute ideas even as they live among civilized people in the West. They take their narrow sectarian-political garbage in their bags when they emigrate and transplant it in their new places of abode. Just like Muslims who travel to settle in the West, they reject their new environment and do not learn from, for if they did they would inevitably evolve and grow and begin to see their own filth for what it is: Sectarian Middle Eastern filth derived from the gutter of the three monotheistic religions that have not stopped tormenting the world since time immemorial.
Maybe their time to evolve, come down from the trees, and start using their brains like the ancestors of Homo sapiens sapiens did 6 million years ago, has not yet come to pass.


Anonymous said...

So I owe you an apology. I assumed you were a SSNP from your hatred of Bachir but instead I see that you are frustrated Lebanese Nationalist. I salute you and your blog. To be fair I would ask you to examine Bachir a little closer and understand he was an idealist in his early 30's.

My problem with some of your writing is that I don't see you as a realist. For example, if Trump gets elected and Walid Phares is his advisor, then I think that is a good thing considering he could have a SNNP or Leftist Palestinian Apologist or even no one representing Lebanon or the middle east sort of like obama. In fact at least Mr. Phares believes in a Lebanon rather than some who are ok with Hezbollah and Syria still holding sway over Lebanon. Also I can assure you that Walid Phares is not a big fan of Saudi or Qatari power over Lebanon. So in fact having Walid Phares in the loop is probably a net gain for Lebanon over where it is right now.

Now from your perspective which I can also see, you think that we need a Lebanese educated civil society advocate advising the next US President. I agree but that is like agreeing that we all love world peace and protecting the environment. To get someone better than Phares, we need to generate more of the types that you suggest. Unfortunately because of the Lebanese poitical arena, most activist of influence get killed or terrorized or just give up from apathy.

In any event. I support your ideals and your thoughts.

Anonymous said...

If Bachir found no better way to unite the Maronite Militias than assassinate Frangieh and massacre the Ahrar, then he is either a thug, or the Maronites are exactly what I described them: Same barbaric unprincipled shit but under a different boss, or from a different mountain cesspool. Ideals are easy to declare; anyone who can read and write can do it. Every jackass politician in this country speaks grand. But the real competence of leaders and statesmen is how they go about making ideals reality. You mention realism, pragmatism, etc. They are always excuses to make deals and compromises that end up diluting whatever one is trying to achieve. Lebanon has known nothing but realism and pragmatism (kissing beards, kissing asses and feet, buying and selling itself to anyone, making backroom deals....) and look where it's landed us. From one disaster to another. And, my friend, you are just another Arab: You idolize your leaders, you elevate them to the status of gods.... Bachir has been friggin' dead for 34 years. Don't you think it is time to leave him in the history books and move on? Don't you think that Lebanon has thousands of much better people than Bachir and Walid Phares with their thuggish, warlord, ethnic cleansing years?

As to your point that it is better to have someone, anyone, asshole or otherwise as long as he is a Christian Lebanese conservative with the intellect of a Neanderthal mountain cave dweller, than to have no other bad Arab or Muslim next to Trump, I already addressed this mercantile trader bazaar mindset, when I said that "superficial notoriety without any regard for the substance underneath" is what the Lebanese seek. You just proved my point. To have Phares next to Trump is great because you now can go around bragging that yet another one of those millions of Lebanese "geniuses" this country chases away all the time made it big time. It reflects the Lebanese inferiority complex vis-a-vis the West, whereby the Lebanese will drool over an Australian taxi driver or a French drunkard, while being condescending and racist and contemptuous of a Sri Lankan PhD in nuclear physics. We are merchants. We idolize what we can sell. We have no principles. Our morality is tied to the exchange rates of Western currencies. We are prostitutes. We are not real Christians. We do not practice any of the religion we claim to belong to. We sell our country every summer to wealthy Arabs so we can make a buck out of them. We educate our children knowing they have no future in this country, and knowing that we will send them to work in far away countries and send money back home so we can buy big cars, build faux palaces, and sit in dingy cafes and restaurants and show how well off we are.

But thank you for your moral support.

Anonymous said...

I said nothing of the kind. All I said was that Phares is likely a net gain for Lebanon rather than have no one representing us or worse someone who supports Iran or Saudi or Syrian take over of Lebanon. Humans are all economic beings, they strive to replace what they have with something of higher value or greater utility to them.

You replace an old toothbrush with a more advanced version that cleans better ? Why not look at having no one advising Obama on Lebanon to having a person who believes ( albeit not to your requisite standards) in a free independent Lebanon advising a potential president like Trump. I for one am happy anytime my interests are moved forward even one inch. You cannot argue that having no advice on Lebanon is better than Having some advice on the value of an independent Lebanon.

Idealism works in blogs and universities and with anyone who hasn't spent 20 years in exile because their country is run by a islamic militia and goons like the ssnp are running around.

Thanks anyhow for your passion. I agree with all what you say but I disagree with the strategy or rather the lack of it in this particular case. Why dont you offer up a better advisor and I will try to get him to Trump or bernie or Clinton with you :)

Hanibaal said...

Now that Donald Dumb has proven to be the idiot, the crude, the racist, the crook, the ignorant asshole that he is... Do you still think that it is a great idea to have a Lebanese advising him or be associated with him? Given the fact that Phares is an inferior intellectual with a warlordish past that the Lebanese are willing to brag about because he is "the best we can get", and because of Phares's own ignorance and antiquated political ideas, I am changing my mind. Yes, I now think that Phares and Trump are made for each other. Their level of operation is deep in the cesspool of humanity and steeped in backward racism and idiocy and ignorance. The fact that he is advising a neanderthal like Trump actually exposes Phares's own vulgar sectarian racist political posturing. Perhaps the Lebanese, who are telling us in the ongoing municipal elections that they are awakening and will no longer accept the backward governance that Phares advocates, will now understand and stop drooling like you over the fact that a Lebanese hillbilly is associated with the American neanderthal that Trump is.
H. Atheos