Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.

Nothing but the truth. Even if against me.



Monday, September 14, 2015

Hussein Al-Husseini: A Lebanese Statesman

Al-Husseini: The regime is guilty of corruption. The Civil Society movement has torn down the wall of fear 

Former Speaker of Parliament, Hussein Al-Husseini is one of the very few statesmen that Lebanon has. In an interview published yesterday in Lebanon Files, he stated the following:
- Equality between citizens, not sects, is a foundation of the Lebanese State.
- It is critical to replace the current ruling class because it has not contributed in any way to solving the country's problems. 
- All those who participate in this regime bear responsibility for the present situation without exceptions.
- Al-Husseini salutes the Civil Society movement and its young people who have demonstrated the sophistication of the Lebanese people and their ability to protest and demand their rights peacefully.
- The grassroots civil movement represents Lebanon's hope in preventing the resumption of the civil war.
- Al-Husseini expressed his pride at the young people who make up this movement, noting that " these young people have torn down the wall of fear, and have become mightier than the regime's power to repress the movement."
- "The movement is clean and we must protect it. There is an unavoidable reality, which is that the ruling class does not represent the people. We have no alternative but to concede to the people's demands, as we are all responsible vis-a-vis the movement and we ought not burden it with our sectarian and religious issues."
- "The cumulative crises are the outcome of improper elections and the absence of a legitimate legislative power."
- As for solutions, Al-Husseini stated that they begin by electing an interim president for a period of two years to exit the crisis and put the constitutional process back on track, or go back to the texts and form a transitional government after the resignation of the current government. I call on those who are in the regime to pass the proportionality (electoral) law and hold elections.
- About the so-called "dialogue" to which Nabih Berri has called, Al-Husseini believes that it is distressing because it diverts the attention from the core of the crisis.

During his tenure as Speaker of Parliament, Mr. Al-Husseini led the legislative body through a vigorous and productive period during which several laws were passed that benefited the average Lebanese citizens in their daily lives. He is truly a statesman, very few of whom are left today in this country.

Thank you, Mr. Al-Husseini.

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