Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Letter from Beirut to Brussels

You have tried liberalism. It hasn't worked. It won't work. The enemy is blind to reason, blind to accommodation, blind to compromise. The killers sowing bombs in Europe were born in Europe some 20-30 years from parents who were welcomed by a liberal Europe. Can you imagine what the children born these days to the millions rushing to Europe's borders will do in 20-30 years?

There is no answer. Whether atheists or religious, western liberalism facing religious blindness has failed and will continue to fail. A liberal West can certainly win over ideological, nationalist, or economic Fascism as it did in the 1930s and 1940s against German, Italian, Spanish, and Soviet Fascism, for the simple reason that even in their gutter racist supremacist ideologies, these forms of Fascism had a modicum of reason; they were amenable to defeat because they reasoned, they were rational in their decision-making.

Religious Fascism, on the other hand, is not amenable to reason or rational compromise because its tenets do not belong to this world. Religious Fascism is non-falsifiable; it cannot be be put to the test because it is centered on non-falsifiable concepts. As long as the current wave of anti-Western terrorism is couched in religious fervor, it will never give up, and the escalation between Europe's traditional liberal forms of government and indigenous Islamic movements will continue. The day is inevitable when voters across Europe will bring to power racist, Fascist governments whose task will then be to cleanse Europe of the religious cancers that have metastasized across the continents and that continue to pour in from Turkey into Greece and beyond.

I will admit that I am gleeful to see you agonizing in the throes of how to deal with Islamic fundamentalism, because when my country was the first to face this enemy back in the late 1960s - early 1970s, you and your liberal press blamed the victim. When Islamic fundamentalism challenged the existence of the Lebanese State, you called it a "civil war", blaming the defenders of the State against hordes of terrorist movements (Palestinian PLO, PFLP, etc., so called Druze "Socialists", Sunni and Shiite Islamic movements, Syrian-created battalions and movements allied with Japanese and Italian Red Army outfits.... ) all claiming to be victims of an unjust and prejudiced Lebanese State. I remind the New York Times, L'Humanite, L'Express, Time magazine, Le Point... and many others how they accused liberal Lebanese of being right wing Fascists bent on victimizing the above-named downtrodden revolutionaries..... So much so that France and the US gave in to the blackmail, and colluded with Iran, Syria's Assad, and Saudi Arabia to cede Lebanon to the Syrian occupation, even as French and US soldiers were being blown up, their clergymen and teachers kidnapped, their embassies bombed.... Those were the 1970s and 1980s. The West was not happy until Lebanon fell to the Syrian Gulag and the hegemony of Iran, Syria and Saudi Arabia which, since the early 1990s, have dominated all Lebanese governments through their local proxies, and failed miserably at running the country as the current state of the country amply demonstrates.

I cannot but feel a sense of vindication at seeing you deal - and fail miserably - with the enemy I dealt with some 30 or 40 years ago. I am in a way happy to see Syria on fire and its people having to live the way we lived some 30 or 40 years ago, with car bombs and suicide bombs ripping through our streets and our children's bodies, with Syrian army bombs falling over our homes and our heads from the sky, and with your blessings to Assad for "keeping peace" and "stabilizing" Lebanon.

I am equally happy to see you running around from European capital to capital, and from American city to American city, like headless chickens trying to comprehend why, after all that you've offered my erstwhile enemy, this enemy has now become your enemy and is doing to you what he did to me - with your blessings - 30 or 40 years ago.

In your stupidity, you see the European-born children of the non-radicalized Muslim refugees you welcomed in the 1960s bomb and kill your children, yet you continue to welcome wave after wave of this time radicalized Muslim refugees by the millions. Imagine what the children of these new waves of refugees will grow up to believe. The refugee women of the 1960s were modern-looking, secularized by the then-ending colonial regimes. The refugee women of today are all veiled. The refugee men of today, though they wear jeans and speak English, have been raised under the Baathist secular but Western-hating ideologies of Syria and Iraq, if not having been radicalized by the plethora of militarized Islamic fundamentalist movements. If the children of the 1960s wave of refugees are doing to Europe what is happening today in Brussels, can you even begin to imagine what the children of today's refugees are likely to do to Europe by 2035 and beyond?

Here in Lebanon, we paid a heavy price for being on the fault line between the two religious camps. We did what we could, and we lost, thanks to your careless cavorting to secular and religious dictatorships. But we survive and continue to hope for better days. I'd say that Europe will in the next 10 -15 years usher right-wing Fascist racist governments as a reflection of the backlash that is in the making by European peoples against their liberal governments. I may even call the "troubles" that are beginning in Europe a "civil war" between Fascist racist right-wing Europeans and their poor, downtrodden, disenfranchised Muslim populations. Remember that Muslim refugees are worse than Catholics: They will breed rapidly and in large numbers, no condoms, no abortions, such that within a generation or two, let's say by 2050, they will reach a critical mass, demand rights and privileges, and bomb and suicide to have their way.

Jacques Brel, a Belgian, said in one of his songs, "Il n'y a plus d'Amerique"... but given the scene in Europe, I think Europeans will re-think Brel's statement and embark on their own voyage to a re-discovered America to shelter them from the Muslim onslaught. That is how Islam spread between the 600s and 700s, how it conquered Spain and southern France, how it penetrated through the Balkans (creating the heartbreak this region has become) to reach Vienna, how it went as far as China and the Pacific, and conquered half of Africa. The 21st century may see the final assault by Islam to complete its takeover of Europe. Rome fell to the Barbarians for much less.

H. A.


Elie Mizrahi said...

I wrote this on November 14 after the Paris attacks. I fell the need to send back in support of the magnificent article by H. A.

Years upon years the European Union headed by the French have financed through UNRWA and other "humanitarian" institutions the schools of hate and the terror youth camps in Gaza and in Judea and Samaria where young Arabs perfected their skills at becoming martyrs.
Blinded by their antisemitism ever since France, under De Gaulle, arabized French politics ; not being able to bear Israel's victory against a war of annihilation that the Arab world as a whole was preparing back in 1967, De Gaulle depicted Israelis as a people sure of himself and prone on domination.
The aggressors were victimized, the victims accused of genocide and racial cleansing thus justifying the holocaust and clearing the European conscience, the West sided with their haters.
As predicted by so many analysts frustrated by the West's blindness, the war in Europe has reached a new dimension. With hundreds of armed terrorists criss-crossing an unprepared Europe, terror is taking root in the hearts of western populations.
Now French President François Hollande has declared a pitiless war against terror much in the same fashion as president Bush did after 9/11, forgetting that US president Obama declared that the war against terror was over and that the terrorists were already defeated.
Having absorbed millions of depraved Muslims that refused integration within their host societies, the enemy is already within and civil wars are in the making.
Europe has so much to learn from Israel if they only could restrain their antisemitism which brought the current disaster upon it.
Elie Mizrahi

Anonymous said...

Reply to Elie Mizrahi:
What Lebanon has faced - and is facing - in its own struggle against Islamic terrorism is in no way comparable to what the racist supremacist Zionists are doing to the Palestinian people fighting Zionist Jewish occupation. Palestinian nationalism has nothing to do with Islamic fundamentalism. No amalgamation, please. No to your hateful incitement of Europeans. I call on my readers to note the hateful Zionist attacks against UN humanitarian organizations caring for the refugees, the reference to Palestine as Judea and Samaria, the racist qualification of all the Muslim refugees as "depraved", and the never-ending accusation of Europeans as "anti-Semitic" ... it is all in the language that the Zionists try to erase Palestine from the map and lump the rightful aspirations of the Palestinian people to their own nation as Islamic terrorism. But people, certainly not Europeans, are fools to fall for this trickery and deception.

We, the Lebanese, are native to our land, we did not emigrate it from the 4 corners of the world. We did not displace the Muslims; if anything, they displaced us. We did not adopt a policy of hyper-militarized hatred against the Muslims; instead we sought accommodation and sharing of power, which despite its many failures is far more civilized and humane than Israel's apartheid, racist and hate-mongering policies vis-à-vis the Palestinians. Mr. Mizrahi's comment tries - as all Fascist Zionists do these days - to amalgamate the struggle of the native Palestinian people against a European Jewish colonial occupier with the Islamic terrorism that has struck Brussels yesterday. No one should buy into this insidious way behind which Zionists camouflage their hatred, expansionism and racism in their attempt to continue their genocide of the Palestinian people in order to annex the West Bank and Gaza into Israel, the price of which will certainly be, in the due course of time, the complete ethnic cleansing of Palestine from the entirety of its native Arab population. 100 years ago, there were no Jews to speak of in Palestine. Today, Palestinians continue their fight against those who arrived from Europe starting 100 years ago, pilfered their land by trickery and theft, evicted them into the dozens of refugee camps that dot the landscape, and now deny their existence by claiming that the native Palestinians are squatters who came to Palestine from Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and Egypt to work, attracted by the paradise that the emigrating colonial European Jews were creating in Palestine. Today, the European Zionists continues to to evict, deport, deny, demolish, kill, imprison...every breath of the Palestinian people who are holding on to the last shreds of what used to be their country.

I need to make it clear that my enemy is Islamic fundamentalism, and that Lebanon's dilemma with Islamic terrorism is similar in many ways to the western struggle against that scourge. Israel and Zionists are trying to lump the rightful fight for survival of the Palestinian people against a foreign colonial occupation with Islamic fundamentalism and terrorism. Long before there was any Islamic fundamentalism, Palestinians had been fighting for decades under the banner of nationalism, as they still do to day in their vast majority. For 80 years of the past 100 years, Palestinian resistance to Zionist expansionism was nationalistic and had nothing to do with Islamic fundamentalism. Only over the past 20 years did this struggle adopt Islamic fundamentalism in some, but not all, of its elements. Just like every country and every conflict, Islamic fundamentalism has infiltrated the politics, and Palestine is no exception. The fight for Palestine is NOT Islamic fundamentalism, and no one - certainly not the Europeans - should be fooled by Zionist propaganda. Shame on you, Elie. Shame on Zionism. Shame on you for exploiting the Holocaust to justify your annihilation of another people to steal their land and erase it from the map.

Anonymous said...

One more thing: Jewish fundamentalism, which is at the root of the Palestinian tragedy, started long before Islamic fundamentalism. Israel is founded on religious fundamentalism, and as such, deserves an enemy like Muslim fundamentalism. As I say in my post, you cannot reason with religious extremism because it is based on non-falsifiable myths and fantasies. And religious extremism includes Zionism as its founding member. How can Zionists these day look people in the eye and declare themselves superior and special because the cosmic zombie called El, then Yahweh, then Allah, chose them as their "favorite" people. For people in this day and age to believe these fairy tales from the Bronze Age is one thing. But to use this mythology to annihilate another people is a crime of monstrous proportions. Zionism is predicated on Jewish supremacist extremism, just as Islamic terrorism is predicated on Muslim supremacist extremism.