Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Malla Balad Bahdalé

How can you tell a primitive backward country? It's very simple. It is NOT the fact that politicians are constantly fighting and arguing... this is normal. It is WHAT they argue and fight about.

Let us compare the big cesspool of individualism, consumerism, stupidity, racism, religious intolerance and ignorance called the UNITED STATES, with the small cesspool of individualism, consumerism, stupidity, religious intolerance and ignorance called LEBANON.

Everything you see in the US, you'll see in Lebanon: Poverty, stupid religious beliefs, ignorance of other cultures, racism, happiness found by consuming the latest flashy car, the sleaziest gadget, and looking good so the neighbors have proof of your success..... That is why the emigrant Lebanese who leave this country to go to America succeed very well. Nothing really changes for them. They generally settle in a community surrounding themselves by like-minded idiots; they rarely venture outside their communities to befriend people from other cultures and backgrounds; the Christians go to the local Maronite, Melkite, or Orthodox church or, for the Muslims, the local mosque, and these places of religious intolerance become their social lives. The Lebanese, as idiots as they are, look down with contempt and racism at all the other races and cultures - except the dominat white anglo-saxon one because they are used to kissing the ass of those more powerful than them; it's a survival instinct. Lebanese immigrants in the US see blacks, asians, hispanics and others with utter contempt as though they themselves hail from a superior race and all these other people were scummy worms crawling out of the earth. What they don't realize is that the white anglo-saxon protestants look down on them - the Lebanese - as the last scum on the earth as well. And so it goes.

You should also look at how Lebanese immigrants, who do everything under the table to cheat the US government like they do in Lebanon, treat their own fellow Lebanese whom they hire as employees: just like indentured slaves: underpaid, no benefits, work them weekdays ane weekends, no vacations..... And the employee will not disclose this situation to the authorities because he/she is happy making money under the table and not paying taxes. Gas stations, bakeries, "Middle East" or "Mediteranean" restaurants (the Lebanese are ashamed and afraid of calling their restaurants "Lebanese" because they fear they might lose business if their stupid clients found out they were "Arabs" or "Lebanese" (thanks largely to Hezbollah's runining the otherwise good reputation that the earlier Christian Lebanese immigrants built).

In other words, the two cultures, despite the superficial differences, are fundamentally alike. So, to go back to my introduction. Why is it then that, despite those similarities, I still find Lebanon a primitive and backward country? Because if you watch the political stage right now in both countries, you'll find the following:

- In the US, politicians are fighting over the budget deficit. It's a bitter and vicious battle in every way possible, except for one thing: US politicians NEVER fight over the process of government, they never fight over the RULES, over the LAW. Everyone knows what the rules and the laws are, and they just fight over substance and principles, but never fight over the operations of government. Why? Because in this sense Westerners and Americans in particular have constitutions and laws that they respect. Once it is written, you stop arguing and figthting over it every fucking day and at every turn. Maybe every generation or so there is enough critical mass to change one aspect or one article of the constitution or the law... but most years and decades go by without any political fights over HOW to run elections, or HOW to vote over the budget, etc....

- In Lebanon, on the other hand, the fights are never over ideas or principles; they are always about PROCESS. Nothing fundamentally changes in Lebanon in the established principles: All the religious bosses have their comfortable grip on their communities, all the religious orders and schools are raking money from exorbitant tuitions (absent a decent central government), the politicians are all beholden to the religious dinosaurs and engage in every corruption they can get their hands on, protected by the fact that they are the political representattives of the religious dinosaurs, and a life of corruption and dysfunctionality goes on unchallenged for decades and decades, intermittently separated by civil wars, massacres and killings when the religious dinosaurs disagree with one another.... The political fights in Lebanon are ALWAYS about PROCESS: The rules as written in the law and the constitution are constantly being challenged and changed and amended to suit the moment or the criminal in charge. Laws are changed for example for only a window of 24 hours to allow for a politician to purchase a track of public land on the ocean front so he can build his casino or hotel or resort right smack on property owned by the public. Right now, like they do at the elections charade every 4 years, the politicians are fighting over WHICH ELECTORAL LAW to use for the upcoming May 2013 elections. Think about it, we are 2 months aways from the constitutionally mandated elections, and the politicians are debating HOW TO RUN THE ELECTIONS, whether to use the 1960 elections law, or the 1994 elections law, or the Orthodox law, or the Shiite law and on and on... The politicians are NOT fighting over how to convince the electorate to vote for them because they take their electorates for granted. The idiot Lebanese will vote like sheep for the religious fucker that represent them. So if you are an Orthodox idiot from the cave-dwelling brutes of Bteghrine, you will vote for a criminal from the Murr clan regardless of what political program he may have. In fact, he will generally run unchallenged. Similarly, if you are a Shiite fucker from anywhere in Lebanon, you live under the stranglehold of the terror empire of Hezbollah, and you vote without thinking to any representative of Hezbollah they run for you... If you are Maronite retarded peasant from the Metn and Kesrwan you will vote for any idiot from the Gemayel tribe or the Aoun farm regardless of any political program they may have. And the Druse and the Sunnis, no need to repeat the litany... same thing. Jumblatt for the Druse and Hariri for the Sunnis, and the charade is repeated every 4 years at elections time.

That is why, my friends, despite the similarities between the two countries, Lebanon remains a primitive backward country because the written law and the constitution have no value whatsoever, and they are constantly been changed and amended to suit the current jostling of the politicians with complete disregard for the future or long term stability of the country, and in a complete vacuum of ideas and principles that might take the country out of the excrement of the past 50 years of wars, strife, and massacres. The US meanwhile remains a huge disgusting place of materialism where people are herded like "consuming" sheep whose existence is defined from birth to death by how much money they will make and how much of it they will spend buying stuff they don't need from companies that get richer and richer while people get poorer and poorer. Lebanon will remain this tiny asshole of a disgusting country where people are herded and held captive into religious enclaves like sheep led to the slaughter every 20-30 years in religious massacres, and whose lives are defined fom birth to death by which fucking god and which fucking prophet and which fucking saint or mahdi or sheikh or priest they should follow, regardless of whether they have food on their tables or have any stake at all in their future.

Thank you for your attention to this depressing view of things. Unfortunately it is our reality, and no amount of stupid طرب or silly programs on Lebanese TV (which are really disgusting clones of stupid American TV shows) or other entertainement will change that reality. Until we meet at the next religious massacre or bombing or civil war...I have to run switch the generator on (the government-provided 8 hours of electricity per day just went dead), I then have to drive 10 miles up the hills to fill my plastic jerrycans with water from a source which I suspect is as polluted as the water provide once a week by the government, I also have to hurry before the very slow Internet (for which I am paying a lot of money) dies on me....


Hanibaal Atheos

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gass said...

Always a bigggg fan of your blog. Super true in each word. Everyone who goes to Canada, vesus the states, can tell the difference between a middle class country, well governed and super capitalisc farmland run by cowboyish doucbags. Same a Lebanon! Hope things will stlitly chance with Obama admin.